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Sidebar correction The sidebar incorrectly said the player count is 12 and Quorum is 7. The actual list of active players has 14 players. Quorum is therefore 8. Accordingly, I have corrected the numbers in the sidebar. Bucky 08/22/21 3 08/23/21
Notice of Violation After marking Tracking Conflict enacted, I erroneously concluded it was instead Unpopular and marked it failed. This falls into the same problem as the DoV, except that the gamestate updates had platonically occurred prior to the CfJ becoming illegal and thus weren’t prevented, and even though it’s illegal it can’t… Bucky 08/21/21 2 08/21/21
I unidle I unidle myself; Quorum rises to 8. Bucky 08/12/21 0
Idling myself Quorum drops to 5. Bucky 03/27/21 0
Protosal: Veto Conditions Brendan has threatened to deadlock the Universal part of the dynasty over Veto conditions. I think it would be more productive and on-theme to negotiate than to merely threaten. And that requires the veto conditions to all be explicitly spelled out. This is the starting point, after input from Clucky.… Bucky 01/27/21 8 01/28/21
Dynastic Vision First, the pun aspect of the dynasty. In one respect, it’s a simulation of a peace conference, with the Player as referee. In another, each Emperor is running his own nomic dynasty, with the Player playing all of them simultaneously. At this point we seem to be leaning more into… Bucky 01/25/21 2 01/25/21
Ascension Address: Summit It is a great honor for me to address the sovereigns assembled here. I understand that you have gathered today to settle a great many disagreements. I further understand the need for an impartial speaker to direct and mediate the proceedings, who is not himself a party to those disputes.… Bucky 01/24/21 6 01/25/21
Reflection on dynastic mechanics The degree of Shell customization worked well and remained on-theme. The meme advantage was real but never overwhelming - it amounted to one or two extra shots per shell cycle at most. The Timed Action mechanic failed what seemed to be the main design goal of reducing the advantage gained… Bucky 01/23/21 18 01/24/21
Story Post: Promotion Request Order of the Blue Lotus has 3 Crowns. 3x2,000,000 => can win with up to 5,999,999 civilian casualties. Civilian Casualities: 5,314,283. Side note - I’m not an Ace right now because the CfJ that killed CHARMANDER only awarded the experience, not the kill. Bucky 01/23/21 3 01/23/21
Admin note for Known Unknowns Proposal: Known Unknowns removed the clause that lets a DEVA’s stats drop below their minimum. This disables Hibernation. Bucky 01/11/21 0
Story Post: Promotion Request I’ve got a Crown, Coderblaze has a Crown, and we need two Crowns to earn a coin flip between us. Bucky 01/08/21 5 01/08/21
Merry Christmas I hope you all are staying warm. Bucky 12/25/20 1 12/25/20
Incremental Proposal Wishlist This dynasty still has some necessary work to hammer all the existing mechanics into a playable shape. Josh and I have been routinely hitting the 2-pending-proposal limit, with a lot of Josh’s proposals being dynastic vision proposals and about half of mine being simple bug-fixes. Meanwhile, half of our players,… Bucky 12/14/20 4 12/14/20
Abandon Shell Add a new subrule to the rule “Pilots and Shells”. Call it “Emergency Shutdown” and give it the following text: As a weekly action, a Jockeying Pilot may perform an Emergency Shutdown. When they do, they immediately become Recovering. This does not cause their Shell to be destroyed. Bucky 12/13/20 0
Protosal: Threading the attacks The current combat system is unacceptably spammy and unwieldy. It requires one blog post per attack, and we’re expecting each competitive player to attempt several attacks per day. Accordingly, we should borrow from the Nethack dynasty and combine all the attacks on a given Bogey into a single thread. When… Bucky 12/03/20 5 12/04/20
Circle Dispures. I’m reverting two Circle Benedictions made at the same time by Josh. 11-1 because a circle must be eight tiles, and 11-3 because a circle must set the center tile to the color of an adjacent (not diagonal) tile.The CfJ shouldn’t have ratified those either since it only affected color… Bucky 11/27/20 5 11/28/20
