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good luck newbie On me ways to boardin’ the adventure I pass a mighty sober lookin’ swashbuckler. I ask em ‘What be yer name?’ and e responds real quick like ‘Tigermoth’. I couldn’t smell any grog on eir breath so I started a little scuffle, whooped em good, and suggested e get on… JelloGoesWiggle 02/18/06 0
R&R After makin’ me presence known aboard the ship, its time ta head to the quarters ter relax fer a bit. JelloGoesWiggle 02/17/06 2 02/17/06
I Ain’t Nobody’s Cabin Boy! Feelin’ mighty full er meself for having proven me piratin’ worth, I swagger down to the fo’c's’le rarin’ ter pick a fight. And a fights just what I found. Smith was their jus doin’ eir duties and I stepped up and gave em a good thwack right in the back… JelloGoesWiggle 02/17/06 1 02/17/06
Land Lubber! So I am wandering up to the f’c's’le deck when out of no where I’m shoved to the side by a swashbuckler tryin’ ter perform eir duties. Well, this swashbuckler shadowclaw had another thing comin’ when he started layin’ on the insults insinuatin’ I was a lousy landlubber getting in… JelloGoesWiggle 02/17/06 0
Clueless so, how does this whole DICE thing work anyway? I assume there is some sort of online dice generator I’m totally onaware of. JelloGoesWiggle 02/16/06 2 02/16/06
New Arrival Arr! I be looking for some opportunities to be making some booty and ‘oning me piratin skills! JelloGoesWiggle 02/16/06 1 02/16/06