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18/01 11:47 (UTC) - Cuddlebeam
  Cuddlebeam's Location = Surgery (was Square)
(surgery time)

19/01 10:22 (UTC) - Viv
(Foraging for Mandrake, Nightshade, Red Cap, Silver Bark or Wolfsbane  DICE5:5 )

  Viv's Remedies = Red cap, nightshade, wolfsbane (was Red cap, nightshade)

20/01 09:24 (UTC) - Kevan
  Kevan's Location = Forest (was Square)
(Moving as part of the Rounds.)

20/01 10:47 (UTC) - pokes
  pokes's Remedies = Salt, Leeches (was Salt, Silver Bark, Leeches)
(Applying SB to Cuddlebeam)

  pokes's Location = Forest (was Surgery)
(Moving to Forest, taking random remedy:  DICE5:5 )

  pokes's Location = Forest (was Forest)

  pokes's Remedies = Salt, Leeches, Wolfsbane (was Salt, Leeches)

  pokes's Location = Forest (was Forest)
(Taking the Wolfsbane for myself)

  pokes's Remedies = Salt, Leeches (was Salt, Leeches, Wolfsbane)
(Taking the Wolfsbane for myself)

21/01 01:30 (UTC) - pokes
(Taking a new remedy from the forest:  DICE5:3 )

  pokes's Location = Home (was Forest)
(Foraged a Red Cap. Returning Home.)

  pokes's Remedies = Salt, Leeches, Red Cap (was Salt, Leeches)
(Foraged a Red Cap. Returning Home.)

21/01 05:16 (UTC) - Matt
(Adding a random plant from the forest 1=Mandrake, Nightshade, Red Cap, Silver Bark or Wolfsbane,  DICE5:5 )

  Matt's Symptoms = Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane (was -)
(New plant!)

  Matt's Remedies = Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane (was Well water, Mandrake)
(Wrong field!)

  Matt's Symptoms = - (was Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane)

  Matt's Remedies = Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane (was Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane)

  Matt's Location = Forest (was Square)
(Moving to the forest)

  Matt's Location = Forest (was Forest)
(Combine and apply to Viv)

  Matt's Remedies = - (was Well water, Mandrake, Wolfsbane)
(Combine and apply to Viv)

21/01 10:10 (UTC) - Cuddlebeam
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Kevan - Forest Nightshade, Well water, Leeches
Quirck - Home Red cap
Matt - Forest -
Viv- Forest Red cap, nightshade, wolfsbane
pokes- Home Salt, Leeches, Red Cap
Cuddlebeam - Surgery Well water, Well water, Well water

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