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Fist Fight - why not to pick on someone bigger than yourself!! I have started a fist fight with Gabriel Round 1: I rolled dice10 and recieve a 1. Gabriel loses nothing. I rolled dice17 and recieve a 4. I roll dice1 and lose 1 Temporary fitness. Round 2: I rolled dice9 and recieve a 9. I roll dice1 and Gabriel loses… Da Vinci 06/28/06 0
Useless pocket clutter Would TAE kindly hand me his key to the library as e has decided to no longer be the Librarian. Da Vinci 06/28/06 2 06/28/06
dooms day will be soon i am ringing the bell at the door annocing my arrival at the monersty Da Vinci 06/24/06 2 06/24/06