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UPDATED AGAIN: WordPress ready for (beta) action Ta-da! It’s rough around the edges in quite a few places. I haven’t touched the styling of the comments. The member profile functionality is ugly out of the box as well. It still needs work, but it should support a test dynasty. Tomorrow I will write some docs on how… 75th Trombone 06/21/20 18 06/24/20
Give me one more week with WordPress Today was the day I wanted to have the WordPress site ready for action. I did not succeed. I did come close enough, though, to say that I fully expect it to be ready in one week, on June 21. Some time later this week I’ll put my progress on… 75th Trombone 06/15/20 2 06/17/20
Soliciting Second Switch suggestions Before I make my request, here’s a brief recap of the “Second Switch” situation for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with the Slack conversations or my incessant posts: Currently, this blog runs on ExpressionEngine 2, which is three major versions behind. It runs on a maximum of PHP 7.0,… 75th Trombone 05/30/20 1 05/30/20
Wiki upgrade complete The wiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.34. There was a period of about 40 minutes, from 2:45 AM to 3:25 AM UTC, where any wiki changes would have been blown away by this upgrade; I hope this just didn’t happen, but if it did, I can do another import… 75th Trombone 05/25/20 3 05/26/20
Server move complete? Server transition is done, and I think we’re back up and running. Please confirm that everything’s OK when you see this, if one or two people haven’t already. Wiki upgrade transition will be tomorrow night. And as always, stay tuned until mid-June for WordPress switch progress. 75th Trombone 05/24/20 3 05/25/20
Downtime for temporary server move; MediaWiki upgrade UPDATE: Upgrade wiki login should be working now. There will be (hopefully) brief downtime tomorrow, Sunday, May 24, around 23:00 UTC, while we temporarily move to a VPS that can host PHP 5.6 until the WordPress site is ready. There will be a few minutes after this server change happens… 75th Trombone 05/23/20 6 05/24/20
Possible glitchiness later; WordPress update Today I got the email that Dreamhost is turning off our PHP version one week from today. It is allegedly possible to run a custom PHP version on Dreamhost, so that’s what I’m going to try to do tonight. When I attempt to switch us to the custom PHP installation,… 75th Trombone 05/20/20 0
No maintenance this weekend after all Upgrading to the latest EE (or to something) is going to be a lengthier and more complicated matter than I thought, so it won’t happen this weekend. I’m going to have some discussions with other admins in Slack before I go any further; I’ll post again when we come up… 75th Trombone 11/10/19 0
Request for Comment: Site upgrades Hi, everyone! For those of you who may not know me, I’m the server guy. (I was once a player, but my ADHD made me ill-suited at it.) Today I discovered the year-old news that ExpressionEngine is now free. I’m thinking of trying to upgrade us to the latest version… 75th Trombone 11/07/19 9 11/08/19
HTTPS move in progress I’m working on moving the main blog to HTTPS at the moment. Expect rampant brokenness. EDIT: This went way more smoothly than I anticipated. Let me know on Slack if I missed something obviously broken. I’ll leave this stickied for a day or so, if I forget to come unstick… 75th Trombone 12/31/16 3 01/01/17
Migrating to SSL Dreamhost now offers free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt, so I’ll be trying to make that work over the coming days. For the moment, I’ve turned it on on the wiki. It doesn’t seem to work yet; visiting the site over HTTPS returns a Dreamhost error page. I don’t know… 75th Trombone 02/02/16 0
Old wiki disappearing soon The old wiki is hosted on a Linode instance, which I started for personal projects. After reading about Linode’s security issues, I kind of don’t want to give them money anymore, so I’ll probably shut it down this weekend. I’ll back it up, so if we ever need it again… 75th Trombone 01/06/16 2 01/08/16
Emoji enabled ?? All righty, if I’ve done everything right, we should now be able to use “Astral” Unicode characters, including emoji, in most places where we might possibly want to. ? I had to change each database table and column one-at-a-time, so I didn’t do everything, but Emoji should be supported in… 75th Trombone 10/15/15 11 10/16/15
Maintenance complete Looks like the upgrade took place without a hitch, at about 8:30 UTC Thursday morning. Be sure to report weirdness, and I’ll see if I can upgrade our database to accept supplemental Unicode characters this weekend. 75th Trombone 10/08/15 2 10/08/15
