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Story Post: Auction 5 Two items on the lot today: 1. An antique, hand-illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra Type: Physical/Romantic Gift Impacts: Distracting (-1 Power), Valuable (-X Debt), Instructive (+1 Power) Characteristics: Obscene 2. The heart of a stag from the King’s own forest Type: Physical/Food Impacts: Instructive (+1 Power), Valuable (-X Debt)… Josh 03/28/20 0
Proposal: The Moonlit Masquerade Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled The Moonlit Masquerade : Midsummer approaches, and Louis XIV is throwing a masquerade under the moonlight as a feast of opulence and indulgence on the shortest night of the year. Whoever shines the brightest on this night will be regarded as the… Josh 03/28/20 4 03/28/20
Proposal: Je regrette, je regrette Re-enact Proposal: Je Regrette Tout. Josh 03/28/20 5 03/28/20
NOTICE: please read (current, prospective and returning players) A malign interaction between Expression Engine, the platform upon which BlogNomic sits, and PHP has brought about an inflection point. Not to put too fine a point on it: we probably have to change the software used to render the blog, and it has to happen in the next few… Josh 03/25/20 2 03/25/20
New Mentor announcement Kevan will be acting as pencilgame’s mentor. Josh 03/25/20 1 03/25/20
Story Post: Special Auction Four items for sale: 1. Barely cooked steak from the Spanish King’s herd Type: Physical/Food Impacts: Distracting (-1 Power), Extravagant (+1 Prestige) Characteristics: Purple, Meat 2. Candied dates with reflective spun sugar decorations Type: Physical/Food Impacts: Valuable (-X Debt), Valuable (-X Debt), Instructive (+1 Power) Characteristics: Red, Candies 3. Wine… Josh 03/25/20 1 03/28/20
New Mentor Kevan will be acting as JimothyfromTLTT’s mentor. Josh 03/23/20 0
Story Post: Auction 4 Two items for sale: 1. State of the art Savoyard three-quarter plate Type: Military Impacts: Instructive (+3 Power), Unfashionable (-1 Prestige) 2. A turkey where the meat has been impregnated with a jet black dye Type: Physical/Food Impacts: Extravagant (+1 Prestige), Instructive (+1 Power) Characteristics: Black, Meat Josh 03/23/20 5 03/25/20
Story Post: Auction 3 One item in this Auction: A yodeling masterclass with an unwashed Swiss mystic Type: Physical:Romantic Gifts Impacts: Unfashionable (-1 Prestige), Distracting (-1 Power) Characteristics: Romantic Josh 03/20/20 3 03/23/20
Story Post: Auction 2 Five items today: 1. An Athenian natural realist scene depicting Apollo at Crete Type: Physical/Art Impacts: Valuable (-X Debt) Characteristics: Renaissance, 1,987 years old 2. Feast of Ortolan Type: Favour of the King Impacts: Distracting (-1 Power), Extravagant (+3 Prestige) 3. A life-sized nude erotic sculpture of St John the… Josh 03/18/20 7 03/21/20
Story Post: Auction 1.5 Three items up for sale today: A copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War translated into Latin Type: Physical Impacts: Instructive / Instructive (+2 Power) Management of the toll road between Orleans and Tours Type: Favour from the King Impacts: Valuable / Instructive (-X Debt, +1 Power) Instruction in horse… Josh 03/16/20 9 03/19/20
The mentor and the manatee Cuddlebeam has been allocated as Ninja’s mentor. Josh 03/13/20 1 03/13/20
Story Post: The First Auction The following item has been put up for sale: An antique Ottoman chess set Power: +1 Prestige: +1 Type: Physical Age: 231 years old Josh 03/13/20 8 03/15/20
Ascension Address: The Final Argument of Kings Imagine, if you will, a palace. Sweep through the graceful envelope to the grand chateau, designed and supervised by master architect Louis Le Vau. The interior is baroque; note the stucco, the gilding, the trompe-l’oeil. See how the flow of the rooms is broken up by courtyards, dappled with sun… Josh 03/12/20 4 03/12/20
Crisis I think that the Alpha Universe is in crisis. Scientist Brendan-Alpha has twice bought and sacrificed Orthomatter. On 8 March, 12,025 Orthomatter was bought, decreasing the Crisis from 512,000 to just under 500,000. The crisis was then doubled to 999,950, at which point a further 120,890 Orthomatter was bought and… Josh 03/10/20 4 03/10/20
Notice We are one budget dispersal or portal away from the Alpha universe becoming cataclysmic, and two from the same outcome in Prime. This would, of course, result in the entire universe being destroyed. Have a nice day. Josh 03/05/20 3 03/06/20
