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A small predicament It occurs to me that, when I unidled, I didn’t add myself to the GNDT. I go to do it, and, as you can probably guess, I find that I’ve forgotten the password. Can some other admin help me here? Shadowclaw 10/24/11 2 10/24/11
I return I also unidle. Shadowclaw 10/20/11 1 10/20/11
Wow, it’s been a while. Unidling. With nine Villagers, quorum remains at 5. Shadowclaw 10/15/07 0
Using Modus Ponens I invoke Range Moving and move one month backward, to 901/11/31. My companion comes with me. Shadowclaw 07/25/06 0
Dinosaurs in the 10th century? After a time jump to the start of the 10th century (901/12/31 to be exact), I discovered several species of dinosaur living in a remote region of Eurasia. They appear to have the rudiments of a civilisation. I noticed that one of them, Reega, a hunter, was attacked by a… Shadowclaw 07/14/06 0
Tinkering I altered my formula. I then used it to set ‘t’ to 758. Shadowclaw 07/08/06 0
I unidle myself (I hope I remembered how to do that correctly.) Shadowclaw 07/03/06 1 07/03/06
Idling I’ve idled myself - I’ve not been paying too much attention lately. Quorum remains at ten. Shadowclaw 03/20/06 0
Nomination I nominate myself for Avzur of GDPDC. Shadowclaw 03/18/06 4 03/19/06
Straggling References A few days ago, I changed the “Swashbucklers” in the sidebar to “Gostaks”. Just now I fixed the title, since it isn’t Elias IX’s dynasty any more :) If anyone disagrees with these changes, feel free to CfJ. Shadowclaw 03/10/06 0
Those adventures… I don’t think we particularly need, or want, yet another CfJ, but just to remind the Captain, we have two outstanding adventured which need to be cleared up: Ninja Attack! Aztec Gold Can we have these resolved some time soon? :) Shadowclaw 02/28/06 4 03/01/06
Callin’ fer a Keelhaulin’ I call for Bucky to be keelhauled! Arr! Shadowclaw 02/24/06 8 02/24/06
Back on duty again. This be DEFINITELY annoying. Shadowclaw 02/19/06 0
Back to the crew quarters… again This be getting annoyin’, yarr. Shadowclaw 02/18/06 0
Movin’ to the Fo’c'sledeck That be all. Shadowclaw 02/15/06 0
Headin’ to the Holds I be returnin’ to duty now. Shadowclaw 02/14/06 0
Gettin’ some rum in the Crew Quarters That be all. Shadowclaw 02/13/06 0
Movin’ to the Holds After talkin’ to the Cap’n about them “shurikens” I be hearin’ something odd down in the Holds. I be movin’ down there t’investigate. Shadowclaw 02/11/06 1 02/12/06
Unidling Arr, I be thinkin’ it be time I became unidle. Shadowclaw 02/10/06 1 02/10/06
Well, this is interesting… I turn my back for one dynasty and look what happens, eh? You go on and on and on and eventually declare someone who is idle to have won. Anyway, I also wish to be unidled. Shadowclaw 10/21/05 4 10/21/05