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Ascension Address: For creation to occur… ..the previous world must first be destroyed. The legends warned you of this event. Once our world had been declared unstable by our almighty ruler, bright beams of light would fall from the sky, massacring every living being on earth. You didn’t think it would actually happen, but lo and… lendunistus 06/20/22 0
I hope this city sinks Unidle me please lendunistus 05/20/22 1 05/20/22
Strikers’ Rights In the rule “Departments”, replace “A Striking Employee may not perform Weekday Actions” with: A Striking Employee may not perform any Weekday Actions except the Picketaction lendunistus 02/01/22 4 02/01/22
Let’s try again A memo for my coworkers: Set the hierarchical position of all employees in Manufacturing to CEO. lendunistus 01/20/22 0
Coming off unpaid leave Unidle me please. finally doing something after like a year of inactivity, who would’ve guessed lendunistus 01/18/22 4 01/18/22
unidle me again please i’m really bad at this lendunistus 12/14/20 3 12/15/20
Unidling - lendunistus hey, I’d like to unidle haven’t had time to play the past few days unfortunately lendunistus 12/02/20 1 12/02/20
Joining Blognomic I am looking forward to joining this dynasty. Let’s have a great time! lendunistus 11/24/20 2 11/24/20