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Vanished in a puff of logic LinkVanyali has gone idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 07/01/22 0
Disideation MadisonSilver (by request) and SupernovaStarbright (after 8 days) become idle; quorum drops to 6. Josh 06/30/22 0
The gravestone of a city A post-dynastic discussion thread. Josh 06/17/22 13 06/20/22
Rising Tide Trigon has become idle after 8 days without voting or posting; quorum becomes 6. We have still not established what happens to their buildings, I think, and this may now make the Promenading action impossible, which might make Auguring impossible, which may softlock the game. Josh 05/30/22 3 05/30/22
Hello this is a little embarrassing My computer crashed this morning with an important excel file unsaved, and now I don’t know who has what fate with whom. Please could at least on rep of each Fate DM to me to tell me who’s where? I will then immediately save aforementioned excel spreadsheet, and also inform… Josh 04/30/22 2 05/01/22
New Mentorship Gozherd will be mentored by me. Josh 04/24/22 0
Ascension Address: Dive A sole point of light in the murky darkness, the DSV Haniver sliced silently through the eternal darkness of the abyss, its strong headlamp picking out nothing but occasional glimpses of the divergent biology of the hadal zone. The on-board instruments read a depth of 35,211 feet, and still decending.… Josh 04/16/22 2 04/16/22
Declaring Dominion over Randomness My Thesis Hash is LEFTMOSTFALSEAngel’s CloverUNDEFINEDQubit Entanglement0Blobber Breakneck BarrelingRoujoWill it BlendzeropointthreerecurringEGGSEGGSEGGS. AKA: LEFTMOST: FALSE Angel’s Clover: UNDEFINED Qubit Entanglement: 0 Blobber Breakneck Barreling: Roujo Will it Blend: 0.3 recurring LEFTMOST: Use the 1980s pager to perform the LEFTMOST method. That requires me to run Qubit Entanglement; I do so using… Josh 04/14/22 0
Entanglement Thunder (by request), wdtefv (through 8 days of inactivity), and me (through choice) have been made idle; quorum drops to 5. Josh 04/05/22 0
Archangel Research Station pokes has been transferred to Siberia to conduct his tests in a sub-zero setting. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 04/01/22 0
Schrodinger’s Idle Post SupernovaStarbright is either idle or not idle, but until you click into the comments and find out which, is she suspended in a quantum state of both idle and unidle, forever? (Quorum is unchanged.) Josh 03/31/22 1 03/31/22
Lost in… space??? Trapdoorspyder has become idle with 9 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 03/20/22 2 03/20/22
Vanished in a puff of logic Darknight becomes idle after 8 days of inactivity. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 03/10/22 0
New Mentorship Kevan will mentor GloopyGhost until 1 April 2022 or the end of this dynasty, whichever comes later. Josh 03/04/22 0
Mentorship announcement Sorry this is so late, but MadisonSilver is to be mentored by Brendan. Josh 02/26/22 0
Ascension Address: Meanwhile, At The End Of Time As he had done every morning for the past one hundred dynasties, the Time Buddha sat on the stoop of the End of Time Vihara and cradled a hot cut of yerba mate. It gave him calm, looking out into an infinite void in which nothing, by definition, could ever… Josh 02/24/22 0
Tic Tac Toughts Dynastic discussion thread. If you share the same opinion three times in a row then you win. Josh 02/24/22 9 02/24/22
Ludonarrative Dissonance TABBAT has become idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum is unchanged at 8. Josh 02/16/22 0
Anyone willing to be podnomic correspondent? Aware that we just had a dynasty handover without it being mentioned on the pod at all, which feels like a shame. Josh 02/14/22 0
Head-hunters Can you believe it? The Exciting Cube Corporation has poached not one but two of our finest execs. Chiiika and lemon have both taken cushy jobs with our biggest rival; this will likely be bad for morale. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 01/29/22 1 01/30/22
Silverwing’s last day Following seven glorious days of inactivity, it is finally time for Silverwing to head on out to her retirement cottage near Poughkeepsie. We all wish her well; please gather in the kitchen at 6pm for cake and a short toast by the CEO. Quorum drops to 7. Josh 01/27/22 0
Out Of Office Autoreply Hello! Thanks for emailing; I’m afraid I’m out of the office on long-term leave. If your matter is urgent then please refer it to quorum, which is now 8. Otherwise I will do my best to respond upon my return. Best wishes, Tech Sales Officer Boring Box Company .(JavaScript must… Josh 01/23/22 3 01/23/22