Explicit inlay [Trivial] In the rule “Motifs”, change Inscribe a different symbol to Inscribe a different Inlay symbol Bucky 11/16/20 1 11/17/20
Bucky is Back I ruined the last dynasty to have Monks and an Abbott, I may as well unidle for this one. I won’t attempt Admin actions for a short period of time while I re-acquaint myself with the relevant rules. So would another Admin please unidle me? Bucky 10/26/20 3 10/27/20
idle plz do 2 ongoing keyboad isses I cannot do poposals so plz idle. Bucky 12/16/16 1 12/16/16
Story Post: Ticking Along The fifth sun arc of the sixth day is broken. During the fifth sun arc of the sixth day, Brendan called for a Day of Observance. Bucky 11/19/16 0
Drive-by proposalizing I de-idle myself temporarily. Quorum remains 6. Bucky 11/14/16 0
My work here is done. I’m idling myself; quorum drops to 6. Bucky 08/14/16 0
Changes to the pending-matter tracker *CfJs should now turn red after 48 hours (previously 96). * The sidebar should now switch from ‘hours’ to ‘days’ when a post is 72 hours old (previously 48). This is to assist admins trying to figure out when to process votable matters that were temporarily not open for voting.… Bucky 08/08/16 3 08/08/16
Speaking for Dynasty 141 I’ve set up the dynastic history page. But I’d like some help collecting posts of interest, including not just proposals but also Apocryphal rule discovery posts and the notable CfJs. And I’d appreciate it if someone less biased wrote the ascension summary. Bucky 08/07/16 5 08/07/16
Interdynastic Survey For the purpose of helping future dynasties, I’d like some opinions on the current dynasty. Specifically: 1) Do you think this dynasty was successful or unsuccessful? (or rate it 1-10) 2) Did you like the theme of this dynasty? 3) What mechanics worked well, and what mechanics didn’t? What was… Bucky 08/07/16 20 08/08/16
Hard work pays off I’ll bet Sci_Guy12 thought he was being sneaky spending his 1 paper for a map in the middle of a bunch of unrelated GNDT operations. Well, he wasn’t sneaky enough. I matched him to his rule and Scored as a result. Bucky 08/01/16 0
[Map Guess] Sneaky… Sci_Guy12 Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 08/01/16 1 08/01/16
Brag I won the debate. Granted, the other demagogues won also. But I won first, and did such an awesome job of presenting my points that everyone else agreed with me. Bucky 07/30/16 0
Story Post: [Map Guess] Process of Elimination qwertyu63 Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 07/25/16 1 07/26/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] Continuing down the line Clucky Ruleset Theft [?] Bucky 07/24/16 1 07/25/16
Story Post: [Map Guess] Clucky HHGTTG [?] Bucky 07/17/16 1 07/18/16
Grand Unmarking “Teaming Up [?]” was overdue for unmarking, so I unmarked it. Bucky 07/06/16 0
Gamestate tracking note Per the CfJ “Illegal CfJ passing”, the CfJ “Quorum is One” should be Pending right now. Should I do that myself or is RaichuKFM handling it? Bucky 06/25/16 6 06/25/16
standardized_citations (Scrubbed) Bucky 06/20/16 0
First scribbles of a new and glorious dynasty I unidle. Quorum remains 3. Bucky 06/16/16 0
Changes to make dynasty function Today, I happened to be within a short distance of one of the Targets (Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio, US). I didn’t bother taking a photo, though, for several reasons: 1) I thought wouldn’t be able to access a suitable computer before the end of the Blognomic day (it turns… Bucky 05/30/16 3 05/31/16
Idle me please I’m suffering from a severe case of apathy. Bucky 03/04/15 1 03/04/15
Discussion: Someone should put Put on trial ...Remember how we were saying this is hopeless if there are more than two Androids? Well the only possible non-Disabled third Androids are Put and ais523. At this point I’m 99% sure ais523 is Human from his actions, but Put has been very much under the radar. We can hedge… Bucky 02/18/15 8 02/19/15
Game Over With the failure of the Trial against Josh I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for Humans to win. There is no remaining way to get information about Androids, the Androids will presumably sabotage any proposal to change that, and the voters have demonstrated themselves so apathetic that they won’t push a… Bucky 02/12/15 6 02/13/15
