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Jason Smith resolution Jason Smith dies, we go into a metadynasty, but Rodlen is saved by careless checksumming on Yoda’s part? Is that the consensus here? eljefe 12/19/08 2 12/19/08
Purge this blog in blood Here’s an idea: We start the Blo Gno Mic game. Rodlen is default head of one of his choice; everyone who supports his candidacy joins that group. The other two engage in….anarchy. We’ll call it “The First Separatist Dynasty of Rodlen and Some Other People” Or, “The First Blognomic Civil… eljefe 12/19/08 0
What if… If we are to go into a metadynasty, perhaps our first act should be to establish Rodlen as the “Adam”. The Adam functions as Emperor until each state had declared sovereignty. This gives each state a chance to set up their initial structure before becoming independent. Sovereignty votes could not… eljefe 12/18/08 3 12/18/08
Hilario-us results Our final installment.  11:55 PM Hilario threw the switch. The machine rumbled to life. And then… Cough COUGH COUGH BANG SPUTTER BANG BANG! It failed. Catastrophically. Shade and Hilario Vandenbergh ran through the cavern to escape the coming blast. It’s too bad they would never appreciate the irony; the DDF… eljefe 12/18/08 3 12/18/08
Hilario plays his hand, pt. 3 of 3 Okay, how about this: I post this. I claim neither PP nor a relationship change and none of you tries to get this removed from the plot summary. It shall be a gentlemen’s truce. Sound good? December 18 7:52 PM OhmygodthisissoboringwhyIamhere. “, as you can see on chart thirteen, already… eljefe 12/18/08 3 12/18/08
Hilario plays his hand, pt. 2 of 3 My penultimate entry.  December 18 5:49 PM Shade’s hand drifted over the ARCTIC Device. “Catchy name.” Hilario undid the bag containing the Black Swan and pulled out the small green rock. “Yes, well, I would hate for there to be any confusion.” A nearby metal plate read: “Antimatter Resonance Chronal… eljefe 12/18/08 7 12/18/08
Story Post: Hilario plays his hand, pt. 1 of 3 And I’m plot / PLOT SEEDING…  ===December 17=== ===8:20 PM=== There are hills to the west of town; just beyond the dilapidated rail yards adjacent to Shade Industries. There, overlooking the town and the surrounding hills with a vista that some would consider beautiful if visited during less interesting times,… eljefe 12/17/08 4 12/18/08
Defeating Rodlen Jason Smith may still die if the rest of you can amount to more than 28 points worth of negative relationship * PP in the remainder of the game. I can take care of the majority of the current 82 point deficit, but I’ll need help. Bucky, Darknight, Arthexis can… eljefe 12/17/08 6 12/17/08
Fundraiser Part 2: Give eljefe Your Bucks Hello. I want Jason Smith dead. If you do too, give me 80 bucks. That’s all I need to max out. Give it to me. GIVE IT TO ME. eljefe 12/17/08 2 12/17/08
Randomized timer Random occurrences! Positive: Graveyard (Cayvie PP +1, Relationship +1) Negative: St. Matthew’s (no one) I think this might be the same exact role I made last week. Eljefe PP +1 eljefe 12/17/08 1 12/17/08
Story Post: Forks in the roads Hilario Vandenbergh puffed his cigar and, for a moment, indulged his own vanity: The chaos that people of his ilk had to manage to their own profit, like the task of wrestling a bull to the ground, was beautiful in the challenge it posed. But a challenge is, to the… eljefe 12/14/08 1 12/14/08
“Weekly” action Does the Bognomic week start on Sunday or Monday? eljefe 12/13/08 3 12/14/08
Fundraiser! To victory! (and murder) El Jefe here. I need money to leverage my PP with a relationship change. I’m requesting $100. Since I believe money can be transferred here freely per the Ruleset, feel free to make the transfer via the GNDT. I suggest a number of $30-$50 donations. eljefe 12/13/08 6 12/13/08
Story Post: Matters about town Here we go now.  December 12, 2008 3:00 PM Marcus Shade was running. Running was an unusual activity for the typically too-dignified-to-really-exert himself Shade; it was more like he was engaged in a behavior that existed somewhere in the twilight between fleeing and sauntering; a compromise between the expedience of… eljefe 12/12/08 2 12/12/08
The Boys in Blue Plot seedin’.  ==December 10== ===3:32 PM=== “Jenkins, you ol’ dog! I hear it’s only four days until retirement for you!” Lieutenant McGlaughlin delivered a stern and hearty backslap to Detective Jenkins. Jenkins was fifty-four, by the end of the week he would have put in his twenty-five years on the… eljefe 12/10/08 0
Random Occurrences For the week of 12/8: Positive: Smith Apartment (Hello Sailor) Negative: St. Matthew’s 1 net relationship increase, 2 PP’s (Sailor and me) eljefe 12/10/08 0
Plot seeding w/o wiki access I’d like to add this to the plot summary but don’t yet have access. In light of these circumstances, I’d like to request that the narrator add it to the plot summary for the evening of December 4th. A slight jingling. Mike, the slow-witted but hard-working prep cook from the… eljefe 12/04/08 4 12/04/08
Random occurrences about Positive: St. Matthews (nobody home) Negative: Arth’s Antique Shop (Bucky, Arthexis) PP’s added, relationships changed, the game is afoot. eljefe 12/04/08 0
Just warped in see what condition my condition is in.  Actually, you shouldn’t end with a preposition, so it should be: “ see what condition in which my condition is.”  Anyhow, first-time player moderate-length lurker. Someone add me to something. STAT! STET! eljefe 12/04/08 1 12/04/08