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Reminder: Please vote. Proposals have to be resolved in chronological order, and some of the older ones don’t have very many votes. Please check the pending proposals on the sidebar and make sure that you have voted on all of them. This will help keep things moving smoothly. Thank you for your time. Pavitra 10/22/11 0
Unidle I would like to be unidled, please. Pavitra 10/19/11 1 10/19/11
Idle I don’t understand the rules anymore, even to the very limited extent that I did under the old dynasty. Please idle me; perhaps I’ll be better able to get my bearings after spending some time as a lurker. Pavitra 08/26/09 1 08/26/09
Hi everyone. I announce that I join BlogNomic or something, I think. Here I am. Hi. Pavitra 08/06/09 1 08/06/09