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Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl Unidle me. spikebrennan 04/09/13 3 04/09/13
Obituary Hurricane Batters Philadelphia Millions without electricity, including this correspondent. (Seriously.) Idle me. spikebrennan 10/30/12 2 10/31/12
Hell, yes A new Kevan dynasty? Hell, yes. Unidle me. spikebrennan 10/19/12 1 10/19/12
Maybe we need litigation after all Dueling, transparent scams. This is beautiful, and quite thematic. spikebrennan 05/14/11 0
Shareholder Meeting: X Express (merger offer to acquire Rules & Co.) Shareholder meeting of X Express Record date information: Market - 65 Travis - 15 Spikebrennan - 20 This is a Merger Offer to acquire Rules & Co. in a cash deal. It expires at 00:00:01 on December 31, 2011. The Cash Price is 100. This is a fair deal to… spikebrennan 05/09/11 6 05/10/11
unidle me UNIDLE me spikebrennan 04/04/11 1 04/04/11
Spike back me like game. game good. put me back in game. spikebrennan 02/18/11 0
Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do? Subtle innuendos follow, it must be something inside you. Unidle me. spikebrennan 01/11/11 1 01/12/11
She turned me into a newt! And I’m not likely to get better, in the near term. Idle me. spikebrennan 11/17/10 3 11/18/10
A puff of brimstone-scented smoke and I appear. Unidle me. spikebrennan 11/04/10 2 11/04/10
Good thing I’m not colorblind Because if I were, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish the voting icons. spikebrennan 07/28/10 4 07/28/10
Unidle me And change the font. My eyes bleed. spikebrennan 07/27/10 1 07/27/10
Abort, Retry, Fail? Idle me. NO CARRIER spikebrennan 06/07/10 1 06/10/10
The typeface, it burns us, my precious This typeface and color scheme is really hard to read on an iphone. spikebrennan 06/02/10 8 06/03/10
Untracked gamestate One of the reasons why it might appear from a casual glance that the dynasty isn’t moving forward quickly is that we have a lot of untracked gamestate. I would request an admin to add a free text GNDT column so that the GNDT can track things like possession of… spikebrennan 05/31/10 0
Another GNDT column It might be a good time to introduce another GNDT column, called “Notes” or something like that, to track gamestate information such as the status of who is “Dave”, or “HAL”, or “a monkey” or “delicious” and so forth. Rather than a whole bunch of separate GNDT columns with binary… spikebrennan 05/17/10 0
Nurse? Nurse? Attention admins- this would be a good time to admin the pending proposals spikebrennan 05/12/10 0
If nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve I, spikebrennan, withdraw my manifesto and urge any who had supported me to instead support Kevan’s Mornington Crescent manifesto. spikebrennan 05/03/10 0
Core rules protosal: Emperor not subject to the limitation on proposal slots I wanted to float this as a trial balloon before making a proposal: I suggest that a given dynasty’s emperor should not be limited to two proposal slots. If the emperor has more slots, then at the start of the dynasty an emperor can post several proposals suggesting his initial… spikebrennan 04/27/10 7 04/28/10
Manifesto: Greed is good A vote for spikebrennan is a vote for capitalism. Should you place your trust in me, I (in my role as Government) intend to award each Investor $1000, and to provide the opportunity to invest in one or more promising new ventures! spikebrennan 04/26/10 6 04/26/10
Unidle me I am Spikebrennan. Snow falls on cherry blossoms. Please unidle me. spikebrennan 04/26/10 1 04/26/10
Out of steam Letter to the Editor Sir: Upon perusing my news-paper this morning past, your correspondent noted with interest an article commenting upon the manner in which our Prince’s leadership is resulting in extraordinary commotion. It appears that the primary occupation of His Majesty’s subjects now consists of accumulating coal and sundry… spikebrennan 03/03/10 3 03/03/10
Here come da judge Uvthenfuv: being the sole current occupant of the Basement (as far as we know), this would be a good time for you to consult Rule 2.6 (“Lights”) and take a Dark Action to repair the fusebox. spikebrennan 01/19/10 2 01/20/10
