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Saddle up I request to be unidled. (And before I get comments on a self unidle, my laptop is being a slug =P ) Darknight 09/04/23 1 09/05/23
Thawing out Post dynasty comments and chit chats Darknight 03/01/23 19 03/02/23
Unfreeze I would like to be unidled. Darknight 02/08/23 1 02/08/23
Let’s check it out gang I would like to be unidled please thanks o/ Darknight 12/06/22 1 12/06/22
Coming back I finally have real life settled again and would like to be unidled please thanks. Darknight 10/11/22 1 10/11/22
Coming on back May I be unidle? Swear I’ll try to stay active this time lol. Darknight 05/18/22 3 05/18/22
From the depths May I get an unidle? Darknight 04/18/22 1 04/18/22
Unidle please Need I ask for more? Darknight 01/16/22 1 01/16/22
Idle out Currently I can’t keep much focus on this dynasty due to real life so to prevent too much slow down I request being made idle. Darknight 12/06/21 1 12/06/21
*wrestling related joke here* May I be unidled? This sounds like a fun little experience Darknight 11/15/21 1 11/15/21
Vacation idle Thought I was going to be able to take part even on vacation but I can tell now I will not be so may I be idled for the time being? See you guys after Darknight 09/26/21 2 09/26/21
Time to wake up Now would be a good time to have someone unidle me. I would myself but at work atm lol Darknight 08/01/21 1 08/01/21
Back from my own dark cave As a new dynasty has arrived I would like to be unidled. Darknight 06/09/21 1 06/09/21
Back from the shadows May I be unidled? Thanks Darknight 11/29/20 2 11/29/20
Story Post: What’s this thing? I’m going to search my pockets and find out what’s hiding in there. Darknight 05/07/20 2 05/07/20
Out of the shadows and into…. well, this again After way more missed dynasties then I ever had wanted to miss no thanks to a long forgotten PW and a recovery system that seems to hate my old email, may I be unidled by someone? I know I have admin power but I’ll be darned if I can recall… Darknight 01/21/20 4 01/22/20
So about the wiki I just noticed that I never replaced my wiki account after the ‘14 purging and given this dynasty seems very wiki update heavy may I ask for a new wiki account? Not sure who has that power atm is all. Darknight 09/09/17 2 09/09/17
From the dust, ashes and forgetfulness that is life God damn, how have I forgotten BN for this bloody long? Seeing how this dynasty is coming to an end, can someone make me active again? I would do it myself but my admin skills are rusty as heck. And has it really almost been 100 dynasties since I won… Darknight 09/07/17 3 09/07/17
My eyes So I took note at the little brief description box that welcomes anyone who visits the site while not logged in and I must state that the current neon green on white for it is utter murder to the eye. By chance is that able to be a normal black… Darknight 08/06/15 7 08/07/15
Convoy: Beep Beep 1. The Ruined City 2. The Solar Bank 3. The Supertanker Darknight 07/11/15 2 07/11/15
The Darknight returns Well now….. Seems like I forgot about blognomic for a bit longer then I wanted to. But I am finally returning from the shadows. I request that I am unidled please. And yes i know I’m an admin but i don’t want to break anything do to admin duty rust. Darknight 01/27/15 1 01/27/15
This certainly was not an unintended consequence Per the Narrator shall multiply the Relationship of each Active Character by their PP and add the results. If this sum is less than or equal to 0, the Protagonist dies and a new metadynasty begins In doing so, the Protagonist has indeed died and therefor, a meta has… Darknight 06/13/12 5 06/14/12
unidle request Since a new dynasty seems to be on the way, and i hope i don’t suffer another bout of too confused by the rules (no offense, just got very lost with the last ruleset), i request to be unidle. and yes ik i’m an admin. I don’t trust myself with… Darknight 05/24/12 1 05/25/12
unidle please I would like to be unidled. I’d do it myself but i’m not posting this by way of a computer. Darknight 01/08/12 4 01/09/12
Wiki update Quick Q. Could someone update the wiki with info on the last dynasty? I would if i wasn’t afriad of mucking something up Darknight 09/08/11 1 09/09/11
hur…. where friends? Did we really hit the slow point? Ik that i’m not a great proposal writer but its been too quiet around here =/ Darknight 03/05/11 8 03/07/11
