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Bug fixes to alethioscript Alethioscript, until now, has had some bugs in its vote-counting routines that only allow it to count votes in the first paragraph of a post. This bug doesn’t exhibit symptoms most of the time, but on several recent proposals (notably ‘Rereversion Revision’) it causes incorrect vote counts. I have posted… alethiophile 01/17/10 0
It seems apropos… note that there is now a new version of Alethio-Sparrow-script (can anyone think of a less painful name for it than that?) available, which incorporates a settings menu that allows you, among other things, to set the name of the current emperor for vote counts. This one also doesn’t… alethiophile 01/14/10 10 01/16/10
Python, thou art vanquished I consult the Oracle at Delphi to determine the location of the Go-Faster Gloves. alethiophile 01/05/10 0
And now it’s EVEN EASIER!!! I have made some modifications to the original Sparrowscript by Sparrow. The new version still has all the original functionality; it also counts votes on individual post pages and displays the count above the post. It automatically detects vetoes and self-kills and notes them along with the vote; it also… alethiophile 12/30/09 6 12/31/09
Curses/talismans protosal I have something of an idea for a game mechanic, that adds a little more magic to the game outside Wishes. It takes the form of something like this. Add a new rule with the following text: As a daily action, any Adventurer may reduce their Power by 2 in… alethiophile 12/23/09 10 12/24/09
Unidle request Please unidle me. alethiophile 12/13/09 5 12/14/09
Unidle Please unidle me. alethiophile 03/17/08 0
Problem with wiki edit I have renamed my neighborhood and populated it, but the wiki won’t edit. Could someone other than me change the name to Alethioville, the buildings to 40, the population to 200, and the vacancy to 200? alethiophile 09/06/07 2 09/08/07
Unidle me! Now that I have reliable access to computers, I can join again. Unidle me! alethiophile 08/29/07 0
Why, why, why? Why were the Naming Rights lists under each individual Daemon’s entry in the ruleset taken out? They worked pretty well. alethiophile 07/01/07 1 07/02/07
Escrow: Alethiophile to Chronos Phaenon $10M, upon the addition of Alethiophile to the Naming Rights list of Baal. alethiophile 06/27/07 0
Re-unidle somebody please unidle me? alethiophile 06/22/07 1 06/23/07
Hey look. a patent! AlethioCorp patents “you used my patent”. alethiophile 06/11/07 0
Confused Kamikaze Pilot New Created Pieces entry: Confused WWII era Kamikaze Pilot alethiophile 05/03/07 0
Image uploads How do I upload an image to the site? alethiophile 04/26/07 2 04/26/07
Page title change I changed the page title from “Third Dynasty of Chronos Phaenon” to “First Dynasty of Amnistar”. alethiophile 03/13/07 0
Motions vs. proposals I was wondering about the role of various game mechanics such as the GNDT in the new system involving motions. Can motions be made as proposals are most dynasties, involving game mechanics and so on? Do they involve the GNDT? alethiophile 03/05/07 2 03/07/07
I’m back… Okay, unidle me, this looks interesting. Oh, I can do it myself, can’t I? Well, I’m back.  *later*Okay, never mind. It says only super admins can. Could somebody do that? alethiophile 03/05/07 1 03/05/07
Possibility Could The High and Mighty Doremi please post eir High and Mighty Ascension Address? alethiophile 02/02/07 1 02/02/07
Adminning? Could somebody admin these proposals that are pending? There are about ten pending proposals that are old enough. alethiophile 01/14/07 1 01/14/07
Unidle me! I am no longer idle. alethiophile 01/06/07 0
Page title change By the way, we need to change the page title. The page says “First Dynasty of Clucky”, but the title still says “Second Dynasty of Rodney”. alethiophile 12/11/06 1 12/11/06
I am here I have recently joined Blognomic. alethiophile 12/08/06 1 12/09/06