Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plan of action

So here’s the situation: The blog will not, aparently, accept comments with vote icons (and nothing else) in them. So, while 75th and Excalabur sort this out, be sure to have text in all of your comments as well. That or, if no one objects, post :FOR :, :AGAINST :, :IMPERIAL :, or :VETO : and an admin will edit it into the proper form for you. Any objections?

NOTE: Do not edit any comments until all admins voice their opinion on the editing—you can be banned for it unless everyone is going to be okay with it.

EDIT: Apparently, some things are still starting in neg. time, albeit by a matter of 1,500 seconds or so. : |.

Also, I keep getting the page loading with no background color or styles. Just me, or a, EE problem?



08-30-2009 22:15:19 UTC

against Just add text to all your votes.


08-30-2009 22:44:21 UTC

The GNDT won’t update my changes


08-30-2009 23:35:50 UTC

The GNDT hasn’t changed.  At all :)


08-30-2009 23:37:33 UTC

As in, it was in no way affected by this update


08-30-2009 23:44:07 UTC

Also, the text : FOR :, minus the spaces, turns automagically in to the leetle box. for

75th Trombone:

08-31-2009 00:34:58 UTC


75th Trombone:

08-31-2009 00:38:47 UTC

I believe it might work now. Could folks confirm for me?

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

08-31-2009 00:39:41 UTC


75th Trombone:

08-31-2009 00:50:23 UTC

Also, I can’t duplicate the negative-time bug. I just made a test Proposal and it worked as expected.

As far as the stylesheet not loading, what browser/version/OS are you on?


08-31-2009 02:38:56 UTC



08-31-2009 03:49:27 UTC



08-31-2009 09:10:06 UTC



08-31-2009 14:09:46 UTC

Nice, the comment problem looks fixed. What was the problem/what did you do?

Oh, and the style thing was my browser. All better.


08-31-2009 14:10:04 UTC

Also, what did you do to fix the time problem?

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

08-31-2009 17:40:50 UTC

Regarding the comment problem, there’s an option in the security settings called “Deny duplicate data” that doesn’t allow comments identical to comments that have been posted before. Somehow the upgrade turned it on. I think we’ve had that happen before.

Regarding the time, in the pendinglist template we had used a template tag a certain way that was probably always incorrect, but still worked. EE has changed the way it handles that tag to be less polite, so I just had to correct it to the tag we probably should’ve used all along.