Going Out of Business Sale In the rule entitled Collections , change the text “Artefacts in Collections are never considered to share a Location with any other Individuals or Artefacts” to read Artefacts in Collections are never considered to share a Location with any other Individuals or Artefacts, except those Artefacts which are in the… Josh 01/18/20 5 01/18/20
Small question Are the more exotic DICE options that were available in the GNDT (like FRUIT) still about, or did the move away from the GNDT provoke a consolidation of randomness around regular old numbers? Josh 01/09/20 2 01/09/20
Oh yeah, that was why Idling out. Catch you in another three years, maybe Josh 09/20/18 6 09/21/18
New Generation Event I think I completed it successfully. The Progenitors were Kevan and card, the Apes lost Weaponry and the Neanderthals kicked butt. Josh 09/18/18 8 09/18/18
Reminder Per rule 1.9, the game is now on break until December 27th. Happy hiatus, everyone! Josh 12/24/15 2 12/27/15
The Spread Death - When drawn, all Readers lose all Auras. Zero of Wands - Has no effect. Zero of Cups - Has no effect. Josh 11/08/15 0
Unique post title But is it, though? I’ve bounced off the surface of this dynasty and don’t think I have the brain to catch up. As such I idle; quorum remains 6. Josh 10/14/15 0
Tactical idling Quorum drops to 4. Josh 09/23/15 5 09/23/15
Crime: Thrawn In My Side That gangland shoot-out did involve my boys, but it was all because Thrawn was moving in on my turf. Josh 09/22/15 7 09/22/15
Crime: 2 Fast, 2 Peeved Those illegal street races? Kevan was my precision driver. Most respected drifter on the Tokyo streets. Josh 09/16/15 5 09/16/15
Crime: The Fast and the Mildly Peeved I was involved in illegal street racing for a few years in the 1980s. I only handled the money side of things, of course; Darknight was the one who jacked the rides. Josh 09/14/15 3 09/16/15
River City Blues I knew I recognised our warden from somewhere; me and Kevan were both on the Mississippi ferry boat that got knocked over in 1998. Thing is, while I was working the cashier, I’m pretty sure that he was the one stuffing the jewellery into a duffel bag. Josh 09/12/15 4 09/13/15
Idling out Quorum is unchanged. Josh 08/29/15 0
Crime: The Don in Hong Kong The Hong Kong job? I have a perfect alibi. My right hand man Tantusar was there, though, as was his known accomplice Aname . Probably just a coincidence. Josh 08/25/15 4 08/26/15
Crime: The Vienna Opera Heist In my long career as an international jewel thief, I was responsible for many marquee crimes. I was, for example, responsible for the theft of gemstones from the Vienna Opera House in 2007. I say that I was responsible. Of course, in reality, Purplebeard ‘s support was essential in the… Josh 08/24/15 5 08/24/15
Crime: The Dowager Duchess’ Jewelry I give up, I confess, it was I what done it. I snuck in in the dead of night and switched the Duchess’ tiara for a fake, a cheap fake. I couldn’t have done it without Kevan ‘s help though, he’s the best leg-man in the business. Josh 08/22/15 5 08/22/15
Ascension Address: Cyberpunk Dystopian Blues “I am all-powerful Time which destroys all things, and I have come here to slay these men. Even if thou doest not fight, all the warriors facing thee shall die.” Entire text of the NexusCorp website, June 5th 1997, 8.15am – 17.37pm GMT. Repeal all dynastic rules. Replace “Rat” with… Josh 08/05/15 8 08/05/15
Brief hiatus The Ascension Address will come within the next 24 hours. In the meanwhile, please do use this to discuss the last dynasty, any aspirations for the next, and any ideas you have about recruiting new members. Josh 08/04/15 8 08/05/15
Story Post: Hypothesis formed Undeterred, a new Hypothesis is being tested. Josh 08/02/15 1 08/02/15
Story Post: Hypothesis evaulation The hypothesis that I formed on 25/7 was that the Rat named Kevan would form exactly one hypothesis. This expectation was not met and as such my hypothesis was unsuccessful. Josh 08/02/15 0
Story Post: Hypothesis formed I am now legally testing a hypothesis. Josh 07/25/15 2 07/25/15
Story Post: Winter Reading Long have I dealt out the tarot cards. This is what they tell me. Obey these Predictions for your Birth Signs and you will gain fortune at the passing of the season. The Eel Distaff: Buy at least one Animal this summer. Flax: Do not hold the job of Shepherd.… Josh 04/03/15 3 04/03/15
