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Getting some inspiration… Dear Artists, I won’t be around the next two weeks. See you back end of October. Request to be idled. Blacky 10/02/11 1 10/03/11
Eureka! The ticking, it’s getting me! Item: Leather cased desk clock made by Curtis of Horspool Effect: If no Survivor has done so in the last seven days, any Survivor may decrease the sanity of every Survivor by 1. This affects all Survivors including himself. Blacky 09/07/11 9 09/08/11
Meta-Proposal: RNG Hi fellows, I noticed that the random number generator is not really random. Especially when activated with little time in between, it generates equal or similar numbers. Also the numbers at the limits of the range are prevalent. So I think it would be nice to have a program which… Blacky 08/24/11 8 08/25/11
Story Post: Yet another (Bomb)... I spawn a new StickyBomb. Blacky 08/18/11 5 08/19/11
Fweep: It’s a single use pool! Ienpw III should have removed the blood in E2 after he slipped, but he didn’t. Blacky 08/18/11 2 08/19/11
Back into the action! I’m back. Request to be unidled! Blacky 07/28/11 1 07/29/11
The Arena is stressful I won’t be online the next ten days. Request to be idled. Blacky 07/19/11 1 07/19/11
Again no CfJ: Take your crate! Unfortunately, before the confusion, I already put in the move to I2 in GNDT and reduced my AP, but did not perform it to keep the backtrack minimal. So in the arena I’m still at I3. No hard feelings, I set my AP back to threeand Position to I3. CfJ… Blacky 07/11/11 5 07/13/11
Chicken! Create a rule called “The Wimps!” with the following text: When a Gladiator has been Resting without cease for at least seven days and no Gladiator has done so in the last 24 hours, any Gladiator may set the frags of that Gladiator to half of the original value. Reword… Blacky 07/05/11 8 07/06/11
Time for some nomic I request to be unidled! Blacky 07/02/11 2 07/02/11
Field Study: Hibernation! Cavemen need to save food. Sleeping consumes less food. I try that new idea. I go to darkest spot of cave. Request to be idled. Blacky 03/27/11 1 03/28/11
Story Post: learn grunt: basic math this learn think needs thinking hard the cost of this learn think is three times ten the field of this learn think is knowledge the effect of this learn think is that cavemen now know numbers. all cavemen get one smartness. cavemen know now how much is correct cost of… Blacky 03/07/11 8 03/12/11
New cavemen no big brains! To the rule two point one add after the second line: The chief does not count as a caveman in this case. Blacky 03/02/11 7 03/05/11
Story Post: Learn grunt: Ouchy rocks Prerequisite: bashing rocks Cost: 20 Effect: Cavemen know bashing rocks makes ouchy bits. Ouchy bits good. Every caveman thinking on ouchy rocks get 2 smart. Blacky 02/20/11 1 02/20/11
Come here, you coward! You big coward, attack me if you dare! Blacky 01/27/11 1 01/27/11
The ant formerly known as Elia I just wanted to bring to attention the following: Elia has changed the name to Ely, and therefore shows up as idle! Blacky 01/14/11 1 01/15/11
Back on the web! I request to be unidled. Wish you the best for 2011. Blacky 01/09/11 2 01/09/11
Story Post: Behold the future… Interesting times lie in front of us. I request that Mr. No-face teaches us more of the art of divination. Blacky 11/25/10 0
Casting: Guardian Toothfisch Secretly observing Ambisinister and redoing his steps (That really stinks!) applying my knowledge in BST of “C” I also conjur a Toothfish as a guardian. Blacky 11/13/10 0
Back to school, hooray! Having realized, that I already missed the start of the semester I crawl out of bed and ask to be unidled Blacky 11/10/10 2 11/10/10
Story Post: Freshly Graduated Having graduated from the farm agent Blacky is handing over his orders to join the active agents. Blacky 10/01/10 2 10/01/10