Protosal: Some more roles in the oven A sketch of a proposal to provide functions for some of the roles not covered by the prior proposal: Colonel. The colonel is extremely brave. Whether or not the lights are on, if at any time the Colonel becomes Terrified, the Colonel may change his state from Terrified to Healthy.… spikebrennan 01/19/10 9 01/19/10
Protosal: I was born for this role Protosal: Our jargon for a half-baked proposal, soliciting ideas: - Butler: Knows a secret passage between two rooms - Cook: Can expel all non-SErvants from the Kitchen if he is in the Kitchen - Handyman: Carries a flashlight. May, when the lights are out, move as if the lights were… spikebrennan 01/17/10 8 01/17/10
Welcome to the newcomers We seem to be getting a lot of newcomers. Welcome. Out of curiosity- if you’re new, how did you hear about Blognomic? spikebrennan 01/15/10 10 01/17/10
Protosal: list of occupations draft list at with the idea being that each one would be unique, and nobody can choose “Lunatic” or “Dead body” at the outset. spikebrennan 01/14/10 1 01/14/10
Concept discussion: close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades “If an Adventurer has the same Location as the Djinni, and the Djinni is in the Lamp, then that Adventurer may Free the Djinni, as a daily action”. But how close does the Adventurer have to be, and how would the Adventurer know? Should the Adventurer be required to PM… spikebrennan 01/07/10 6 01/08/10
concept patch re: idling and unidling Unless the ruleset expressly provides otherwise, if a player Idles and subequently Unidles within 24 hours, then upon Unidling the player has his gamestate attributes (including gndt attributes) restored to those attributes (including gndt attributes) that the player had immediately prior to Idling. A more brute force approach would be… spikebrennan 12/09/09 22 12/10/09
Concept for discussion: Down in Flames (intentionally not a proposal. Really, this time.) The idea being that if a Proposal collects “X” number of consecutive “AGAINST” votes and no “FOR” votes at all, then the Proposal may be Failed even if it has not yet timed out nor collected a quorum of votes. I am aware… spikebrennan 10/12/09 9 10/14/09
Story Post: Concept for discussion (not a proposal): Proxies The idea being that a particular Player (the Proxy Grantor) may post a blog post (the Proxy Declaration) stating that a different, specified named Player (the Proxy Holder) holds the Proxy Grantor’s Proxy (defined below). The Proxy Declaration may, but is not required to, specify the duration of the Proxy… spikebrennan 10/08/09 6 10/08/09
Concept: “Doomsday Cult” (not a proposal) Discussion item, not a proposal. I don’t have any free proposal slots anyway. Create a new dynastic rule entitled “Doomsday Cult”, as follows: On a single occasion, the Leader may select two random Survivors (excluding himself) to become members of the Doomsday Cult (each of whom may be referred to… spikebrennan 08/27/09 5 08/27/09
More brains Unidle me spikebrennan 08/26/09 4 08/26/09
Idle me Idle me, since I’ll be away from the series of tubes for at least a week. spikebrennan 08/01/09 1 08/01/09
Concept idea: “Memento” (or “Pulp Fiction” if you prefer) Some proposals can cause a rule to be added to the ruleset with respect to a particular future week, rather than with respect to the week during which the rule is adminned. spikebrennan 07/29/09 4 07/29/09
Unidle me Unidle me- I might have to leave on vacation soon, but I can propose that “Final Vote” defined term thing before I depart. (How’s this for irony… I’m off… to a Caribbean island…) spikebrennan 07/29/09 0
Story Post: “Diary Entry - “05/27” “spikebrennan” Expression Engine Says a post must have body. So here are three lines. spikebrennan 05/27/09 0
Story Post: Diary entry - 05/21 Spikebrennan As I once promised I shall write my di-a-ry In this haiku form. This stinky bunker Does not have cherry blossoms. And it smells like feet. But the ruleset here blossoms like the sakura. Nomic poetry. What’s with these people? Preening for the camera… Really kind of sad. spikebrennan 05/21/09 0
