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Forfeit Idle me. I’ll join the next dynasty Raven1207 08/16/22 1 08/17/22
Returning to safety I’m unidling Raven1207 05/21/22 1 05/21/22
Need a slight break Idle me please. I’ll be back when Council is over. Raven1207 05/03/22 1 05/03/22
Idling I think it might be a good time for me to idle. Ping me for next dynasty Raven1207 03/01/22 1 03/01/22
Unknown resident I’ve noticed that we have a new face: Axemabaro I have not seen any new player post nor any indication of idle/unidle thing involving them Raven1207 10/20/21 3 10/20/21
Proposta: Kevan and Brendan Bippidy bobbity boo Raven1207 03/14/21 1 03/15/21
Story Post: Proposta: Clucky What new secrets may there be Raven1207 03/07/21 1 03/08/21
Story Post: Proposta: Bucky and Vovix Surely, there’s got to be some secrets that need to be known. Right? Raven1207 02/25/21 2 02/25/21
Slack down? Or do I have shitty internet? Raven1207 02/16/21 2 02/16/21
Signing of the treaties I declare that I’m signing rules “Treaty of Versailles”, “Song Requests”, and subrule “Map Exercises” Raven1207 02/14/21 1 02/14/21
Final countdown With 4 spots left, we are nearing the end of this dynasty. As I wish we could have had more interesting mechanics that would have made end game more interesting, it’s been a pleasure creating this masterpiece. And hopefully to whoever is declared winner will make an interesting chapter as… Raven1207 11/28/20 3 11/29/20
Story Post: R8 - Raven’s turn I exploded I gained 3 land & 1 Foliage I effused I consume I shifted I extrude Extrude Flat Beach I deposit I Vitalise Raven1207 10/19/20 0
Story Post: R7 - Raven’s turn I contained and got a 91(nothing happens) I shifted(pressure is 2) I Vitalise for 2 Mana I extruded Mossy Rock and gain 10 Mana I gained 2 Land, 2 Foliage, Nest and Beach I consume I spend 0 Mana to destroy my bottom layer I spent 80 Mana to add… Raven1207 10/17/20 0
R6 - Raven’s turn I consume I contained(got a 90 so nothing happens) I shifted I gained 2 land, 0 Foliage, 2 Animal Biomass I Vitalise’d I extruded Natural Cairn I spent 0 Mana to destroy my middle (aka 2nd level) I spent 60 Mana to remove “No effect” from my Brown and Green… Raven1207 10/15/20 0
Story Post: R5 - Raven’s turn I gained 2 land, 1 Foliage, 2 Aminal Biomass from Terrain die I increased my pressure by 1(effectively making it 2) I deceased my Foliage by 2 for Consume I rolled for Contain and got 39. I deposit, effectively adding a new level with it’s starting value. For Vitalise, I… Raven1207 10/11/20 1 10/11/20
Story Post: R4 - Raven’s turn I gained 3 land and 1 foliage I sputter and increase my top layer by 1 I increased my pressure by 1 I rolled for Contain and got 57 And then I increased my mana by 7(for Vitalise) Raven1207 10/09/20 2 10/10/20
Story Post: R3 - Raven’s turn I rolled for green and brown and gained 1 Land and 1 Foliage. And I set my Mana to be the same as Schwingrasen’s. Cuddle’s Turn. Raven1207 09/26/20 0
Round 2, Summary of Raven’s turn I rolled land and gained +1 land. Card’s turn Raven1207 09/11/20 0
Quick question Was I suppose to remove one of my stamina to when gave myself Magnetic Gloves Raven1207 08/14/20 2 08/14/20
I just noticed something I just realized this dynasty has been around since April…... Raven1207 08/08/20 7 08/08/20
Quick question Did an effect detach my rimless? If so, am I still able to add spare part on? Raven1207 08/03/20 2 08/04/20
I’m back Guess who has returned :D Raven1207 07/21/20 6 07/23/20
Hiatus I apologise for my departure but I must go on a hiatus but will join later some time. Raven1207 07/14/20 5 07/14/20
Hi I want to join The game that’s going on. And I apologise if I voted for stuff before being registered Raven1207 07/04/20 14 07/05/20