Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diary Entry - 05/20 Yoda

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05-20-2009 19:21:29 UTC

This is the diary entry for Yoda on may twentieth of two thousand nine. I have finally devised a way encrypt my diary entries so that no-one else can read them except me, this way I can plot against them without them ever knowing, hah, I am so brilliant I can barely speak, speaking of which it looks like those dimwits are having trouble getting even one hundred digits of pi! I have managed to memorize one hundred sixty two digits… they are such losers. :)  Punctuated version, translated by our very own Host.


05-21-2009 07:18:16 UTC



05-21-2009 13:59:06 UTC

you’re making us work too hard for this diary. I dock you -1 smith point.