Snow on cherry blossoms I will write haiku As I sit in the bunker. Please unidle me. spikebrennan 05/20/09 3 05/20/09
I can haz unidled? they be stealin’ my bukkit! spikebrennan 01/19/09 1 01/19/09
Plot seed [I should point out that the Father Mackenzie plot seed from Nov. 24 is not on the plot summary page] November 15: 8:40 PM The scene: Joey Wong’s. Father Mackenzie is getting sloshed at the bar. Some frustrated-looking young man is sitting alone at a table- his date must be… spikebrennan 12/02/08 6 12/04/08
Plot seeding *CLANG* Father Mackenzie, having completed writing a sermon that no one will hear, puts on his coat and mittens and descends the rickety stairs from his office in the rectory behind St. Matthews. He enters the church, crosses in front of the altar (pausing to genuflect) and shivers before a… spikebrennan 11/24/08 5 11/24/08
Story Post: Seeding the plot Date: November 15 Time: 8:35 PM The scene: Joey Wong’s. The table is set for two, but Jason sits alone, fuming, under the leering gaze of a Maneki-neko cat sculpture on a shelf. She’s over half an hour late for their date. Jason is an uncommonly punctual person (although perhaps… spikebrennan 11/19/08 2 11/19/08
Plot seeding November 15. 9:30 PM. The following email is sent from Jason Smith’s laptop: To: Andrea From: Jason Smith RE: Let’s talk Andrea—I’m really sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have said what I did, and I feel awful. We need to talk. I’m at the cafe. If you can, meet… spikebrennan 11/17/08 0
Ye varlet! By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Worvan, I shall be unidled. spikebrennan 10/17/08 0
unidle me Please unidle me spikebrennan 09/19/08 1 09/19/08
Snow on evil cherry blossoms Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all convictions, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Create a new Dynastic rule, entitled: “Evil Poetry”, reading as… spikebrennan 04/15/08 1 04/15/08
It’s alive!  It’s alive! Bwa-ha-ha. Unidle me, and get me another brain. spikebrennan 04/08/08 1 04/08/08
whoops, delete me Oops, I messed this up. Goofed and made a double post. I shall over-write. spikebrennan 03/05/08 0
Another train Another train arrives at 00:00:01 on March 6, long after the Doctor’s departure. The guards are Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe. There are ten (10) Safes. spikebrennan 02/28/08 0
I force Jack’s hand because he’s so trigger-happy. (SPIKEBRENNAN sets his GNDT ForcedHand statistic at “Jack”). spikebrennan 02/28/08 6 02/28/08
A reminder to duellists The doctor goes off duty at 00:00:01 on February 29th (which is only about 10 hours from now). spikebrennan 02/28/08 4 02/28/08
Story Post: Hand #4 starting Hand #4 is starting. Ante is $30. (Would someone else kindly set the GNDT accordingly?) spikebrennan 02/27/08 30 02/27/08
Story Post: Casey Jones, You’d Better Watch Your Speed A Train is coming to town on 00:00:01 on February 26. There are five guards: Jerry, Bob, Phil, Bill and Pigpen. There are ten (10) safes. spikebrennan 02/20/08 0
Hand 4 will start as soon as somebody properly distributes the pot and resets the GNDT does what it says on the tin spikebrennan 02/17/08 9 02/18/08
Story Post: A train called Guts A train is coming to town at 00:00:01 on February 22. It carries _one_ guard (Annie Oakley, again, with a Quickdraw of _5_), and carries eight (8) Safes. spikebrennan 02/17/08 1 02/17/08
More acceleration? I don’t want a wild west dynasty to end with a whimper; a bang would be much more fitting. How would people like to proceed: - more frequent and more dangerous (but potentially more lucrative) train robbery opportunities? - higher stakes poker? - some sort of mechanism to get more… spikebrennan 02/14/08 4 02/15/08
Story Post: Hand 3 continued Night folds per the 96 hour rule (there was no indication in the GNDT that he did anything otherwise). The turn card is the Four of Hearts. spikebrennan 02/10/08 19 02/16/08
