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Player Shuffling At the same time that Oracular Rufio unidles, 9spaceking idles after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum remains 4. pokes 02/28/19 0
Case 38: Morgan v. Benjamin In this Personal Injury case, Morgan claims to have been injured in a fight with Benjamin, who seems to love starting them. pokes 01/16/19 3 01/19/19
Case 37: Casey v. James In this Unpaid Debt case, Casey wants some money from James to help cover some of the funeral expenses. pokes 01/16/19 1 01/19/19
Case 36: State of Connecticut v. James The courtroom is filled to the brim with prosecutors in this Burglary case. James Chamberlain is charged with illegal entry into the offices of Smith Group, a local real estate company, with the intent to snoop on details of their properties. pokes 01/14/19 4 01/16/19
Case 35: Goldberg Technology v. Morgan In this Malpractice case, Goldberg Technology claims that Morgan (V) did a criminally poor job in his temporary stint replacing Morgan (IV) as CFO. pokes 01/12/19 4 01/14/19
Case 34: Benjamin v. Elizabeth In this Malpractice case, Benjamin claims that Elizabeth made an error while preparing his taxes for him five years ago and wants to recoup the money he claims he lost to the IRS. pokes 01/12/19 8 01/15/19
Case 33: Goldberg Technology v. Benjamin In this Personal Injury case, Goldberg Technology is accusing Benjamin Chamberlain of engaging in a fist-fight with some Goldberg executives outside their offices. pokes 01/10/19 2 01/12/19
Case 32: X Express v. Joshua In this Personal Injury case, X Express is accusing Joshua Chamberlain of running a red light, striking one of X Express’ bike messengers. pokes 01/10/19 2 01/12/19
Case 31: X Express v. Mortis Maximis In this Unpaid Debt case, X Express is attempting to recover payment from Mortis Maximis for a rush shipment of Matryoshka dolls. pokes 01/07/19 1 01/10/19
Case 30: Bananasoft v. Elizabeth In this Defamation case, Bananasoft is accusing Elizabeth of going to the press and violating a gag order related to the Bloggsball incident litigated in cases 19 and 20. pokes 01/07/19 2 01/10/19
Case 29: Bananasoft v. Benjamin In this Malpractice case, Bananasoft accuses Benjamin of misrepresenting his competence while doing some freelance work for the company. pokes 01/06/19 2 01/07/19
Case 28: X Express v. Elizabeth In this case, X Express is following up on the absurdity of Case 16 and accusing Elizabeth of Malpractice this time in breaking the coffee maker. pokes 01/06/19 1 01/07/19
Case 27: Elizabeth v. Mortis Maximis In this Personal Injury case, Elizabeth is blaming Mortis Maximis for her passing out from overheating while in front of bright lights during the filming of the Chamberlain documentary. pokes 01/03/19 3 01/05/19
Case 26: State of Connecticut v. Isabel The entire town has packed the courtroom for this blockbuster murder case: the State has found evidence for charging Isabel with nothing less than the premeditated poisoning of one of her own father’s ex-wives, 10 years ago. pokes 01/02/19 3 01/05/19
Case 25: Isabel v. Mortis Maximis In this Unpaid Debt case, Isabel asserts that Mortis Maximis had offered to buy the rights to documents from her personal archive for the purposes of making the Chamberlain documentary, and that she had provided the documents, but that Mortis Maximis never paid. pokes 12/30/18 4 01/03/19
Case 24: Isabel v. James In this Unpaid Debt case, Isabel claims that she made a winning bid at a charity auction as a favor for James, who couldn’t make it. She doesn’t want the Indonesian statue, but James refuses to pay her back and take it. pokes 12/30/18 2 01/02/19
Case 23: Mortis Maximis v. Elizabeth The first case out of Hiatus is this run-of-the-mill Unpaid Debt case: Mortis Maximis is attempting to recoup money owed by Elizabeth for a large order of Mortis Maximis’... products? services? Whatever it was, there’s an invoice here but allegedly, no payment. pokes 12/29/18 2 12/30/18