Casting Transmute Card When Professor No-Face isn’t looking, as funny as it sounds, I start casting Transmute Card, targeting the AD. (And no where in the rules does it say you have to be free to cast a spell) Darknight 11/25/10 2 11/26/10
Story Post: Nomich Challenge Ichneumon challenges Gothmog to a game of Nomich. Darknight 11/06/10 10 11/07/10
Accuse you I accuse Qwazukee-R-DDA-1 of being a member of the following group: The Rebel Usurpers Darknight 08/01/10 13 08/10/10
Alittle help for everyone Just in case anyone needs help or ideas for this dynasty. Darknight 07/28/10 3 07/29/10
Rest and move First I rest, setting my energy to 100. Then i spend 28 in movement to move to 18T. I so have dibs on that tree in 18S lol. My energy is now 72. Darknight 04/04/10 0
Canned Spam thrown out Cleared out two spam accounts and blocked the IP address that made them. Kinda confused as to why the IP wasn’t banned to start with lol. Darknight 03/31/10 4 04/01/10
GNDT issues For some reason, the GNDT keeps logging me out of it when I try to change anything. I got my role changed but wanted to put a reason for my choise but everytime I try it logs out on me without accepting my change. Anyone able to fix that? The… Darknight 01/16/10 8 01/18/10
Wishes granted Ok, some new granted wishes and me explaining one of them, as it directly effects another persons wish. First, Rune Master wished for the header to revert back to how it was at the start, so if someone can do that thanks. Second wish was Kev wishing that he had… Darknight 01/13/10 9 01/13/10
Wishes granted Ok, big batch of changes. First, Kev I’m not granting your wish because of the following wishes changing the landscape and removing the location ya stated. I ran into the pm a day limit, didn’t even know we had a limit on pms. Ais fired a trio of wishes, one… Darknight 01/12/10 8 01/12/10
To Qwaz and Wak HAPPY 1ST BLOGNOMIC BIRTHDAY! It was a yr ago today, more or less lol, that you two joined. Congrats on making it a yr and for prob being the only BN’ers to live through no less then 3 proposal attempts to get ya both banned and the rare time I… Darknight 01/12/10 17 01/13/10
Relics Few new things about the relics. The Go-Faster Gloves were used so they are hidden again. And theres a new Relic. Its called the Bag of London, the only effect it really has is that it holds London, Ontario. Darknight 01/11/10 1 01/11/10
Relics wished into the open Well first off, I"M FREEEE! So send those wishes. Second, per a wish, all still hidden relics locations have been revealed. They are as follows: Lamp- Great Wall (had to be rehidden even if I’m not in it lol) Ring of Pain- found Transport Rod- Easter Isle Go-Gloves- found Amulet… Darknight 01/11/10 4 01/11/10
Well now Well, the super continent has reformed. However, I decided to leave enough of the Alantic to keep all of its isles intact, and all islands for the matter. So more or less i basicly just dragged the continents across the surface lol. Enjoy everything being closer. Darknight 01/08/10 9 01/08/10
Relics All relics have now been hidden. So you may now start ya hunt for them along with my lamp. Darknight 01/05/10 0
Something is happening You all get the strange feeling that the ground is moving, the clouds seem to be whizzing past and those by the south pole swear its getting warmer. EDIT: Those along the coastlines (namely Tec right now) can’t help but think they see something cresting over the horizon. It looks… Darknight 01/03/10 30 01/05/10
Heads up to everyone I’m prob not gonna grant power up wishes this weekend. I’m under the weather and the current background color, atleast on my comp, is causing my headache to worsen everytime i’m on. I can get away with about 5mins on before it gets to bad but theres no way I… Darknight 01/03/10 2 01/03/10
Wishes granted Happy New Yr all. New Years wishes that I’ve granted. Aleth did the *make my power 18 twice* wish, putting him where he is now. DC tried to pull a paradox on me by wishing for London to be put in a bag behind a dumpster in London. However, as… Darknight 01/01/10 15 01/02/10
Wishes granted Small list this week. Digi wished for everyone to be sent to the south pole (say hi to any penguins ya see) while Kevan just voted himself back to the Eiffel Tower. Now come on guys, I want to see more wishes in my Inbox lol. Darknight 12/31/09 0
Wishes granted Ok, I’ve granted the following people the following wishes: tecslicer: Wished for his power to go up by 10 twice, giving him 18 power and 2 corup. Bucky+AL: Buckys wish was a rather unique one, as he wished for the next granted wish to be changed to read “make buckys… Darknight 12/27/09 19 01/02/10