aaronwinborn the coward On January 23, Rodlen challenged Aaronwinborn to a shootout. As far as I can tell, the time period lapsed without any response from Aaronwinborn. Shouldn’t an admin therefor set Aaronwinborn’s courage to “Yellow”? Wednesday, January 23, 2008 You shall die. Or at least be wounded. Hmph. Mr. Bigshot, with all… spikebrennan 02/04/08 3 02/05/08
Choo Choo #3 (Annie, Get Your Gun) The next Train is scheduled to arrive at town on February 7, 2008 at 00:00:01. There are three Guards: (Annie Oakley, Burt, and Clint) and eight Safes. However, Annie has a QuickDraw of 5. spikebrennan 02/01/08 3 02/04/08
Story Post: Choo Choo #2: The Wrath of Zeke A Train is scheduled to arrive in town on February 1, 2008 at 00:00:01. There are six Guards on the Train (Amos, Billy, Chester, Duke, Eddie and Fred)—the railroad has learned its lesson from last time—and eight Safes. Let me point out that the ruleset currently permits Seated Players to… spikebrennan 01/29/08 0
Story Post: Hand #3 Hand #3 is starting now. I believe that all Players who are eligible to sit are Seated, and I believe that the $20 ante has already been placed in the pot. Night has the button, so Iammars is the first to act. spikebrennan 01/27/08 20 02/08/08
Choo choo! A train is scheduled to arrive in town on January 31, 2008 at 00:00:01. The train carries three Guards (Hank, Beau and Zeke) who are guarding four Safes. spikebrennan 01/27/08 0
New hand starting soon A hand of Poker has just been resolved. I’m waiting for someone to clean up the GNDT and properly allocate the money in the Pot to the Winner and Uncle Sam. This would be a good time to re-join the table. Ante will just be $20, per the comments to… spikebrennan 01/25/08 5 01/26/08
Story Post: Achtung, Iammars! It’s your action spikebrennan 01/23/08 0
Ante for next hand (this is not a proposal, just a trial balloon) I intend to set the ante for the next hand at something in the $50-$100 range. Thoughts? spikebrennan 01/22/08 6 01/25/08
Story Post: Hand2 continued To recap: Flop is * FIVE OF HEARTS * SEVEN OF SPADES * THREE OF HEARTS 22/01 12:55 (UTC) - spikebrennan Comment: (HAND2 ROUND3 DICE52:27) Turn card is: * FIVE OF DIAMONDS Iammars’ action. spikebrennan 01/22/08 12 01/26/08
Story Post: Hand #2 Hand #2 will begin shortly. Since we are now between hands, I will assume that all Unseated Players who are not Busted intend to become Seated. Ante will be $10. Button moves to Jack. Like last time, post your hole card roles and your checksum as comments to this post. spikebrennan 01/13/08 35 01/21/08
Story Post: Hand #1 flop (HAND1 FLOP DICE52:7 DICE52:38 DICE52:26) So, based on the flop is: * queen of clubs * ace of clubs * jack of hearts Turn goes to Night since he was first non-folded, seated player after the Button. However, since all players still in the game are all-in, I will… spikebrennan 01/12/08 8 01/13/08
Story Post: Hand #1 Hand #1 (I think we can play now, someone please sticky this). The ante is $5 per player. (Dealer will take care of GNDTing the ante for this one). Zephyr has the button, so Sixsidepentagon is the first to act. spikebrennan 01/11/08 50 01/12/08
(title of post changed again since poker seems to be moving along now) Amnistar, Kevan idled so it’s your action now. spikebrennan 01/07/08 7 01/07/08
How to deal cards (not a proposal, just a discussion) I’ve been struggling with how to fairly deal community cards—the current ruleset doesn’t specify how I have to do this. My suggestion is as follows: once play begins, I will use Kevan’s engine to get another deck of cards, and I will post the entire deck (cards 1-52) on the… spikebrennan 01/04/08 4 01/04/08
So much for dealer’s choice… Quoth the Dealer: Use of the (DEF) vote in this dynasty is discouraged. We’re in the Wild West, people, so show some backbone. spikebrennan 01/03/08 2 01/03/08
Ascension Address: Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Gentlemen, welcome to Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon. Wipe the mud off your boots on the way in. Whiskey and beer are available at the bar. Kindly refrain from discharging firearms while on the premises; but if you just can’t help yourself, try not to shoot the piano player—he’s doing his… spikebrennan 12/31/07 4 12/31/07