Case 22: State of Connecticut v. Elizabeth In this Burglary case, Elizabeth is accused of breaking into Bananasoft’s offices. At this time, the police suspect it to be in connection with their ongoing feud, but the evidence has not yet been submitted to the court. pokes 12/23/18 2 12/30/18
Case 21: Bananasoft v. Elizabeth In this Malpractice case, well, Bananasoft execs are pretty mad and are just throwing whatever they think might stick at Elizabeth. pokes 12/23/18 3 12/29/18
Case 20: Elizabeth v. Bananasoft In this Personal Injury case, Elizabeth is accusing the same Bananasoft employee from Case 19 of injuring her during the Bloggsball game. pokes 12/20/18 3 12/23/18
Case 19: Bananasoft v. Elizabeth In this Personal Injury case, Bananasoft is accusing Elizabeth of injuring a Bananasoft employee during a company Bloggsball game. pokes 12/20/18 5 12/23/18
Case 18: Elizabeth v. Anne In this Malpractice case, Elizabeth accuses Anne of having insufficiently practiced her portion of a duet performed during karaoke at a gathering. The Judge knows this isn’t what “malpractice” means, and even if it were there are unlikely to be actual damages here, but the paperwork is properly filed. What… pokes 12/17/18 2 12/20/18
Case 17: Robert v. Casey In this Malpractice case, Robert is accusing Casey of acting inappropriately in the role of a dentist when Casey helped Robert’s youngest child pull out a loose baby tooth. On one hand, Casey isn’t a dentist, and has never claimed to be; the judge really should throw out the case… pokes 12/15/18 2 12/19/18
Case 16: X Express v. Elizabeth In a groundbreaking corporate Personal Injury case, X Express claims that Elizabeth committed “bodily harm” to the business when she broke a coffeemaker during a visit to the X Express offices. pokes 12/15/18 1 12/17/18
Case 15: Robert v. Goldberg Technology In this Negligence case, Robert accuses Goldberg Technology of neglecting to file earnings reports in a timely manner, causing Robert to have lost on potential trading earnings. pokes 12/13/18 4 12/15/18
Case 14: Isabel v. Goldberg Technology In a bizarre Defamation case, Isabel is suing Goldberg Technology. The alleged defaming claims by the technology firm are so unspeakable that their nature is sealed by the court. pokes 12/13/18 2 12/15/18
Case 13: Casey v. Morgan In this Unpaid Debt case, Casey claims that Morgan owes them for the catering at a party thrown by the family years ago. pokes 12/10/18 1 12/13/18
Case 12: Goldberg Technology v. Joshua In yet another corporate Defamation case, Goldberg Technology is accusing Joshua Chamberlain of making false claims related to Anne’s case against Goldberg. pokes 12/10/18 2 12/13/18
Case 11: X Express v. Casey In this Defamation case, X Express claims that Casey has been making false claims about the nature of X Express’ business relationships with the deceased. pokes 12/08/18 2 12/10/18
Case 10: Anne v. Goldberg Technology Hot off the heels of case 3, Anne is accusing Goldberg Technology in this Personal Injury case of supplying the defective Bananaphone component that injured her arm. pokes 12/08/18 1 12/10/18
Case 9: X Express v. Benjamin Chamberlain In this Unpaid Debt case, X Express is suing Benjamin Chamberlain to recover a loan. pokes 12/06/18 2 12/08/18
Case 8: Connecticut v. Morgan Chamberlain V In this case, the State of Connecticut has charged Morgan with Jaywalking. pokes 12/05/18 2 12/08/18
Case 7: Bananasoft v. Joshua Chamberlain In yet another corporate Defamation case, Bananasoft accuses Joshua of having overstated Anne’s injuries to the tech press. pokes 12/05/18 1 12/06/18
Case 6: Isabel Chamberlain v. James Chamberlain In this Personal Injury case, Isabel claims that a wound on her leg was caused by James’ irresponsible demonstration of an antique rifle. pokes 12/03/18 1 12/05/18