Well now Can everyone who had tried to make a wish send them to me so I can get the back log cleared? Darknight 12/27/09 0
Out for now… maybe Since you all seem to want to spend more time trying to break everything instead of play a game of nomic i’m going to prob idle in the next few days unless someone can prove that all this crap, pardon, is ending and we can get back to playing the… Darknight 08/24/09 4 08/24/09
Diary Entry- 4/23 Darknight Bout time people stopped flooding this room, sheesh. Anyway, been here afew days now, managed to team with some people. I’m not one for long speeches so I’ll make this quick. Some of the guys are good teammates, some seem like I should get rid of them asap, and others….… Darknight 05/23/09 4 05/24/09
[Guessing] Here’s hoping Is it: Drag Race to Taste Moon Cheese? Arth, you never responded to this -Amnistar Darknight 02/01/09 10 02/04/09
[Guessing] Cookbook worthy? I’m gonna guess the galactic recipe taster dynasty Darknight 01/24/09 2 01/25/09
[Guess] Space Farming My guess is the space farming dynasty. Prob far off but its a start lol. Darknight 01/16/09 2 01/16/09
Final Warning Fair warning guys. If this doesn’t end by Sat, I’m gonna propose a way to end it one way or another. Rod and some of the rest of you might remember this from Rod’s last dynasty. Lets just say I had a bomb proposing it before Darknight 01/13/09 4 01/14/09
Happy Holidays Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll be back on after xmas so hope ya all have fun. Lol, no need to idle me though, its only two days. Darknight 12/24/08 0
Plot seeding Dec. 14th 2:32PM The two Shades looked on as workers finished putting the last of the flebotnum ore into a giant machine deep under the warehouse. “Your sure the ore is stable enough to use now?” the uninjured Shade muttered. The other Shade nodded slightly, eyes focused on the strange… Darknight 12/13/08 1 12/13/08
Plot seeding 1:00pm Dec. 5th Rodlen sat at his desk, head in hand. “How could those twits in higher up keep messing up. First our name and now this. They should have changed those passcodes so Shade couldn’t have even tried to ship us off to another plane. And now we detected… Darknight 12/05/08 3 12/05/08
Plot seeding 8:45AM The following e-mail arrives on Jason Smith’s laptop. To:J From:Andrea Sorry I didn’t show up the other night. Meet me at the cafe on Wens at 8PM. I’ll talk to you there and then. Meanwhile, a strange figure walks out of the alley next to the cafe in a… Darknight 11/17/08 2 11/18/08
Plot seeding Nov. 16th 10:25PM. Jason Smith arrived at the local 24/7 coffee house and ordered a small coffee, 2 sugers. As he waits for his drink Jason Smith begins late night tax work on his laptop. Afew blocks away, a black van speeds down Main St. The four men inside argue… Darknight 11/16/08 0
Return of the Darknight I’m finally able to play again. Took way to long to fix my comp issues. Unidle me please so I’m ready for the next dynasty. Edit: Sticky-ed so it doesn’t get lost. Will unstick when I get unidled lol. Darknight 11/13/08 2 11/13/08
Need some idle time Hey guys. My comp has been acting up and its been hard for me to get on here. So I’m gonna end my run of no idling at 10 1/3 dynasties and idle out right now. I’ll unidle as soon as i either fix my current comp or get a… Darknight 10/22/08 2 10/23/08
Ummm Whats up with the GNDT? It clear every name and it only readds you if ya comment on it. Darknight 10/18/08 6 10/19/08
Story Post: [Challenge]:Succession Challenge Come one and all. For a cost of 30 cookies, your dragon can face off one on one with the Dragonmaster’s strongest dragon, the deadly red dragon known as Hellfire. A beast whose muscle, scales, wings and inferno like flame peak in at a skill rank of 30 each and… Darknight 10/14/08 6 10/15/08
Ascension Address: Time to fly Hear ye hear ye. This years brood of dragon eggs have finally hatched. The time has come once again to see who can raise the best dragon and earn the title of Dragonmaster for the coming year. Claim a hatchling to raise and prepare. Let the battle for the title…… Darknight 09/19/08 0
Story Post: Pre-Dynasty round table chat Ok guys, I figured before I start my dynasty I’d pass on what I want to do and what you guys think will help out. I want to base things off of the gameplay in the old moster rancher games on playstation, with just dragons. I was also thinking to… Darknight 09/18/08 33 09/20/08