Story Post: Summer Reading Long have I nudged around the tealeaves of my midafternoon brew. This is what they tell me. Obey these Predictions for your Birth Signs and you will gain fortune at the passing of the season. The Eel Distaff: Buy at least one Animal this summer. Flax: Do not hold the… Josh 03/23/15 5 03/24/15
Story Post: Spring Reading Long have I parted the innards of this sacrificial coney. This is what they tell me. Obey these Predictions for your Birth Signs and you will gain fortune at the passing of the season. The Eel Distaff: Gain 4 animals in your home this season. Flax: Gain 3 books in… Josh 03/19/15 9 03/21/15
Story Post: Winter Reading Long have I stared into the inky blackness of the vast unknown. This is what it tells me. Obey these Predictions for your Birth Signs and you will gain fortune at the passing of the season. The Eel Distaff: Gain 5 vegetables in your home during this Season Flax: Have… Josh 03/11/15 20 03/17/15
Okay, this has clearly become absurd The demise of Proposal: Well, That Shortened the Queue has, I think, exposed the current Pace setup as being non-functional. I think the options are: Scrap it and go back to normal Keep the durations as they are but remove all out-of-order enactment or failure provisions, and chalk this up… Josh 03/05/15 13 03/06/15
Back to the old Astrology coalface Apologies again for my unexpected absence. I’m now in the contrary position - I have WAY too much internet-enabled leisure time in front of me - so this is just a heads up that I’ll be reassuming my duties from now. As such, I’m removing rule 2.5 from the ruleset.… Josh 03/02/15 6 03/02/15
Ascension Address: The Quiet Years In the last few years, our small settlement has had no peace. First come the forces from the north, laying waste to the crops and livestock. Then comes the inevitable counterattack from the south, undoing all that had been rebuilt. Plague and pestilence follow armies in a cloud - as… Josh 02/22/15 2 02/26/15
Next Dynasty Probably won’t get an AA out for another 24 hours at least, I’m afraid. Sorry for the delay. If anyone wants to suggest / speculate about interesting mechanics for the next round, please do go ahead. Josh 02/21/15 10 02/22/15
Well this is embarassing My wiki account seems to have gone kaput; no idea what’s happening but the software insists that there’s no user with my name. Could one of the other admins sort me out? Relatedly, I enacted this proposal, but can’t access the wiki to make the changes. If someone could help… Josh 01/28/15 2 01/28/15
I may have missed something When did the ruleset stop being numbered? Because the glossary defines rules as “Each individually numbered section of the ruleset”, potentially rendering the entire ruleset invalid. Josh 01/20/15 4 01/23/15
Ins and outs I unidle, Sacchan and Skju idle. Quorum remains 4. Josh 03/03/14 0
Authorisation Granted: Frame Raichu Chief, please swap RaichuKFM’s Credibility with that of yourself. Josh 12/16/13 0
Authorisation Granted: Clucky’s Massacre As per the rebel Clucky’s wishes, one hundred rebel sympathisers will today be dealt with. Josh 12/16/13 4 12/16/13
Authorisation Granted: Exile Purplebeard One Military Leader may once as a result of this Authorisation exile Purplebeard. Josh 11/29/13 4 11/29/13
Authorisation Granted: Treat Yoself, Despot Despot, you devastatingly handsome man, it’s been a trying week. Treat yourself to a massacre. You deserve it. Josh 11/29/13 1 11/29/13
Authorisation Granted: Exile Larrytheturtle I have determined that Larrytheturtle is responsible for the issues arising between Oligarchs Clucky, Kevan and Purplebeard. If Larrytheturtle is removed from our realm then we can assume that the security of the state is intact. To reiterate: Larrytheturtle is behind all untoward activity in the Realm from recent days.… Josh 11/28/13 3 11/29/13
Authorisation Granted: Exile Skju Oligarch Skju has been attempting to bribe loyal members of our society, spreading their Seditious corruption through our glorious, fair and entirely democratic society. If a member of the Armed Forces would be so kind as to confiscate their belongs and escort them to the airport I’d be very grateful. Josh 11/22/13 4 11/22/13
Authorization for Exile RaichuKFM is getting too powerful. I require a military leader who wishes to keep their job to Exile this turbulent Oligarch from the land. Josh 11/18/13 2 11/18/13