Case 5: Robert Chamberlain v. Bananasoft Robert, sensing blood in the water near Bananasoft after Anne’s victory, wants to settle the Unpaid Debt that he claims he is owed by Bananasoft. pokes 12/03/18 1 12/05/18
Case 4: X Express v. Anne Chamberlain In this Defamation case, X Express is suing Anne Chamberlain over her public statements about the propriety of the elder Morgan’s role within the company. pokes 11/30/18 1 12/03/18
Case 3: Anne Chamberlain v. Bananasoft In this Personal Injury case, Anne claims that she threw out her arm during routine use of Bananasoft’s flagship Bananaphone. pokes 11/30/18 1 12/03/18
Case No. 2: Goldberg Technology v. Benjamin Chamberlain In this Defamation case, the principals of Goldberg Technology assert that Benjamin’s false claims about their primary technology were meant to scuttle a deal, brokered by the deceased, providing the firm with access to capital. pokes 11/27/18 5 11/30/18
Case No. 1: Isabel Chamberlain v. James Chamberlain In this Personal Injury case, Isabel Chamberlain is accusing James Chamberlain of intentionally striking her with his car while leaving a tense get-together earlier this year at the elder Morgan Chamberlain’s primary home. pokes 11/27/18 1 11/30/18
Morgan Chamberlain, 1935-2018 Some relevant selections from the obituary: Morgan Chamberlain IV, Connecticut financier, passed away on the 22nd of November, after a brief illness. They were 83. Shortly after a string of high-profile business successes in the late 1980s, Morgan retired from public view and began a reclusive life. Public records show… pokes 11/23/18 1 11/24/18
Four solid minutes of montage In the final minutes before the big day, I call a montage. Following that, I call another montage. Each montage increases the chance of success by 9%, for 18% total. pokes 11/20/18 0
Non-lethal, of course Now that I can do this more constructively: Kevan - Construct Weapons! pokes 11/14/18 4 11/15/18
Paint those Placards, Cache those Weapons Since Kevan proposed that we construct, I think we found our first volunteer. Kevan: Change Activity to Construction! The bullhorn passes to Brendan. pokes 11/09/18 1 11/10/18
Old man on the mountain Combo posts aren’t a thing anymore, but my recent actions might be worthy of an explanation and room to comment. I did the following: - Meditated 200 times, taking 2000 years and gaining 4 EP per time, for 800 total. EP remains above Age/10 throughout. - Served 25 times, taking… pokes 08/11/18 5 08/12/18
Player Substitution Pseudo-Climacus idles after 8 days of inactivity. I am spared from updating the player count or quorum by Axemabaro, who returns. Welcome back, Axemabaro. Note that unless I’m mistaken, Axemabaro is fated to be a Laborer in this life. pokes 08/05/18 1 08/05/18
Everything but the Kitchen Grynk Grynk idles after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum remains 3. pokes 12/07/17 2 12/09/17
Knowledge is power (but the mind is closed) Anyone know why I can’t comment on the below Proposal? Is it just me? pokes 11/16/17 5 11/18/17
[Tessered 3] Gimme Action: All other Tesserers giving all of their shards to the Tesserer named pokes. pokes 11/08/17 8 11/14/17
Night of the living idle I unidle; quorum becomes 5. pokes 11/04/17 0
Tick 17 The next tick occurs. Peace continues at an aggressive clip, as more politicians again smooth than agitate. Again, the Western bloc makes rapid gains in IE as all of them are Progressive. Maldor also earns 2 IE as the most-squabbling Eastern CIC. True to their squabbling nature this tick, Maldor… pokes 09/05/17 0
Tick 16 The Progressive Western bloc continues to progress together during this tick. More politicians smooth than agitate. Card shares this news on the matter:  PEACE DECLARED THE DIE ROLL FOR DIPLOMACY LANDED ON “PEACE”, THEREFORE WE WILL BECOME LESS INCLINED TO VIOLENCE!  Edit: Espionage missions complete, ending the tick. pokes 09/03/17 0
