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Story Post: Hint Among the members of the expedition, there are currently: 2 Handymen 5 Adventurers 3 Scholars 2 Military 2 Spies Sphinx 07/06/17 1 07/06/17
Story Post: HR report Current members of the expedition: 2 Handymen 3 Adventurers 3 Scholars 1 Military 2 Spies Sphinx 06/20/17 4 06/20/17
Conspiracies everywhere Even more conspiring conspirators can be content to hear that their conspiracies are resolved. Sphinx 06/20/17 1 06/21/17
Conspiracies! Another set of Conspiracies is resolved. Sphinx 06/16/17 1 06/16/17
Story Post: Conspiracies! I hereby announce my resolving of all current conspiracies. All Explorers cease conspiring. Sphinx 06/13/17 0
Story Post: Current Roster of Participants Human Resources aboard the Arkham has informed everyone that there are currently active on our Expedition: 2 Handymen 4 Adventurers 3 Scholars 1 Military 2 Spies Sphinx 06/13/17 6 06/14/17
Story Post: Warning! Clandestine Cultists Compromising Cold Cruise The radio aboard the Arkham, one of the ships anchored at the shore of basecamp, received a warning from Miskatonic today. Apparently a local police investigation in the surroundings of Arkham city found a circle of witches and cultists performing a demonic ritual in the outskirts of the town. Some… Sphinx 06/05/17 3 06/05/17
Ascension Address: Into the unknown The crimson clouds disperse and leave behind unnaturally twinkling stars. Somewhere below the people are celebrating the return to normalcy. Unseen by the revellers, a big, hairy creature wearing a top hat and sunglasses sneaks to a big machine with whirring bits and spinning pieces. In his hand, a yellowed… Sphinx 05/22/17 0
Combo: Preparing for the Bloggsbowl 1 Buy a Stick (Cash: 4145000; Tools: Towel -> Cash: 3316000; Tools: Towel, Stick) 2 Upgrade Stick to Self-help Book (Cash: 3316000; Tools: Towel, Stick -> Cash: 2916000; Tools: Towel, Self-help Book) 3 Buy a Stick (Cash: 2916000; Tools: Towel, Self-help Book -> Cash: 2332800; Tools: Towel, Self-help Book, Stick)… Sphinx 05/15/17 0
Story Post: Game: Zahndorf Cubs VS 卍 Turbines of Nihilism 卍 It’s time for another rematch! The Zahndorf Cubs with a power of 62 (62.45 rounded down) vs Matt’s 卍 Turbines of Nihilism 卍 with a total power of 43 (43.67 rounded down) Join us for an EPIC 25 round Match! 42* 79+ 87+ 30* 85+ 24* 65+ 102+ 104+ 78+… Sphinx 05/15/17 4 05/15/17
Story Post: Challenge: Sphinx’s Zahndorf Cubs vs Matt’s 卍 Turbines of Nihilism 卍 I hereby challenge Matt’s Team to a friendly match of Bloggsball! Sphinx 05/13/17 2 05/15/17
Story Post: Player auction: Oskar Lang Oskar Lang Level: 10 Favorite Fruit: Cherry Country: Metropolregion Zahndorf Bio: Former military, got a lot of training in hitting things with sticks there. Brains 7 Brawn 6 Balls 8 Blogging Average 0.91 This auction has a duration of one second. Sphinx 05/11/17 1 05/11/17
Unidling I’d appreciate to be unidled, since this dynasty looks interesting and I finally will have some time on my hands soon. Sphinx 01/25/15 1 01/25/15
Idle me, please I wish to get idled, since I am starting to study this week and I won’t have as much time for Blognomic as I would like in the next weeks, but I’m very sure that I’ll come back after that :) Sphinx 10/07/13 1 10/08/13
Recharging Why exactly did we recharge this friday? Would someone explain that to me please? Thanks :) Sphinx 09/22/13 1 09/22/13
Oh almighty wuzarf Append the following to the first paragraph of the rule “Spells”: All spells on the Spellbook wiki page are considered known to the Wizard. Sphinx 09/13/13 2 09/13/13
Unannounced holiday’s over Yeah, I basically had a week without internet because the router was apparently killed by lightning, so yeah, I wish to unidle, please :) Sphinx 08/15/13 3 08/16/13
Unidling I hereby wish to unidle. Sphinx 07/16/13 1 07/17/13
Unidling Unidle me, please. Sphinx 06/09/13 4 06/09/13
Idling Idle me, please. Sphinx 01/01/13 1 01/01/13
Request to be a new player I hereby request to be added as a new player to the current dynasty. Sphinx 12/10/12 1 12/11/12