what are we debating? Is, what is it, debate 5 still going or do we need refunds? i lost track of the time on that Darknight 09/10/08 1 09/10/08
Check check, is this on? Hey guys quick thing. Can someone check and see if anyone is idle? I swear some of the guys on the list haven’t posted a thing or done any voting. Thanks Darknight 09/06/08 2 09/07/08
One, two, five…. Thog count good In rule 2.2, change the last line from: On or after the date 10-4-2008 at 00:00:00 GMT the Candidate with the highest Total Support who is not in debt, provided there are no active debates, has achieved victory. to read: On or after the date 10-4-2008 at 00:00:00 GMT the… Darknight 08/28/08 8 08/29/08
bah lol double posted. Darknight 08/24/08 0
wake up call I want to point out some things that need an admin. theres a new player post a few spots down that i alerted clucky to but i see he didn’t get there. we have many overdue proposals. debate 1 is past the 72 hr limit, thus making it moot and… Darknight 08/24/08 4 08/25/08
Debating debates (Non-proposal) Prior to the Election, there are eight debates which occur for candidates to gain support in. Debates are numbered in order of their occurrence, starting at 1 and ending at 7. Each debate has a length, a venue, an issue, a start date and an entry cost. The length of… Darknight 08/06/08 2 08/07/08
trivial word placement Rewrite the first sentence in the rule “Space Grinder” so that it reads, The DDA Commander must never add a rule without lemurs in the wording. The current wording makes no sense. I’ll let you guys read it and tell me if it makes sense as its currently written. Darknight 07/02/08 3 07/02/08
Story Post: Warning!!! As the 48th hour ticks away, the gears in the clock click down. The countdown to Meta-day is now 9. Darknight 06/14/08 7 06/16/08
Tick tick…. BOOM This is where I’ll track the bomb counter. The counter reads: 10 Darknight 05/30/08 5 06/08/08
[Evil] Clone Day Add the following to the rule “Evil Day” Every Friday is Evil Twin/Clone Day. Whenever an [Evil] proposal is proposed on Evil Twin/Clone Day the following changes apply: All FOR votes count as AGANIST votes, all AGANIST votes count as FOR votes and (by this rule only) all VETOs automatically… Darknight 04/28/08 7 04/28/08
Captain Darknight vs Dread Pirate Jack The Lockjaw Mermaid sailed across the sea, her captain’s blood aflame. After a surprise attack by Jack and his birds, Darknight wished nothing more then to reclaim his stolen gold and then some. With a full moon over head, The Lockjaw Mermaid sailed silently up to Waffle’s Revenge. With a… Darknight 03/16/08 2 03/16/08
Midnight Shootout I challange Night to a nighttime shootout…. There will only be one Night in this town Darknight 02/23/08 5 02/27/08
Time to use this here boom stick Since I lost to ya Chiv, I challange ya to a shootout. Darknight 02/16/08 5 02/18/08
about dr. zed Is he idle? Its been 8 days since he last posted something. Can an admin check on this? And if he’s still active he needs to get an occupation soon as well Darknight 11/05/07 3 11/05/07
Back to the village After one very long trip away, I have returned to the village. Darn job had me rather worn out at the start but now I’m back in the swing. Ready to be unidled, my e-mail that i use most is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0)out… Darknight 10/20/07 0
wheres hix’s part of the city? *edit version* I just saw that for some reason Hix doesn’t have a spot in the city. Since Oracular has gone idle, Hix should gain control to that sub page. *edit* my bad. i didn’t see that his named changed. disregard this Darknight 09/02/07 2 09/02/07
idle list name change I noticed that all the idle players are still called monkeys. I’m not sure who to turn to to get that updated so I’ll leave a note for ya’ll lol. Darknight 09/01/07 0
Active monkey lol I don’t know if an admin was on the other day but in case it was missed I’d like to be made active Darknight 08/23/07 0
All set After a day of bug smashing, I can now happly ask to become an active monkey. Darknight 08/22/07 2 08/22/07
New but not ready to play yet As my title says I’m a new player but I wish to be put as idle for now. I have a few bugs to deal with on my comp that have caused web pages to get stuck on log in pages. But I will go active as soon as I… Darknight 08/21/07 0