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Back from the a-long-away-away I would like to become a player. WildCard 05/11/15 3 05/14/15
Idle Wild Card This dynasty doesn’t really interest me (sorry), so Idle me for now please. WildCard 04/27/11 1 04/27/11
5 years, one month, and a few days… It’s been a while, but I wish to become unidle. WildCard 03/29/11 3 03/31/11
In the Crow’s Nest I move to the Main Topmast, to look out for ships laden down with Booty! Yarr! WildCard 01/19/06 0
WildCard in da house! I would like to become non-Idle. WildCard 01/15/06 4 01/16/06