Tick 15 Another smooth tick occurs. More politicians smooth than agitate. The Western bloc, packed with Progressive CICs, again gains significant IE. Edit: All CICs conducting successful espionage missions have been notified, ending the tick. The newspaper is useless; no news from CICs since Tick 14. It only has the usual business,… pokes 09/01/17 0
Extra-Early Friday Morning Special Edition Gazette & Mail, September 1, 1966 It should be mentioned that due to IRL happenings Tick 15 will be delayed around 24 more hours, until 72 hours past Tick 14. pokes 08/31/17 2 09/01/17
Tick 14 Most of a tick occurs. Woozy from recovery, very few politicians actually take effect this tick, but there are not more agitating than smoothing. No news from any CICs since Sunday. pokes 08/29/17 0
Tick 13 Tick 13 mostly occurs. The unluckily-numbered tick is unlucky indeed, as four pairs of CICs all exchange missiles mostly thanks to card’s war footing. Card gets nuked 3 times, losing 9 IE. Thunder gets nuked twice, losing 2 IE on each. Kevan and Derrick each get nuked once, and both… pokes 08/27/17 3 08/28/17
Tick 12 Most of a tick occurs (not quite a full tick yet, since spy missions occur after this post). Perhaps after seeing the horrors of war during Tick 11, cooler heads prevail: more politicians are now smoothing than agitating. Derrick and Maldor are the squabblingest CICs on their blocs and get… pokes 08/25/17 0
Tick 11 A tick occurs. Although the push for peace continues, smoothing politicians are unable to outweigh the agitating ones. Nuclear threats have turned real for Thunder and card, whose crisis has ended in a hot war - card lost 3 IE in getting nuked, and Thunder, undergoing a revolution, lost 6… pokes 08/23/17 0
Tick 10 A tick occurs. Although the tides are shifting back to World Peace, weapons are still aimed and some IE flows around. Luckily, still no nuclear catastrophe occurs. pokes 08/21/17 0
Sunday Late Edition, August 20, 1966 No CICs have chosen to publish news this week other than myself:  Student protesters calmed by possibility of war [Redacted] The margins of the newspaper contain the following: KVBQB GBAOS QVXGW ZOGFT VFAOL BHTQP DKLJF pokes 08/20/17 0
Tick 9 A tick occurs. Agitating politicians again call for war. One pair with mutually-targeted missiles avoids a catastrophe this round. A near-defenseless Dewaldo is particularly hard-hit, as revolutions currently underway take up most of the focus of the country’s leadership. Behind the scenes, the country is forced to concede many resources… pokes 08/18/17 0
Tick 8 A tick occurs. Smoothing politicians give way to calls for war. While it’s avoided this time around, some CICs have to give concessions to those who would have done blown them up. Meanwhile, derrick’s brave astronauts Land on the Moon, ending the Space Race and putting many techs out of… pokes 08/16/17 0
Tick 7 A tick occurs. pokes 08/14/17 0
Saturday Early-Afternoon Herald, August 12, 1966 From card:  WIDESPREAD PANIC! Following a complete lack of activity for many days, the Theocracy led by card kickstarts into rapid acticity instigated by the approved media outlets. The general public is in a uproar as rationing, planned blackouts and other restrictions are implemented; they pray to Chance and her… pokes 08/12/17 0
Tick 6 Another tick occurs. pokes 08/12/17 0
Tick 5 A tick occurs. pokes 08/09/17 0
Idling Publius Scribonius Scholasticus idles out after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum falls to 4. pokes 08/06/17 0
Tick 4 A tick occurs. No public IE levels change. pokes 08/06/17 0
Friday Morning Post, August 4, 1966 From Maldor:  Eastern Bloc countries announce nothing. In a completely unprecedented move, nothing has been announced by the Eastern Bloc. Observers and critics of the Eastern Bloc say that they “...did not expect this coming from them…” The world wonders what could possible go on that we hear nothing. We… pokes 08/03/17 0
