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How to be a Successful Evil Overlord How to be a Successful Evil Overlord (They could learn from us…) aaronwinborn 04/14/08 2 04/14/08
Another Duel… Come on Jack, bring it on… I challenge you to a duel again… aaronwinborn 02/29/08 2 02/29/08
Good and sloshed now… “I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.” Mark Twain Jack, prepare to defend yourself. I challenge you to a rematch. aaronwinborn 02/28/08 2 02/28/08
where’s the current round? i see the post in the archives, but not on the main page. what’s up? also, rodlen’s taking eir sweet time trying to decide. maybe it’s time to consider time limits? aaronwinborn 01/11/08 1 01/11/08
Persona Absentee oops. i was in the ozarks on holiday last week. no access to the internet. too bad i missed out on winning the last dynasty :) look forward to this one. unidling now. aaron aaronwinborn 01/01/08 1 01/01/08
Gandhi Berates Gates There is more to life than increasing its speed. - Mahatma Gandhi Although, it’s for quite the opposite reason (ie, Vista) that Gandhi declares Bill Gates dishonorable during his fast. Besides, in game, there’s always that wretched necklace of his… aaronwinborn 12/23/07 1 12/26/07
Nellie Bly Fashions Electric Pen Nellie Bly created a device worth one device point, which she believes to be the following device: Electric Pen: Once per week, the Valkyrie owning the Einherjar who holds the Electric Pen may announce in the GDNT that the Einherjar is using the Electric Pen and roll DICE10. If the… aaronwinborn 12/20/07 3 12/20/07
Gandhi Condemns Wilde Providence has its appointed hour for everything. We cannot command results, we can only strive. - Mohandas Gandhi Having seen Oscar Wilde’s attempt at cheating Modgud, Gandhi has spoken from his fast, condemning him. Oscar Wilde is dishonorable for the duration of Gandhi’s fast. aaronwinborn 12/17/07 4 12/22/07
Gandhi in Third Day of Fast… Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary. - Mahatma Gandhi Sun Tzu is now dishonorable. To espouse violence and to cloak it in scholarship is most dishonorable. aaronwinborn 12/09/07 4 12/10/07
Gandhi Protests Hijacking! Gandhi begins fasting, in protest of Wong Fei Hung’s support of D.B. Cooper’s hijacking. Wong Fei Hung is now dishonorable. When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can… aaronwinborn 12/07/07 0
Einherjar candidate: Siddhartha Siddhartha Gautama, 563 BCE - 483 BCE, founder of Buddhism. Wits & Scholasticism: Good. Probably 2-4. Combat: 0 (Trained as a warrior, but forbidden by vow to kill). Charisma: Very High (Founded Buddhism, converted masses to the tenets). Probably 6-8. Mysticism: +10 Special Ability: (Once per skirmish) If the Einherjar… aaronwinborn 11/28/07 0
Siddhartha Siddhartha Gautama, 563 BCE - 483 BCE, founder of Buddhism. Wits & Scholasticism: Good. Probably 2-4. Combat: 0 (Trained as a warrior, but forbidden by vow to kill). Charisma: Very High (Founded Buddhism, converted masses to the tenets). Probably 6-8. Mysticism: +10 Special Ability: (Once per skirmish) If the Einherjar… aaronwinborn 11/26/07 2 11/28/07
Einherjar Candidate: Miguel de Cervantes Miguel de Cervantes, 1547-1616, Spanish novelist, author of Don Quixote, a contemporary to Shakespeare. Wit: Very High (wrote ‘Don Quixote’, which has been an inspiration to nearly every comedy since, particularly vaudeville and black satire): maybe 7 Scholasticism: High (Wrote the first modern novel, considered a founding father of Western… aaronwinborn 11/20/07 1 11/20/07
Einherjar Candidate: Grigori Rasputin Grigori Rasputin, a Russian mystic and adviser to Russian Tsar Nicholas II. 1869-1916. Combat: fairly low (Opposed to war) Moxie: fairly high (Survived several assassination attempts: finally, was poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot, strangled, and thrown in an icy river. The autopsy reported cause of death: hypothermia.) Charisma: possibly somewhat low… aaronwinborn 11/19/07 2 11/19/07
Medicus Est In After completing his course in Latin 101, aaronwinborn has declared that he is fit to be Zahndorf’s resident Doctor. New patients may take a number at the door. Barter is accepted. Special deal this week only on Bloodletting and Leech Therapy. aaronwinborn 11/08/07 1 11/08/07
Whispers in the Night I heard a baying at the moon the other night. Soon after, I heard a whispering out my window, asking if I were a werewolf. On a hunch, I whispered back, ‘Bucky’. I hurried to the door, and saw no one, but then saw both Bucky and Shadowclaw walking hurriedly… aaronwinborn 10/22/07 19 10/23/07
bucky’s back with 8 villagers, new quorum is 5. aaronwinborn 10/15/07 0
Tokyo is Idle?!?!? Well, latest cleanup, and it looks like we have no Tokyo. Is that possible? Rules don’t seem to contradict it. So… Josh and snowballinhell7001 are idle, quorum is now 4. aaronwinborn 10/11/07 0
Hubland in Ruins Kakzama’s pronged blue tongue lashed out in anger as its exoskeletal armoured legs lay waste to the poor town of Hubland, while the helpless citizens fled in panic. Even had the Tokyo Menace Defence Base had the robots to spare to defend the poor village, the monster’s full plate armour… aaronwinborn 10/11/07 0
idle kaiju gods i think i have this right: amnistar, alethiophile, and darknight are all idle now. quorum is now 5. now to change the tracker… aaronwinborn 10/08/07 3 10/08/07
new powers? i’m working out some ideas for new powers, would like some feedback before writing up a proposal. first, i’m confused about how they are right now: looks like you get to choose three, only get to use one per day, but can also change one per day. so in effect,… aaronwinborn 10/02/07 2 10/05/07
Who’s idle? Is there an easy way to see who’s gone idle? Or do you have to go through the comment times and see who’s posted what? I thought I could help with that, but it seems daunting to weed through all the old post comments manually. Thanks, aaron aaronwinborn 10/02/07 2 10/04/07
Media Circus at TOC Right? I tried to put the new wiki page for The Media Circus on the top right of blognomic, and thought it was the {{TOCRight}} tag, but that didn’t work. Could someone do that for me, please? And/or tell me how it’s done? Thanks! aaronwinborn 09/05/07 2 09/05/07
Banana Fountain? Ook! I just realized that my monkey is sitting on the banana fountain. What a wasted opportunity! Ah, well, here’s today’s monkey. By the way, I assume you’re supposed to make a blog entry when using an item? Or do you just update the GNDT and leave a note there? aaronwinborn 08/26/07 1 08/26/07
Oops, no items :( I forgot to vote on the Items proposal! I’d meant to go back and reread it. So sad, I liked the idea. Feel free to propose it again, Clucky—it’ll have at least one vote in favor this time… Also, I think the system might have dropped a couple of comments… aaronwinborn 08/13/07 0
ape your moves discussion sorry about that… got ahead of myself :) i actually hadn’t intended to publish it until i’m a monkey, and thought that hitting ‘quick save’ would make it a draft, particularly since it didn’t show up on the front page after doing that. i’m trying to get more familiar with… aaronwinborn 08/04/07 1 08/06/07
hope i’m doing this right i’m still reading all the posts to catch up. meanwhile, looks like i’ll be the first monkey with any bananas. better than working for peanuts. count me in! aaronwinborn 08/04/07 1 08/05/07