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A clarification? How would people feel about a proposal that did the following? Add after the first sentence of Rule 2.5: For example, if the Character Claude_Monet posted a diary entry on the first of January the proper title would be: Diary Entry - 01/01 Claude_Monet TAE 05/28/09 5 05/29/09
TAE’s Fruit Picking Oranges. Bright, juicy oranges. Just the thing to remind you that you could be outside on a beautiful summer day, but instead you are cooped up in a reality TV bunker. =) TAE 05/27/09 9 05/28/09
Diary Entry - 05/26 TAE I am still trying to get used to the pace of life around here. It seems like everyone just sits around doing nothing for 95% of the time and then in a burst of activity does a dozen things in an hour. I figure it must be the isolation getting… TAE 05/27/09 0
Diary Entry - 05/18 TAE I needed to find a place to crash, and fast, after my ex let me know that I needed to move out - a simple note would have worked, but burning down the house certainly got the message across loud and clear. Trying out for a reality show seemed like… TAE 05/17/09 0
Un-idle request It looks like I came to the movies at just the right moment. Could some nice Admin un-idle me please once (and if) the DoV passes? Also, I cant seem to find my GNDT password anymore - could that same (or a different - I am not picky) admin e-mail… TAE 05/14/09 3 05/14/09
I don’t have to go home… but I can’t stay here. My life is getting a little too crazy to keep up with Blognomic right now. Could someone please idle me? Best of luck everyone, and don’t think I won’t be back… {evil grin} TAE 08/14/06 1 08/14/06
A Suggestion to New Mothers Knowing of the peril facing the young Friedrich Nietzsche, I made some inquiries and discovered that his mother was the last living master of the ancient martial art known as “Repelling Dinosaur”. I suggested that she begin training her son at a young age, and as a result he appears… TAE 07/13/06 0
Play it again Sam… As Hix pointed out, my prior efforts to observe the birth of Friedrich Nietzsche were rendered ineffective by my failure to observe the rules of time. I have attempted to remedy the flaws and witness the happy event. Timeline altered accordingly. TAE 07/12/06 0
Witnessing a Birth My erstwhile companion and I have gone to 1844 to witness the birth of Friedrich Nietzsche. The timeline has been altered accordingly. TAE 07/09/06 1 07/09/06
Notice: As per Brother Bucky’s suggestion, I am taking a vow of silence (sigh) TAE 05/01/06 0
More Monks I know its a bit late, but could I be un-idled as well? Thanks TAE 04/30/06 1 04/30/06