Possible server weirdness tomorrow Last night I got an email from Dreamhost notifying me that all day tomorrow, Wednesday October 7 starting at 10:00 AM Pacific time (that’s 5:00 PM UTC, I think) is a maintenance window for upgrading our databases to a new MySQL version. The good news is that this means it… 75th Trombone 10/06/15 4 10/15/15
Request for comment: Deactivating old version of wiki Hi, everyone. The old wiki has been up for several months now, but I’m starting to think of (at least temporarily) decommissioning the server it lives on. I’ll keep a backup, of course, but how confident do you guys feel that everything legitimate has been moved over to the new… 75th Trombone 08/09/15 2 08/31/15
Maintenance requests I’m going to try to carve out some time this weekend to work on the problems noted in the previous thread. Are there any other requests while I’m at it? I’ll update the following list with all the stuff I plan to do, comments on it, etc.: - Sidebar timestamp… 75th Trombone 02/05/15 9 02/11/15
Very, very sorry for extended downtime So on Friday, Dreamhost had to perform an emergency server move. Everything broke immediately, and I put in an OMG EXTREME CRITICAL EMERGENCY-level ticket with them. They said it was a DNS issue, and some things (including the BlogNomic Wiki) started working thereafter. But the main blog never came back,… 75th Trombone 12/14/14 4 12/17/14
ALERT: Some content from tonight may have been lost So I was working on the database to fix Unicode handling. I didn’t succeed, and realized that what I was doing wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. So I reverted the DB. There’s a 20–40 minute span tonight where if you commented, it may have disappeared. I have a… 75th Trombone 11/23/14 0
Ancient BlogSpot history restored So I was cleaning up some server stuff tonight, deleting old cruft etc., when I stumbled across an export of the old BlogSpot version of BlogNomic from 2003 to 2005. One global find/replace and one medium-difficulty RewriteRule later, it’s almost fully functional: 75th Trombone 11/09/14 3 11/13/14
Old wiki available for a limited time For those of you not following along with the Maintenance post from a few days ago, the old wiki is now living on a different server: You can now log in there and port over anything you like that didn’t make the import. I’ll leave it running until at… 75th Trombone 11/08/14 1 11/08/14
Maintenance phase I complete Well, that was among the worst things I’ve ever done on a computer, but six and a half hours later, it’s done. There’s a new wiki at, and the blog is now running the latest version of ExpressionEngine on PHP 5.4. Things should be about like normal on the… 75th Trombone 11/03/14 16 11/08/14
Emergency maintenance required this weekend Hi, everyone, your friendly neighborhood hosting sponsor here. Dreamhost has notified its customers that they will be forcibly upgrading everyone to a minimum PHP version of 5.4 starting on Monday. The recent brokenness here of a few weeks ago was caused by their first attempt to do this, but that… 75th Trombone 10/31/14 6 11/01/14
Brief downtime tonight Update: Everything seems to have gone swimmingly. You may now resume your regular gamely activities.  Hey, all. Hope everything’s going well. For a very long time Dreamhost has been encouraging its users to migrate all their databases onto one physical server. I’ve always postponed moving BlogNomic’s stuff so as not… 75th Trombone 08/29/10 3 08/30/10
raymond mill Yep, this one was spam too. 75th Trombone 11/25/09 9 11/25/09
Well that was weird. Apologies for the extreme delay in fixing the problems here; I didn’t see the e-mail about the problem until 5:00 pm Central, and wasn’t home to fix it until 9:30 pm Central. In its template preferences, ExpressionEngine lets you save its templates as text files on your server if you… 75th Trombone 11/05/09 2 11/06/09
On Wikis For the time being, let us assume that I am going to invest some more time in the BlogNomic infrastructure on some weekends henceforth. The first and biggest thing that’s needed attention for quite some time is the wiki. Our version of MediaWiki is ancient. It is also not easily… 75th Trombone 08/29/09 34 09/01/09
Hello. Wow, is no one with FTP access around? Who usually changes the voting icons? There appears to be a system of backing up old icons in place, and while I think I’ve figured it out, I’d hate to mess it up. I changed the icon and renamed the old one… 75th Trombone 01/15/09 7 01/15/09
