Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Proposal: Oscars

0-5. Timed Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 16 Feb 2007 17:12:15 UTC

Add new Rule “Oscars”;

When any Actor stars in a film (has “A named role that appears in the IMDB credits of the film”) shown in eir Filmography e may make a DICEX roll where X equals the maximum value fame can be set to. If the roll is strictly less than eir fame, the Actor gains an Oscar. Each time an Actor gains an Oscar the number of Oscars e has, tracked in the GNDT colum “Oscars”, is increased by 1.



02-15-2007 00:06:40 UTC

“Stars in a film”, according to your parenthetical definition, is not an instantaneous occurence; rather, it is a state-based condition that remains true as long as the Actor has a named role in eir Filmography.  Thus, the DICEX roll can be made repeadedly, gaining the Actor an arbitrarily large number of Oscars. against


02-15-2007 03:46:44 UTC

against Can you spell infinity?


02-15-2007 04:41:52 UTC

against due to the problems.  Also, shouldn’t Oscars have some relationship to Critical Acclaim?


02-15-2007 09:00:20 UTC

against Not really spike,  the critics never have a clue whats good…. :p


02-15-2007 09:05:49 UTC

Fame an Oscar does not earn.