Bucky You passed the “With Numbers Comes Power” proposal based on my vote not being valid. It was cast before the “Per your command” proposal passed and was thus valid (at the time the rule specified “The Oligarch” not “The Despot”). I’m on a phone so can’t correct the enactment; could… Josh 11/10/13 10 11/10/13
Ascension Address: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun Twenty years ago, on the tarmac of the city’s airport, a man - middle aged even then - in a general’s uniform had stood and made a speech. There was no audience; the army has sealed off the airport, and the other decorated generals behind the man were just for… Josh 11/07/13 1 11/07/13
Not Idle Any More I unidle. Quorum is 6. Josh 10/19/13 0
Wandering Eye I unidle. Josh 07/17/13 0
Dynastic return I’m back. Quorum rises to 5. Josh 04/01/13 2 04/01/13
Story Post: SPECTRO: Lusitania Soylent Green is Lusitania Josh 03/05/13 0
SPECTRO: Skaro Appropriately, Skaro is black. Josh 03/04/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Regulus Regulus is magenta. Josh 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Formalhaut The specrtometer reads silver in Formalhaut. Josh 03/01/13 0
Reminder to admins A few proposals lately have been incompletely adminned; for example, the GNDT wasn’t updated to reflect the changes to the Class field made by this proposal. When adminning proposals, please remember to make any necessary changes to the gamestate as well as the ruleset where necessary. Josh 03/01/13 0
URGENT QUESTION: Purplebeard, omd and Skju Do you think that the Raichuist faction poses an existential threat to our democracy? Josh 02/21/13 3 02/22/13
Reminder Raichu’s coup (unambiguously) succeeds today at 5.30pm GMT. In order to stall it, either 23 against votes are needed, or a single against vote every six hours until someone else wins or we legislate it into illegality. If we’re going for the every-six-hours plan then it’s someone else’s go. Josh 02/20/13 0
TABLOID HEADLINE: Purplebeard’s Acid Tongue In Over 9000, Purplebeard said: I pointed this out to nqeron after I had asked them to vote AGAINST on Right Field, so that I could enact it before anyone could respond. They declined, thus denying me my boyhood dream of enacting a failing proposal. :( Does he think that… Josh 02/19/13 5 02/20/13
URGENT QUESTION: RaichuKFM, Skju, Purplebeard Who do you think is going to be the next Speaker? Josh 02/17/13 3 02/17/13
By-election Patrick and robo1995 both lost their seats in scandals. By-elections for their seats will be held in the coming weeks. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 02/15/13 2 02/15/13
Boundary review Clucky, Murphy and robo1995 have been redistricted out of their seats. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 02/06/13 0
Story Post: TABLOID HEADLINE: Clucky Flip-Clops On Self-Kill Softies In this post, Clucky said (AND I QUOTE): We should penalize the self-killers HOWEVER, a mere eight minutes later, he voted against this proposal, which sets out to penalise Honourable Members who change their vote - a category that includes by definition anybody self-killing their own proposal. That contradiction remains… Josh 01/28/13 4 01/29/13
Back once again, for the renegade master Quorum is up to 7. Josh 01/20/13 0
Idle talk I have no good ideas at the moment, and am just dragging on quorum, so I’ll drop out for a while to recharge the batteries. Quorum drops to 8. Josh 12/31/12 0
They Knew Too Much DickT and Minkette both go idle after eight days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 9. Josh 12/23/12 0
The End Cometh Only the Circle of Light can save you.  Join today to hear the TRUTH about the future… and what part you will play in it. Josh 12/16/12 3 12/16/12
Dynastic post-mortem Please forgive the self-indulgence of this. So that dynasty felt massively un-fun to me, and I’m not sure that it was fun for the other players either. The whole dynasty garnered a total of six proposals that weren’t authored by me or Kevan, and while I didn’t keep track of… Josh 12/13/12 13 12/14/12
Burned out Looks like Clucky’s skipped town for Mexico. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 12/12/12 4 12/12/12
Story Post: Mark: The Army Base We’re going to need guns to pull off the big score, and I know somewhere that has lots of them - Fort Nevada Army Base. You may think it’s crazy, the eight of us going up against the army, but that’s not crazy - three of you going up against… Josh 12/10/12 2 12/12/12
