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Idling… This dynasty requires a little too much active participation for me right now, hopefully I’ll come back after exams get done. viewtyjoe 03/03/07 0
GNDT Cleanup I was looking at the GNDT to see what quorum was, and I noticed that several active players aren’t currently listed. I’ll assume that the active player list supersedes the GNDT, but it would be nice to see that at least all of the players who have been voting on… viewtyjoe 02/03/07 3 02/03/07
Problem I seem to have appeared on the list of Olympians, and have tried to train via the GNDT, but I seem to have not received a password for the GNDT. Should I have received a password for using the GNDT? viewtyjoe 01/29/07 1 01/29/07
Arrival Announcement Announcing my arrival; new player, planning on being very confused. viewtyjoe 01/28/07 3 01/29/07