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Influenza’s Fruit Picking The cherries here are delicious, or at least, I think they’re cherries. I found a bush in the Indoor Garden, between the two tall oak trees, anyone wanna try some? Influenza 05/22/09 12 05/26/09
Voting on Act 6. Come here to vote on Act 6! May you vote well. Remember guys, votes here count double as it is a Climax Act! Influenza 05/02/09 7 05/03/09
Voting on Act 3 For voting on Act 3 (as per title). Who will be the most Popular? Whose actor was most well placed? Find out here! Influenza 03/28/09 11 04/02/09
New Arrival The airship has landed, and I find myself in port blognome! So hello everyone, looking forwards to being a part of this :). Influenza 03/14/09 2 03/14/09