International Youth Hostel, Lethe Branch Can anyone lend me a coin? Charon’s prices are much higher than it said in my 1995 Lonely Planet guidebook. This would be your interregnum chat thread, then. Josh 01/15/22 19 01/19/22
My coins are up for grabs (although I reserve the right to withdraw this offer if I, er, feel like it, at any moment up until the point that I transfer them to a third party) So I have these 31 coins burning a hole in my pocket, and while I wouldn’t mind winning I don’t… Josh 01/13/22 2 01/13/22
Bad directions Tempo goes idle after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum falls to 4. Josh 01/03/22 0
Day Trippers chiiika, Jumble and redtara all become idle, after 10, 10 and 7 days without activity respectively. Quorum becomes 5. Josh 12/29/21 0
Interregnum chat A thread for chatting about Brendan 8/9 part 1. Josh 12/12/21 8 12/13/21
Metadynastic discussion A thread for discussions of this dynasty, heel turns, wrestling, metadynasty tiebreakers, ten-day focused mini-dynasties, and whatever else comes up. Josh 11/26/21 18 11/26/21
Notice The unnamed rule says “Whenever a Realtor becomes unidle for the first time in this dynasty they are added to the team of the Realtor who would have been next to pick in the initial snake draft.”. This is agnostic about whether the snake draft has started. Accordingly, Kevan has… Josh 11/15/21 8 11/15/21
Ascension Address: The Realtor Slam TWO REALTORS ENTER. ONE REALTOR LEAVES. Josh 11/14/21 2 11/14/21
Selling Sunset Vovix idles out after 7 days of inactivity. Quorum is unchanged. Josh 11/06/21 0
Pursuing new opportunities in Des Moines Cuddlebeam and pokes both become idle after 7 days of inactivity apiece. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 11/04/21 0
Open House: 4 Arveg An open house was held on 4 Arveg today. The following buyers were in attendance: C. L. Ray A. K. Franklin J. Q. Adans B. B. Baggims A. C. Tipps J. S. Bawk I. M. Grooth M. E. Poppets J. M. Proctor Y. U. Sadds Franklin, Baggims, Tipps,Grooth and Poppets… Josh 11/03/21 0
Story Post: Auction 61 Arveg Lane Josh 11/01/21 28 11/05/21
Promoted to corporate Axemabaro has been rendered idle after 7 days of inactivity, and quorum drops to 7. Josh 10/31/21 1 10/31/21
Story Post: Lights, Camera, Auction 1 Bizome Blvd Josh 10/29/21 10 11/02/21
Story Post: Auction 80 Arveg Lane Josh 10/25/21 6 10/26/21
Post-dynastic discussion thread Another one in the books, and I think we all agree that it was a pretty quiet, uneventful dynasty, without much of incident to discuss. Here is a thread for us all to talk about how the ending in particular was a massive snoozefest. Josh 10/19/21 19 10/20/21
Post dynastic discussion thread Interregnum open thread Josh 09/23/21 4 09/24/21
The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 9 Papes, getcher papers, only 4 Clatoc Yen! Ministry releases new Most Wanted list: Most Wanted Cells Citizen - Most Wanted score - Notoreity Kevan 20 121 Clucky 16 99 Brendan 15 106 Trapdoorspyder 13 78 utina 5 8 Cuddlebeam 3 76 SupernovaStarbright 1 12 Raven1207 1 11 Darknight 1 10… Josh 09/23/21 0
The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 8 Vidsheets, vidsheets, getcher vidsheets, 4 Clatoc Yen! Ministry releases new Most Wanted list: Most Wanted Cells Citizen - Most Wanted score - Notoreity Kevan 16 101 Clucky 16 83 Brendan 14 91 Trapdoorspyder 8 65 Cuddlebeam 3 73 Chiiika 2 14 SupernovaStarbright 1 11 Raven1207 1 10 Darknight 1 9… Josh 09/21/21 1 09/21/21
The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 7 All the news that’s fit to bruise, 4 Clatoc Yen! Ministry releases new Most Wanted list: Most Wanted Cells Citizen - Most Wanted score - Notoreity Kevan 15 85 Clucky 15 67 Brendan 13 77 Cuddlebeam 4 70 Trapdoorspyder 4 57 Chiiika 3 12 SupernovaStarbright 1 10 Raven1207 1 9… Josh 09/19/21 0
Official Mininf Notice The following item is being added to the list of censor terms: * References direct or indirect, per the above, to specific Citizens. Liberty in restraint, freedom through order, long live Clatoc Colony! Josh 09/18/21 2 09/18/21
The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 6 Full Story! News vidsheets only 4 Clatoc Yen! Ministry releases new Most Wanted list: Most Wanted Cells Citizen - Most Wanted score - Notoreity Kevan - 14 - 70 Clucky - 14 - 52 Brendan - 13 - 64 Cuddlebeam - 9 - 66 Trapdoorspyder - 9 - 53 Chiiika… Josh 09/17/21 0
Official MinInf Notice The following is being added to the list of Censorship Terms: * Any term that specifically directs the reader to a specific Votable Matter, rule in the ruleset, or other public utterance. Prosperity in Unity, Clatocians! Josh 09/15/21 0
