Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Proposal: I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle!

Failed. Josh

Adminned at 28 Aug 2007 09:35:10 UTC

Append the following sentence to the end of the paragraph of the ‘Awesomeness’ section of the rules:

If, at the end of the forty-eight period because of insufficient votes in favor, the proposed stat increase is not awarded, then the monkey making the original blog post for the monkey shall be titled “The Monkey’s Uncle”.

Add a new section to the rules, titled “The Monkey’s Uncle”:

Up to one monkey shall be known as “The Monkey’s Uncle”. If a monkey is the uncle, then the monkey’s place in the gamestate documents shall be updated to reflect this, by appending (The Monkey’s Uncle) to their name, including the parentheses. If another monkey is to be named “The Monkey’s Uncle”, or the title is to be otherwise removed, then the current uncle shall first have the title removed. If the Monkey’s Uncle is declared inactive for going idle, then the title shall first be removed.

Add the following subsection to the Monkey’s Uncle section, titled “Tag, You’re It!”:

At any time e is in the Dance Line, the monkey with the title of “The Monkey’s Uncle” may tag another monkey in the line, assuming that monkey is not immune to being tagged. E makes a blog post to this effect. At that time, both the Monkey’s Uncle and the tagged monkey are removed from the Dance Line and placed into the Barrel. The tagged monkey then becomes the new Monkey’s Uncle.

Assuming a monkey has a positive Awesomeness stat score, that monkey is immune to being tagged if e has the highest Awesomeness score, or is tied with one or more monkeys with the highest Awesomeness score.



08-22-2007 20:32:50 UTC

...If a monkey is the uncle, then the monkey’s ...

This line is a little sketchy on it’s wording.



08-23-2007 19:13:49 UTC

against Not exactly what I was picturing with awesomness.


08-24-2007 11:24:25 UTC

we could always tie it to bananas then