Attempted trade Rodlen trades Edward Teach to Spikebrennan in exchange for nothing. spikebrennan 12/27/07 1 12/27/07
Attempted trade Jack trades Judith and Ragnar Lodbrok to Spikebrennan in exchange for nothing. spikebrennan 12/27/07 0
Attempted trade Chivalrybean trades Alfred Hitchcock, Charles M. Schulz and Lise Meitner to Spikebrennan in exchange for nothing. spikebrennan 12/27/07 1 12/28/07
Attempted trade Bahro trades William Jennings Bryan, Joshua A. Norton, Bill Gates and Miguel de Cervantes to Spikebrennan in exchange for nothing. spikebrennan 12/27/07 0
Attempted Trade Yoda trades Lola Montez to Spikebrennan in exchange for nothing. (if Yoda fails to vote FOR this, then this has no effect.) spikebrennan 12/27/07 2 12/27/07
Disgrace before death (not a proposal, I’m just calling attention to an error in the enactment of a previous proposal) The proposal that changed “death” to “disgraced” should have also changed the text of Rule 2.8 “Bleeding to Death”, which presently still reads:———————- Any Einherjar who has no Statistics with a value greater… spikebrennan 12/20/07 1 12/22/07
Another breakthrough from the noodle house Momofuku Ando has succeeded in tinkering for three (3) Tinkering Points. Ando believes that he has created a device called “Alternator” which enables its holder, during any Skirmish in which the holder participates, to use the holder’s highest numeric statistic (determined after any applicable adjustments) as his/her Challenged Statistic. spikebrennan 12/18/07 3 12/21/07
suggestion (not a proposal) re: Einherjar page Some people have made an effort to include summary tables in the Einherjar page that set forth the Einherjar statistics for each Valkyrie’s Einherjar. These aren’t that up-to-date, and in many cases they have errors in them. Allow me to suggest that the Allfather, and the Allfather alone, should monkey… spikebrennan 12/09/07 2 12/09/07
Auction block I am entertaining proposals to trade for Momofuku Ando. Post or PM me if you like. (My PM is s p i k e b r e n n a n (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m). spikebrennan 12/06/07 0
D.B. Cooper has the parachute! Momofuku Ando has transferred the Parachute to D.B. Cooper. spikebrennan 12/06/07 0
Tinkering result: 1 Tinkering point Momofuku Ando, a +10 Tinkerer owned by me, attempted to create a Device today. He earned 1 Device point. Ando believes that he has created a Device called a “Parachute”. Ando believes that the Device adds +1 to the holder’s Moxie (but cannot increase Moxie above +10). spikebrennan 11/30/07 4 12/03/07
Einherjar candidate: D.B. Cooper D.B. Cooper The pseudonym used by a notorious airplane hijacker who, after receiving a $200,000 cash ransom payout in 1971, jumped from the back of the commercial airliner that he had hijacked and was never seen again. The Cooper case remains unsolved. Moxie: +6 Wit: +3 Male, Sane, Dishonorable Special… spikebrennan 11/29/07 2 11/29/07
Einherjar candidate: Joshua A. Norton Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico (1819-1880). He was a failed businessman and eccentric residing in 19th century San Francisco who, in 1859, announced that he was the Emperor of the United States (and later he gave himself the additional title of “Protector of… spikebrennan 11/28/07 4 11/28/07
Is Beowulf English? Circumstances (i.e., Darknight’s Einherjur portfolio) now make it relevant for Hix to determine whether Beowulf is English. (This is not a CFJ because the gamestate specifies that this determination is Hix’s to make; I’m just pointing out that he should make a call here.) The case for: The poem appears… spikebrennan 11/28/07 4 11/28/07
Einherjar candidate: Otto Skorzeny Otto Skorzeny (1908-1975) was a Standartenführer (battalian commander) and commando leader in the Nazi German Waffen-SS during World War II. Among his exploits were the rescue of Benito Mussolini from imprisonment after his overthrow, his special operations during the Battle of the Bulge to use captured American vehicles and English-speaking… spikebrennan 11/27/07 3 11/28/07
