Sunday, August 30, 2009

I can’t comment…

Whenever I attempt to post a comment, I get an error message saying “Unable to recieve comments at this time”.

This also means I can’t vote. obviously.



08-30-2009 14:17:15 UTC

If this comment shows up, it was a false alarm and only temporary.


08-30-2009 14:26:05 UTC

...I still can’t comment on “Zombies and Humans Don’t Get Along”, however…


08-30-2009 14:47:45 UTC

I was having the same problem. (Will this comment work?)


08-30-2009 14:50:08 UTC

Now I have the same problem as Darth; I can post on /this/ post, but not on older ones.

On a slightly different subject, what happened to the archives, and where can we find them nowadays?

Ienpw III:

08-30-2009 15:57:48 UTC

Ais: just go to
replacing 2009/08 with the year and month of your choice.


08-30-2009 16:07:55 UTC

Did someone decide to remove the archives, or was this a mistake? They shouldn’t be hidden behind a secret URL that players have to ask for.


08-30-2009 17:33:30 UTC

I still see them. Also, we are screwed. Apparently we can’t comment on anything before the update.


08-30-2009 21:18:50 UTC

I can still see them too. And please be able to comment so you can vote for my Zombie proposal, I put a lot of time into it.


08-30-2009 21:54:51 UTC

it appeasrthat comments without votes are okay, but not those with votes. Crap.


09-03-2009 08:49:17 UTC

Archives were broken in Firefox, apparently because of the ”—Wak and yuri” signoff in the middle of an HTML comment, which was rendering the rest of the page (archives and Suber quote and all) as a comment. I’ve now fixed this.


09-05-2009 20:10:10 UTC

That’s because it’s not the case that <!—to—> is a comment in SGML; instead, <! starts a ‘directive’, > ends one, and—toggles comments inside a directive. (There was a big row about this around the time of Acid2, IIRC.)