Heads up All pending Marks have been failed. Josh 12/09/12 2 12/10/12
Story Post: Justice for Josh! Clucky brazenly stole my identity in the comments to this post. Make him eat street justice, boss. Josh 12/04/12 4 12/05/12
Story Post: Mark: Protection Racket The furniture shop downtown thinks that it doesn’t get enough for its protection money. I’d like someone to remind them - and anyone else who’s listening - how the cost - benefit analysis works with these things. I hear that all that wooden furniture is highly flammable. This job will… Josh 11/22/12 1 12/09/12
Story Post: Mark: The School Run I need someone to go and sell some drugs to some teenagers. You should be able to find some at Bad City University. The mark requires: Access to a Lab with narcotics of at least 1; Access to a car with a Chassis of at least 4; Access to at… Josh 11/17/12 6 12/09/12
I cobbled together a header image in MS Paint and wow, it’s ugly. Anyone who can do better will earn my eternal gratitude. I’d also be interested in colour theme suggestions. Looking for something a bit more colourful for this dynasty. Perhaps something with red in it? Josh 11/12/12 0
Ascension Address: Are you in or are you out? It’s tough now, our line of work. Too many guns. Too many computers. Too many yahoos. But there’s still a place for craftsmanship, right? And that’s what I need. Craftsmanship. Because I’m coming out of retirement for one last job, and if I’m going to pull off the biggest heist… Josh 11/12/12 0
Story Post: From the Wire Negative Science event in Egypt - Egyptian Nobel prize revoked as data is proved fraudulent Josh 10/28/12 5 10/29/12
Story Post: Good Swot I Score under Rule 2.10, [PPH] Proposal Homework: Citations:  Proposal: Turtles All The Way Down, 7/10 Proposal: Pre-Position, 7/10 Proposal: Diversification, 7/10 Proposal: Squaring The Circle, 12/10 Josh 10/12/12 0
Story Post: Josh Woz Ere The Whiteboard currently includes only my name. Josh 10/12/12 2 10/12/12
Prefecture Address My Prefecture will be simple and straightforward: I will be looking to add depth to existing sub-games, specifically the whiteboard, pen ownership and bullying, and will not be looking to introduce a victory condition. I will favour proposals that introduce limited, smartly designed daily actions to the ruleset. Josh 10/09/12 2 10/10/12
Spice goes idle Quorum stays 5. Josh 09/28/12 0
Survey results 15 responses seems like a statistically significant number, so I’ve popped the survey responses up on the wiki. You can find them here. If people want to discuss the outcomes I can make sure that any comments left on this post are archived with the data; alternatively you can use… Josh 09/14/12 2 09/14/12
Question for Bucky Was “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” the rule you meant to keep from last dynasty? It doesn’t seem to make much sense out of context. Josh 09/13/12 2 09/13/12
Reminder: fun survey A survey went up a little while back seeking to get an idea about what people looked for in a BN dynasty - there have only been a few responses, so here’s a flagrant plea for more. Please do fill it out, and as soon as there are a… Josh 09/12/12 0
Back for the new dynasty Quorum goes up to 3. Josh 09/11/12 2 09/11/12
Idling Quorum is now 3. Josh 08/08/12 2 08/08/12
BlogNomic Fun Survey It’s been observed that the fun levels of recent dynasties has been inconsistent. In order to pin down some of the things players look for in a dynasty, I’ve put together a quick and dirty survey about what people find fun about their favourite BN dynasties. It only takes five… Josh 07/24/12 1 07/24/12
The Late Shift I’m back at my post. Quorum rises to 5. Josh 07/13/12 1 07/13/12
Idle talk If anyone wants to chat, I’ll be by the water cooler. Quorum stays 9. Josh 06/25/12 2 06/26/12
NB Bucky, Rodney, Clucky, Klisz, and Purplebeard: Tantric Blognomic has passed, so you’ll need to select a Chakra before voting or taking any other gamestate actions. Josh 06/11/12 3 06/11/12
UTD validation In Ruleset 21, rules 1-10 are Core Rules, 11-25 are Dynastic Rules and 26 is the Glossary. In Ruleset 22, rules 1-10 are Core Rules, 11-17 are Dynastic Rules and 18 and 19 are the Appendices In Ruleset 23, rules 1-9 are Core Rules, 10-23 are Dynastic Rules and 24… Josh 06/08/12 0