Tick 3 A tick occurs. No public IE levels change. Any CICs with private IE levels that have changed have been notified. pokes 08/03/17 0
Tick 2 Another tick goes by. Some esteem flows westward as the Eastern bloc gets cowed by nuclear threats. pokes 08/01/17 0
Tick A Tick occurs. Since everyone is so polite, nothing happens. pokes 07/28/17 0
No Country for Young Orks Orkboi’s nuclear program, hit by sanctions, becomes idle. Quorum remains 5. pokes 07/27/17 0
From the diaries of PM Wouters, 26 July 1966 It’s so difficult to be the Commander-in-chief. All I wanted to do was serve my Pays-Loups Nord by writing legislation to help the people, but then someone had to go and die, and I had to go and say ‘okay’ to becoming Prime Minister. This shouldn’t have been easy ,… pokes 07/26/17 0
Ascension I have 5 Gnosis. I become a Deity. pokes 07/24/17 0
New Golem: Gnovier I create a new Golem named “Gnovier”. It has one promise engraved in it:  “I promise to make 20 promises of the form ‘I will give the Seraphim 6 mana within 96 hours of making this Promise’, and then give the Pactmaker named pokes 100 mana.” pokes 07/24/17 0
New Golem: Gnodrei I create a new Golem named “Gnodrei”. It has one promise engraved in it:  “I promise to make 20 promises of the form ‘I will give the Seraphim 6 mana within 96 hours of making this Promise’, and then give the Pactmaker named pokes 100 mana.” pokes 07/24/17 0
New Golem: Gnozwei I create a new Golem named “Gnozwei”. It has one promise engraved in it:  “I promise to make 20 promises of the form ‘I will give the Seraphim 6 mana within 96 hours of making this Promise’, and then give the Pactmaker named pokes 100 mana.” pokes 07/24/17 0
New Golem: Gneins I create a new Golem named “Gneins”. It has one promise engraved in it:  “I promise to make 20 promises of the form ‘I will give the Seraphim 6 mana within 96 hours of making this Promise’, and then give the Pactmaker named pokes 100 mana.” pokes 07/24/17 0
Notice In the interest of fairness, full disclosure: I intend to (although this isn’t a promise) admin all currently pending Proposals very shortly after they can be adminned. pokes 07/24/17 6 07/24/17
Lazy days in Ibiza Axemabaro and Cpt_Koen idle out after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum falls to 5. pokes 07/22/17 0
Missed Connections: One Artefact One of the Artefacts I had tried placing into the rocks has a sticker on it: “Property of ____”, but the end got scratched off while getting jammed into a crevice (I don’t know how that happened!) and now I can’t read it. If you are looking for your missing… pokes 07/10/17 0
Mission Hand-in: Arresting a Cultist “Arresting a Cultist” has been completed. Thunder has Kevan at Gunpoint at Mountain Camp. Participants were: Thunder, pokes, Cuddlebeam, card, Cpt_Koen, and of course, Kevan. pokes 07/09/17 1 07/10/17
Former Proposal: Clean up after yourself In “Combos”, change ‘may’ to ‘should’ in “The gamestate may be changed to reflect the results of the Combo once all of the actions are completed.” pokes 06/29/17 8 06/29/17
MU Dept. of OS&S Speaker Series *Ahem* Explorers! Some of you here today with us at Base Camp may already know me as Prof. Pokes. Yes, that’s right, I happen to be an Adjunct Professor of Occult Studies at Miskatonic University. I’ve come on this journey because my recent research has been on mysterious cults that… pokes 05/27/17 3 05/27/17
The Closing Ceremony ... The dark red sky was unstable. Hyphenicus swirled around it in a cloud of dark ink. Marinja loomed over the horizon, her Bloggsball prowess distorting her form into a mockery of humanity. Three teams still remained to take each other on the Final Bowl. But as soon as it… pokes 05/20/17 12 05/20/17
