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I unidle. Could I please be unidled? Anonyman 11/07/12 1 11/08/12
Unidle! Ah, another Kevan dynasty! I request to be unidled. Anonyman 08/26/11 1 08/26/11
To Battle! I unidle. Anonyman 07/08/11 1 07/08/11
Psst… over here… May I please be unidled? Anonyman 10/01/10 4 10/01/10
I Wish Only to Serve Friend Computer I humbly request that Friend Computer allows me entry to Alpha Complex. May I please be unidled? Anonyman 07/29/10 2 07/29/10
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Typo Fixing In rule 2.8, change the word “roles” to “rolls”. Anonyman 05/12/10 4 05/12/10
Let’s get back to it! I unidle. Let’s start electioneering! Anonyman 04/27/10 0
Can’t Keep Up As the post title suggests, I can’t keep up with this Dynasty. Therefore, I am temporarily idling. See you all in a while! Anonyman 04/09/10 1 04/09/10
Making my move I move to 13m, using 48 energy in the process. My energy is now 2. I then rest, bringing my energy to 100. Finally, I move to 16m, bringing my energy to 84. Anonyman 04/04/10 5 04/04/10
The Final Countdown Creates a new dynastic rule numbered 2.5.5 and entitled “Information Leak” as follows: As the reading of Lord Cartlesham’s will draws closer, the Guests are beginning to draw conclusions on who will inherit the lord’s fortune. Once per day, if Daybreak has not occurred, the Executor may privately generate a… Anonyman 02/24/10 5 02/24/10
Some more information Alethiophile is more closely related to Lord Cartlesham, than Ornithopter. Any thoughts? Anonyman 01/15/10 3 01/17/10
Hello, BlogNomic people! As per rule 1.2, I would like to declare myself a player of this nomic. Hello, and good luck to everyone! Anonyman 01/14/10 13 01/14/10