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Gamestate != Ruleset The text from offer: *’’’Command’’’: “offer [Item]” *’’’Steps added’’’: 2. *’’’Other effects’’’: The Protagonist must announce his offering via a Blognomic post within 1 hour of taking the Action. The Result of the Action may be added only by the Narrator. The text in the Result affects the gamestate in… Saurik 01/12/06 2 01/12/06
Why was Happy Christmas. [Late] Failed? I don’t understand why Happy Christmas. [Late] was Failed. Either deferential/imperial votes are counted as votes or they aren’t. If they aren’t (which seemed the general attitude response to the Proposal Keeping the Status Quo), then the votes were 3-1 and it Passed. If they are, then neither of the… Saurik 12/31/05 1 12/31/05
Minor Revisioning? The Proposal Minor Revisions _dissapeared_… am I blind? Saurik 12/18/05 1 12/18/05
Counting Confusion I just wanted to make sure there wasnt some rule involving counting of votes that I don’t understand that might make some votes not count. From my counts, Fire in the Disco ended 11-5 (which meets Quorom), not 10-5 (as indicated by Elias), and had been at 11-5 for over… Saurik 12/18/05 1 12/18/05
Rule 2.4 Mistake When Gamefield was admin’d, and “should please be” had “please” remove and “should” changed to “shall”, “be” accidentally got removed. Saurik 12/17/05 1 12/17/05
Color-Based Sadness :( So with AgentHH’s new icons and the new color scheme that someone put into place, is it just me that can no longer rapidly scan and see what comments are votes FOR? Before the fact that the icons didn’t look like text, and were differently colored than the names of… Saurik 12/16/05 10 12/18/05
New Comment Indication? Is there some way to determine which of the many posts have new comments other than writing down the number of comments each of them have had and scrolling through them, or keeping tabs open for all of them and riffling through them, reloading as you go? If the person… Saurik 12/14/05 3 12/14/05
Arrival: Saurik Satisfaction of Rule 1.2: Laws/Protaganists. Saurik 12/13/05 7 12/15/05