Final Bowl Begins Anew The cosmos remain in a state of devastation, torn apart by the raw Bloggsball power of The Hosts. In this dark future, we have no choice but to fight the Bloggsball-based domination of our new eldritch Gods the only way we know how: we strap the Bloggsball helmets onto our… pokes 05/19/17 2 05/19/17
Auction: Final Bowl Oversight What’s the only thing sexier than using a time machine? Administering games! This is an auction for the right to oversee or delegate oversight for the Final Bowl games; the auction will last 48 hours. Why delay the fun? The Final Bowl will start on May 16. pokes 05/10/17 7 05/12/17
Game: Matt v. Sphinx Welcome to the first officially scheduled game of the season! Matt and Sphinx’s teams are both so fresh, they are yet unnamed and still blog without any tools whatsoever, which means we’re in for a game sure to please Bloggsball purists. Sphinx’s team (team B) looks like quite the powerhouse… pokes 05/10/17 4 05/11/17
Cops come back! The police, this week, manage to again examine every Manager’s PED inventory. Officially, they seem pleased that everyone’s inventory remained clean. Unofficially, you can tell they wanted to catch someone with their hands dirty. pokes 05/10/17 0
Thirtieth Player Auction: Lars Christensen Name: Lars Christensen Level: 10; Brains 8, Brawn 10, Balls 5, Blogging Average 0.72 Favorite Fruit: Lemon Country: Forbundsrepublikken Ulvland Bio: Would have brought his own supply of PEDs, but they got taken at the border. pokes 05/10/17 1 05/12/17
Auction: The Time Machine This is an auction for a one-of-a-kind Time Machine. Only available here, folks. The duration of this auction is 48 hours, although it may feel shorter to Managers standing too close to the Time Machine. pokes 05/09/17 17 05/12/17
Twenty-ninth player auction: Benoit Name: Benoit Level: 16; Brains 5 Brawn 7 Balls 8 Blogging Average 0.62 Favorite Fruit: Kiwi Country: Pays-Loups Bio: Also a bear, from the same trainer as Bruno. pokes 05/08/17 3 05/10/17
Twenty-eighth Player Auction: Bruno Name: Bruno Level: 16; Brains 4 Brawn 8 Balls 9 Blogging Average 0.90 Favorite Fruit: Kiwi Country: Pays-Loups Bio: Is a trained bear. Nobody has determined this to be illegal. pokes 05/08/17 2 05/10/17
🚨 PED Clean Sweep 🚨 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 A disgruntled IBA manager has tipped off the police to the widespread use of PEDs in the league! They were able to investigate every single manager, but luckily the problem was not nearly as widespread as the tip insinuated, and the police confiscated a measly three units. pokes 05/07/17 1 05/07/17
Twenty-seventh Player Auction: Jacques Paquet-de-six Name: Jacques Paquet-de-six Level: 12; Brains 8 Brawn 8 Balls 9 Blogging Average 0.62 Favorite Fruit: Grape Country: Pays-Loups Nord Bio: Is unreasonably proud of his two pet parrots, which he will force into any conversation. pokes 05/07/17 4 05/09/17
Twenty-sixth Player Auction: Johano Venkos Name: Johano Venkos Level: 11; Brains 7 Brawn 8 Balls 8 Blogging Average 0.54 Favorite Fruit: Tangelo Country: Okcidentaj Ŝtatoj Bio: Currently a computer programmer, but not very good at it. Dreams of Blogging instead. pokes 05/06/17 5 05/08/17
Twenty-fifth Player Auction: Maxime Moreau Name: Maxime Moreau Level: 13; Brains 9 Brawn 8 Balls 7 Blogging Average 0.17 Favorite Fruit: Tangelo Country: Pays-Loups Nord Bio: People often overlook his playing and mostly just talk about his signature haircut. pokes 05/06/17 5 05/08/17
Twenty-fourth Player Auction: Oskar Lang Name: Oskar Lang Level: 11; Brains 7 Brawn 6 Balls 8 Blogging Average 0.91 Favorite Fruit: Cherry Country: Metropolregion Zahndorf Bio: Former military, got a lot of training in hitting things with sticks there. pokes 05/05/17 3 05/07/17
Twenty-third Player Auction: Ines Batista Name: Ines Batista Level: 11; Brains 8 Brawn 8 Balls 7 Blogging Average 0.32 Favorite Fruit: Cherry Country: Santa María Bio: Active in local politics, but recently lost an election and so getting back into Blogging. pokes 05/05/17 4 05/07/17