Einherjar candidate: Hildegard of Bingen Hildegard of Bingen 1098-1179, a German abbess, artist, author, counselor, linguist, naturalist, scientist, philosopher, physician, herbalist, poet, activist, visionary, and composer (quite a polymath for a woman in 12th century Europe). Her music is still performed today (I have a couple of CDs of her work), and she was the… spikebrennan 11/25/07 3 12/11/07
Concept suggestion (not yet a proposal): Changing skirmish mechanics. I quote from the rule “Final Battle” As a Daily Action, the Allfather may announce that a Skirmish has taken place as part of the Final Battle. A Skirmish is announced by first rolling DICEX in the GNDT, where “X” is the number of numerical Einherjar Statistics, and where the… spikebrennan 11/24/07 6 11/25/07
Einherjar candidate: Wong Fei Hung Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924) A Chinese martial artist, doctor and revolutionary who has become a Chinese folk hero and whose exploits have been portrayed in numerous films and television shows. Jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China series), Jackie Chan (Drunken Master series) and Sammo Hung, among other cinema… spikebrennan 11/24/07 1 11/27/07
Einherjar candidate: L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Science fiction writer and founder of Scientology. Combat: (-2) (somewhat controversial war record) Moxie: +6 Artistry: +3 (which is admittedly somewhat charitable, even though I did read all ten volumes of Mission Earth as a kid, and wondered at the time why I was doing it). Mysticism:… spikebrennan 11/21/07 4 11/27/07
Ladies Night (not intended to be a proposal) The Einherjar are so male-heavy. This is surprising—there are so many good female candidates. Here are some suggestions: Boadicea (Briton warrior queen) Victoria Woodhull (19th century woman’s suffragette, who ran for President of the United States in 1872 on basically a free-love platform) Margaretha… spikebrennan 11/21/07 3 11/21/07
Einherjar candidate: Lola Montez Lola Montez Also known as Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert (1818-1861). She was an Irish-born, India-raised woman who returned to England and began a career as a (supposedly Spanish) exotic dancer, thrilling audiences with her scandalous and erotic “Tarantula” dance. She enthralled the king of Bavaria and became his mistress (and he… spikebrennan 11/20/07 2 11/20/07
Einherjar candidate: Jeanne d’Arc Jeanne d’Arc Also known as Joan of Arc. An important figure from the later years of the Hundred Years War. Combat +4 (+8 if her opponent is Oliver Cromwell or any Einherjar whose biography expressly identifies him/her as English) Moxie +4 (-10 if her opponent is Oliver Cromwell or any… spikebrennan 11/19/07 6 11/20/07
Einherjar candidate: Roman Ungern von Sternberg Wikipedia bio here Baron Roman Friederich Nickolaus von Ungern-Sternberg (Роман Фёдорович Унгерн фон Штернберг) The “Bloody Baron”, a notorious Russian warlord who commanded military leaders on behalf of the Whites during the Russian civil war and proclaimed himself dictator of Mongolia) * Wit: 0 * Scholasticism: 0 * Combat… spikebrennan 11/19/07 4 11/19/07
Interesting facts about Hix Letter to the Editor of the Zahndorf Press Sir: I observe that Hix was the first to cast a “NO” vote on a proposal that would have created the possibility of immunity-to-werewolf-attack for some Villagers. I also observe that Hix was the first to propose a lynching. All I’m saying… spikebrennan 10/17/07 6 10/18/07
Town Meeting: Night Watchman Fellow villagers: We need a Night Watchman. If this proposal passes, then the Mayor shall select a Night Watchman via a random GNDT dice roll, with all Villagers other than the Mayor having an equal likelihood of being selected. The Villager so selected shall be the Night Watchman until he… spikebrennan 10/17/07 3 10/17/07
GNDT password Can someone re-email me the GNDT password? My most convenient email for this purpose is ____ spikebrennan 10/15/07 2 10/15/07