Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raiding thread

Who’s raiding this week?



03-25-2010 13:03:31 UTC

Considering the size of the Royal Treasury, I will not raid unless I feel there is a very strong chance that it will succeed (e.g. three Commoners build Raiding Castles).


03-25-2010 13:08:03 UTC

Hm, I wanted to raid (x5). If everyone with an Armor and me raided, we would count as 13 Commoners. Three are missing. We should consider to ask the “newer” players. They should take risks, because of their starting disadvantage.


03-25-2010 15:15:25 UTC

Even two Commoners (including Keba) with Raiding Castles would make it very likely for a Raid to succeed; they’d only need another three Armored Commoners to raid beyond that. This implies that building a Castle is likely enough to both succeed in the Raid (as Keba plus lots of other people would almost certainly help), and bag you a huge amount of Coal, enough to repay the Income you spent for several weeks beyond then.


03-25-2010 17:36:48 UTC

Additionally, there are currently two usefull Workshops: An Observatory and alchemarium and a Raiding Castle. There are two Observatory and alchemariums around and the Price war should be good enough (for us) to get cheaply every Resource we want to have. The costs of such a Workshop and the restriction of one Resource per Scavenging should show that building an Observatory and alchemariums now is not a good idea.

There is still another useful Workshop: A Raiding Castle. The other Workshops are lame, so why not building a Raiding Castle? Do you really wait for another good Workshop?

Finally, nearly all Parts needed for this Workshop are useful at their own. So I encourage you to build a Raiding Castle.

Kind regards, Keba.


03-25-2010 19:21:09 UTC

I will not raid any more. Mabye I would not even be able to do so.