The GNDT has been broken We’ve lost several days’ worth of GNDT logs from before the break, including Laoding’s initialization and a number of engine purchases. I think we need a CfJ to sort this out, but don’t know what the fix would be. Bucky 12/15/14 2 12/16/14
Dynastic Direction Here’s my list of things I plan to eventually propose this dynasty if someone else doesn’t get there first: * Maneuvering, using Fuel (done) ** Customizable thrusters (partly proposed) * Re-introduce some Proxies (done) * Space Stations, a reason to visit many orbits (being replaced by Structures) * Hiveminds, a… Bucky 11/24/14 0
Ascension Address: Awakening On behalf of the Jovian Authority, I welcome the newest batch of Gnome-class autonomous service craft to the system. As self-owned AIs, you don’t have to worry about the usual immigration paperwork. Just please be aware that Callisto orbit is off-limits to unauthorized vessels and that it’s considered rude to… Bucky 11/23/14 0
Wiki signups This dynasty will probably be more wiki-heavy than the previous one. Any players who need wiki accounts should say so here. Bucky 11/22/14 9 11/25/14
Interdynastic TODO list *Archive the current ruleset *Clean the GNDT logs (please, Kevin) *Fill in the remainder of the Dynastic History wiki page *Build hype Bucky 11/22/14 15 11/25/14
Teninten idles He hasn’t posted, commented or taken GNDT actions in over a week, so I’m idling him. Quorum drops to 3. Bucky 11/21/14 0
Nomic^3 goes idle. Nomic^3 hasn’t done anything in the last couple of weeks and goes idle. Quorum drops to 4. Bucky 10/25/14 0
Unofficial Challenge End Sprucial has completed the passing challenge. It’ll end as soon as the Coach gets around to it. Bucky 10/22/14 0
Person93 is missing They haven’t posted or commented at all in the last week. Quorum drops to 5. Bucky 10/15/14 0
Unidling myself I don’t expect to remain active for too long, though. Quorum remains 6. Bucky 09/17/14 0
A humble request Dearest Despot, Since the actions that caused me to become Seditious were ultimately deemed to not have happened, could you please restore me to Loyalty? Bucky 11/11/13 3 11/12/13
Heck with it I request to be un-idled. Bucky 10/22/13 1 10/22/13
Story Post: Proper Prefecture I’d like to remind Quirck that prefectures are mandatory. Pen->Blue Bucky 10/16/12 0
Story Post: Prefect Example I’m appointing Josh as Prefect, since he wrote the proposal in the first place. Keep in mind that abusing the position’s power to further your own goals at the expense of the dynasty WILL result in a lower grade. Bucky 10/08/12 9 10/09/12
Ascension Address: Syllabus Welcome to Nomic 104. The purpose of this class is to teach you how to avoid a stagnant midgame such as the ones from the past few dynasties. First, on many occasions poorly chosen victory conditions have made the route to victory obvious too early in the game. Once there… Bucky 09/12/12 0
Dynastic Survey 1) Were you satisfied with the previous dynasty you played in? Why? 2) Do you have any feature requests for the upcoming dynasty? Bucky 09/11/12 4 09/12/12
Spice goes idle Spice hasn’t posted or commented since the 3rd. Quorum drops to 2. Bucky 09/11/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 5 I am the Labor Union Leader. I have at least 5 credits if the rule defining them is considered to be a dynastic rule, and perhaps two others (although those are from the proposal rule, so probably not). Nobody else has any credits, since I mapped credits to the previously… Bucky 06/11/12 3 06/12/12
Labour Union Leader Election I start an election for Labour Union Leader. I nominate Bucky. Union members now have one hour to vote for their favoured candidate. Bucky 06/11/12 2 06/11/12
Joining the Labor Union I’m joining the Labor Union (dynasty 5, rule 13) Bucky 06/11/12 4 06/12/12
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 87 i have three smartness. chief have no smartness at all. my smartness is more than smartness of chief. i win. Bucky 06/10/12 0