State of the game Hey, guys. To those who don’t know me, I’m the guy whose webspace Blognomic is on (NOT its creator; that’s Kevan). I used to play, and hope to again one day soon. I just wanted to take a quick poll of everyone and see how happy/unhappy you guys are with… 75th Trombone 08/27/08 9 09/04/08
Is everything okay? I just happened on by, and noticed that the last post is four days ago. Is everything okay? I’m planning on doing whatever it takes to upgrade MediaWiki this week. Wednesday morning if I can do it. Unless something more major is taking place, in which case I’ll probably work… 75th Trombone 09/30/07 5 10/01/07
EE upgrade complete, hopefully sane ExpressionEngine has been upgraded to version 1.6.0. This should have complete PHP 5 compatibility, and will hopefully have fixed the problems the upgrade to PHP 5 caused. Someone please, please tell me that’s true. 75th Trombone 09/06/07 12 09/07/07
Everything maintenance tonight Well, things may be more broken than I thought. Because of things and things, I have to upgrade to PHP 5.2. This may or may not cause breakage. Everything is backed up, so even if there’s major breakage, we should be able to get back to how we were… 75th Trombone 09/03/07 4 09/06/07
FTP account compromised This morning I got an e-mail from Dreamhost: We’re still working to determine how this occurred, but it appears that a 3rd party found a way to obtain the password information associated with approximately 3,500 separate FTP accounts and has used that information to append data to the index files… 75th Trombone 06/06/07 0
Upgraded As of now, BlogNomic is on its own database, is using its own set of ExpressionEngine files, and is the only thing on this EE install. BlogNomic admins now have many more abilities, but still not all possible admin abilities. I think we need to introduce the concept of a… 75th Trombone 06/21/06 0
Upgrading UPDATE: This will be late afternoon Central time, not early afternoon. At some point on Wednesday 21 June, Central Time—- possibly during the early afternoon—- BlogNomic will go down for a little while. Here’s what will happen during this time. A full backup will be made. The core EE files… 75th Trombone 06/20/06 3 06/21/06
This is a TEST We can have custom date fields now, and there’s a nifty little widget they use for it. This would be a good way to report the time of Admin, if it works correctly. (Right now, we’re using the last-edited date, which is really a feeble hack.) 75th Trombone 12/17/05 2 12/18/05
Tediouslessness If you want to see something cool, go to the post-publishing page. Type some text in the Body field. Select it, then click the “Votes-with-text” button. Applaud politely. If anyone can think of anything else that would be nice there, lemme know. :) 75th Trombone 12/16/05 3 12/17/05
Testing Did someone change the template or is PHP just cranky? 75th Trombone 12/07/05 1 12/08/05
Technical Update II I think/hope I actually got the emoticon-only posting bug fixed this time. Experiment here. 75th Trombone 08/04/05 5 08/05/05
Two technical updates One, posts that have been administrated will automatically show the time they were last edited. Should this time be GMT or localized? I could have it display the last editor, too, but if someone comes along and changes a typo, that’ll be misleading. So I think we should still sign… 75th Trombone 08/04/05 6 08/05/05
Now that we’ve started… Everyone should probably skim over the [Switch Guidebook][1] for things that are pertinent to them. In particular, we do NOT type “Proposal” before proposals’ titles anymore. Instead we put them in the proposal category, which does this for us. This is also how they appear in the sidebar. Any post… 75th Trombone 08/03/05 9 08/05/05
Call for contact information Anyone who wants to work on the technical side of the Switch, it’d be great if you could edit your profiles and add your contact information, PARTICULARLY IM network screen names. :) 75th Trombone 08/01/05 0
Beta test dynasty Hey all. I think most of the major problems are sorted out at this point, and we can really start thinking about making this Switch happen. Orson’s excellent idea was to have a little beta-test dynasty running along side the actual game for a while, to make sure the kinks… 75th Trombone 07/31/05 11 08/01/05
BlogNomic Frequently Asked Questions What is this? It's a Nomic - a game which starts with no particular aim or content, and whose rules are changed by the players as the game progresses. Players submit proposed changes to this weblog, suggesting whatever they like; if enough people vote in favour of a change, we… 75th Trombone 06/14/05 0