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Meta thoughts This really should be more annotated, but I am going to make the (rather silly) assumption that you all have been reading the comments of every post since the new dynasty started. First point: Many of the new players came when I posted to an IRC channel full of computer… Salamander 12/14/05 6 12/15/05
Thoughts on Story Time Hey guys, here are my thoughts on this whole story time theme. Style of Play: I think threads should be player specific. Each player should own their thread and have it be their main way of changing the gamestate. The current version is vague on this, and the thought of… Salamander 12/14/05 2 12/14/05
Announcing my arrival I’m a computer science student at The College of Creative Studies I read about nomic in Hofstadter’s Metamagical Themas. This looks like fun and I look forward to playing with you guys :)—Salamander Salamander 12/07/05 4 12/08/05