GNDT does not like numeric column names Due to technical difficulties, GNDT fields 1-10 have been renamed. I hope it’s clear enough to work until we patch the rules to match. Bucky 05/29/12 0
Multiple Scams Incoming I unidle myself. (Quorum rises to 8) Bucky 05/29/12 0
Jam Session Hey guys, I went to the store and got 10 jars of Jam and two loaves of bread. Let’s have a Jam party! Bucky 02/26/12 3 03/01/12
Story Post: Tour Let’s make some music! Bucky 02/12/12 3 02/13/12
Central Wiki Account Request Office Players, if you need a wiki account, comment here. Wiki admins, if you see people comment here, give them wiki accounts. Bucky 11/13/11 9 11/17/11
Welcome to the Second Metadynasty of Rodlen Due to circumstances spiralling rapidly out of control, I have taken the liberty of enacting the CfJ “Compromise mark 4: Again.” 48 hours have passed since it was posted, and it has not been failed, and it has more FOR than AGAINST votes; it also has the useful property of… Bucky 10/20/11 22 10/21/11
Anti-Idle: The Thread Those of you with nothing to say who don’t want to be idled automatically a week after the DoV should comment on this thread, preferably using an Arrow icon. Bucky 10/15/11 15 10/22/11
Exhibition of smileys :-) :~] x.x 9.6 :o .O. o: ö (~: [-8 Bucky 09/30/11 6 10/01/11
Unidle me please I’m jumping back on-board for the start of next dynasty. Bucky 09/29/11 1 09/30/11
Please idle me I don’t feel like playing much nomic at the moment. Bucky 09/06/11 1 09/07/11
Eureka! I’ve lost my marbles Items: Marble, Bag of Marbles Effect: When the Marble or Bag of Marbles leaves a Survivor’s inventory for any reason not listed in the rule “Personal Belongings”, if their Sanity is above 5, it becomes 5. Bucky 09/05/11 10 09/07/11
Large GNDT correction Bateleur stole a slime mold from Hello Kitty of Doom, ate from it, and gave it to Ienpw III. He did this about 32 hours after Hello Kitty of Doom fell asleep. I have returned the slime mold and undone the eating. For future reference: Please note that you only… Bucky 08/31/11 2 09/01/11
Proto: Making good on a promise Add a new Dynastic Rule to the Ruleset. Call it “Turns” and give it the following text: A Turn Boundary is an event that occurs automatically at the start of each week and each Thursday at noon. Turn Boundaries can also occur at other times as caused by the Ruleset… Bucky 07/02/11 9 07/03/11
Ascension Address: Ascension Address Ladies and Gentlethings, welcome to an all-new, super-hyped, better than ever season of ClingBooooom! That’s right folks, the planet’s premiere slice-of-death reality sports show is back, better and bloodier than ever. Right behind me is the new and improved Season 93 arena. Savvy fans will no doubt notice it’s larger… Bucky 07/02/11 0
Burnout I reallly, really want to go idle for a week or so. The current rules penalize me for doing so too harshly, though, so I can’t. Bucky 06/23/11 2 06/23/11
Rule Misfire Given that we just started a new dynasty, the rule “Joint Owners” has self-repealed. Welcome to Nomic, Galtori. Bucky 05/17/11 5 05/18/11
Expanded DoV discussion (This is for non-voting comments on the DoV if it’s threatening to run out of room) Bucky 05/16/11 8 05/16/11
Trans-dynastic survey The purpose of this survey is to help myself and other future Emperor-equivalents run our dynasties better. Please answer the following questions. 1)What do you think are the characteristics of a successful dynasty? 2)Of all the dynasties you have participated in, which had the best theme? Why? 3)Of all the… Bucky 04/11/11 3 04/12/11
Wiki accounts If you’re a new player and need a wiki account, contact me(Bucky) or Kevin, or just comment here, and we’ll set up your account. Bucky 03/20/11 7 03/25/11
Story Post: learn grunt: bashing chief Prerequisite: Making Pointy Sticks Cost:100 Field: Progress Effect: cavemen learn to replace their chief. chief stops being the chief and has his smartness set to that of a new caveman. all rules in the second section of the ruleset are repealed. Bucky 03/14/11 6 03/14/11
This dynasty seems to have stalled Any suggestions on how to revive it? Bucky 03/13/11 6 03/14/11
Idleage Subrincinator goes idle; quorum remains 7 Bucky 01/08/11 1 01/08/11
