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Please unidle me (Tekneek) I am seeking a return to active status. Please unidle me (Tekneek). Tekneek 06/11/15 1 06/12/15
Admin question - GNDT password? I don’t seem to know my GNDT password. Can somebody help me with this? Tekneek 03/05/08 1 03/05/08
Unidling of Tekneek I wish to unidle, after being away for quite some time. I intend to participate in the new dynasty! Tekneek 03/03/08 1 03/03/08
Announcing the arrival of Tekneek This officially proclaims the arrival of Tekneek to engage in Blognomic activities. May we all prosper. Tekneek 09/11/05 2 09/11/05