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Cleaning up gold Reword the rule “Money” to the following: Each adventurer has a collection of Gold tracked in the GNDT. When a Scribe joins the game for the first time, they start with 10 Gold. A Scribe may, at any time, subtract a positive amount of gold pieces from their own collection… qwertyu63 06/28/16 1 06/28/16
I’d like to jump on in. I’d like to play, so I need to unidle… from 5 years ago. qwertyu63 06/20/16 1 06/20/16
Hello, can I play? Hello, I just stumbled across your site here and would like to join in. Could (insert name of person whose job this is) please add me? qwertyu63 05/21/11 1 05/22/11