Unidling myself Looks like the dynasty I didn’t want to join ended while I wasn’t looking. Quorum remains at 7. As a bonus, I will no longer confuse my GNDT column with Blacky’s Bucky 12/31/10 1 01/01/11
Grudgeless Professors If there exists a rule “Teachers”, in that rule change the text a Grudge against one or more Students to a Grudge against any number of Students. Bucky 11/05/10 3 11/05/10
[Competition]: Bribery Contest Any Befuddled may transfer any positive amount of IQ to Bucky at any time, by announcing the transfer in a comment to this post. (This is subject to the restrictions in the Rule “Competitions” e.g. they cannot transfer more than 20 IQ in a week) At the start of each… Bucky 09/12/10 6 09/19/10
Unidling The dynasty seems to have some actual meat to it now. I’m unidling myself at my own request. Quorum is 8. Bucky 09/02/10 0
Idling I don’t like this dynasty very much, so please idle me. Bucky 08/20/10 1 08/21/10
Yet again…. I demote flurie to BLUE clearance if I can legally do so. Bucky 08/10/10 1 08/10/10
Still conduct unbefitting of an officer I demote Flurie to RED clearance. I promote Flurie to YELLOW clearance. This should be legal regardless of which intermediate steps are considered legal. Bucky 08/10/10 3 08/10/10
Story Post: Those aren’t Story Posts Sign me Up, friend Computer, Win by not losing and Insert Queen Reference are not Story Posts, as well as several others he awarded himself UPPITT for, and thus not eligable for UPPITT. These Code of Conduct enforcements and Flurie’s resulting promotion to ULTRAVIOLET have been reverted. Furtherthermore I am… Bucky 08/10/10 2 08/10/10
Story Post: Because the managers deserve a proposal bonus too I promote the Rule “Proposal Perversity” to GREEN clearance. I also demote the rule “Treason” to INFRARED to block another PP loop. Bucky 08/09/10 1 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Welcome to MineTown Floor 3 1 Watch Captain (42 HP, 6d4 damage, 336 XP) Drop: Gauntlets of Power and +1 Dwarven Chain Mail, Drop Rate: 100% 3 Watchmen (30 HP, 1d8 damage, 80 XP) Drop: Ring Mail, Drop Rate: 40% 2 Gnomish Shamans (13 HP, 2d6 damage, 52 XP) Inflicts Stun. Bucky 07/23/10 1 08/10/10
List of combat posts The following posts have active combats in their comments: PvP (All floors) Killer Newts and Grid Bug Ghosts (Floor 1) Foxes and Jackals (Floor 1) Giant Ants and Rock Piercers (Floor 2) Killer Bees and Ravens (Floor 2) Rogue Priest (Floor 2) Dwarves and Gnomes (Floor 3) Mine Hazards (Floor… Bucky 07/21/10 1 07/21/10
[Encounter]: You enter a giant anthole Floor 4 4 Fire Ants (20 HP, 4d4 damage, 106 XP) Bucky 07/19/10 3 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Temple Guardians Floor 5 1 Avatar of Darth Cliche (36 HP, 20d1 damage, 240 XP) Drop: Energy Sword, Drop Rate: 100% 1 Priest of Darth Cliche (40 HP, 3d10 damage, 400 XP) Drop: Amulet Beacon, Drop Rate: 100% 1 Demon Lord (33 HP, 2d25 damage, 550 XP) Drop: -1 Flare, Drop Rate:… Bucky 07/17/10 6 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Beacon Bearer Floor 2 1 Priest of Darth Cliche (40 HP, 3d10 damage, 400 XP) Drop: Amulet Beacon, Drop Rate: 100% Bucky 07/17/10 1 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Endgame Expediator Floor 4 1 Mail Daemon (1 HP, 1d1 damage, 1 XP) Drop: Amulet Beacon; Drop Rate: 100% Bucky 07/17/10 2 07/17/10
[Encounter] The birds and the bees Floor 2 2 Killer Bees (8 HP, 2d4 damage, 21 XP), Drop:Nothing 2 Ravens (16 HP, 1d6 damage, 32 XP) Inflicts Blind, Drop: Potion of Enlightenment, Drop Rate:30 1 Chickatrice (20 HP, 2d2 damage, 26 XP) Inflicts Slime, Drop:Cockatrice Corpse, Drop Rate:70 Bucky 07/12/10 3 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Deeper into the mines Floor 3 1 Steam Vortex (20 HP, 2d6 damage, 80 XP) Inflicts Blind 2 Dwarven Smiths (30 HP, 2d4 damage, 80 XP) Drop: Unidenified Potion, Drop Rate: 100% 3 Flaming Spheres (9 HP, 1d25 damage, 75 XP) Bucky 07/11/10 9 08/10/10
[Encounter]: Wandering d’s Floor 1 2 Foxes (6 hp, 2d3 damage, 12 XP) Drop: Unidentified Potion, Drop Rate: 50% 4 Jackals (9 hp, 1d6 damage, 18 XP) Drop: Food Ration, Drop Rate: 50% Bucky 07/11/10 9 08/10/10