The Clatoc Clarion, Cycle 4 Extry extry, getchor news vidsheets here, only 4 Clatoc Yen, Ministry releases new Most Wanted list Most Wanted Cells Citizen - Most Wanted score Brendan 12 Clucky 12 Cuddlebeam 12 Kevan 12 Trapdoorspyder 10 Chiiika 5 SupernovaStarbright 4 Darknight 2 Raven1207 2 Utina 1 Citizens with Secret Buildings as their… Josh 09/11/21 0
Splitters The pokes and Vovix Cells have both dissipated under the weight of their unresolved internal ideological tensions. Quorum drops to 6. Josh 09/09/21 0
Stability Threat Index, Cycle 3 MININF PRESS RELEASE< ALL OUTLETS< IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION STABILITY THREAT INDEX UPDATED CLATOC’S MOST WANTED CELLS AS FOLLOWS Cuddlebeam 12 Kevan 12 lemonfanta 12 Brendan 10 Trapdoorspyder 9 Clucky 7 Chiiika 6 Darknight 2 Raven1207 2 pokes 1 utina 1 Vovix 0 Josh 09/08/21 0
Dissolved Jumble idles out after 7 days of inaction. Quorum drops to 7. Josh 09/07/21 0
Mentorship announcement I will be acting as Utina’s mentor. Josh 09/06/21 0
Stability Threat Index, Cycle 2 MININF PRESS RELEASE< ALL OUTLETS< IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION STABILITY THREAT INDEX UPDATED CLATOC’S MOST WANTED CELLS AS FOLLOWS Name - Most Wanted score Kevan 12 lemonfanta 12 Cuddlebeam 11 Brendan 10 Trapdoorspyder 9 Clucky 6 pokes 3 Darknight 1 Raven1207 1 Vovix 0 Chiiika 0 Jumble 0 Josh 09/05/21 0
Stability Threat Index, Cycle 1 MININF PRESS RELEASE< ALL OUTLETS< IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION STABILITY THREAT INDEX UPDATED CLATOC’S MOST WANTED CELLS AS FOLLOWS Name - Most Wanted score Cuddlebeam - 11 lemonfanta - 10 Brendan - 7 Kevan - 7 Trapdoorspyder - 7 pokes - 4 Chiiika - 0 Clucky - 0 Darknight - 0 Jason… Josh 09/04/21 5 09/04/21
Issuing a Notice The following term is being added to the list of Censorship Terms: * Terms that indirectly but specifically refer to any of the above (eg “The second item on the Ideologies List”, “the third Cell alphabetically”). Truth is power! Strength is virtue! Long live Clatoc! Josh 09/04/21 1 09/04/21
Ascension Address: Memo to the Standing Committee MEMO TO THE STANDING COMMITTEE Earth 21 August 3221 / Clatoc 55 Harvest 52 In the twenty years since we lost contact with Earth, our colonies have been politically stable. Long live the Clatoc Colony! Long live the Standing Committee! This stability has never been complete. The intellectual and artistic… Josh 08/31/21 0
Dynastic review Next dynasty will start within the next 24 hours. This thread is for post-dynastic chat. Have fun! Josh 08/30/21 16 08/31/21
Draft community guidelines After reviewing the Break thread, holding discussions on various fora, and taking contributions on the wiki, I’ve drawn up a rough draft of what our community guidelines could look like. They are here; please do take a look and review. I think that they should be linked to in fair… Josh 08/07/21 6 08/07/21
Unofficial trial-run discord server It was a bit hidden in a comment thread, but I’ve set up an unofficial discord server for those who want to try it out a little. The slack remains the official off-site chat platform and will until it changes in the ruleset. Come join us, we’re talking about pastrami. Josh 08/04/21 1 08/04/21
Please could someone idle me? I find blognomic very easy to enjoy but certain elements of it are currently much more stress than they’re worth. Josh 08/03/21 1 08/03/21
Post-Dynastic washup After a long dynasty, a chance to reflect. (It’s a joke because vampires are famously not reflective.) Before we get stuck in, I’ll gently remind all those present that the objective is to reminisce and give constructive feedback - not to continue the grudges of the dynasty, nor to create… Josh 07/31/21 20 08/01/21
Story Post: Sunrise Now knowing that Dracula is alive, Richardo, Koda and Drol join forces and invade the Crypt as a trio. The battle is long and bloody; recognising that their power rests in unity, the Vampire Lords all materialise to combat the invaders, but are driven back one by one. Chiiika is… Josh 07/31/21 0
Story Post: Drol’s First Expedition As the moon rose over Zahndorf, a hooded figure rode its horse at a flat gallop towards the Cathedral. Father Bartlemas had been awakened and was stationed at the door; his hand shook as he grasped the silver crucifix tightly in his hand. The stranger dismounted and strode purposefully up… Josh 07/29/21 8 07/30/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Sixteenth Expedition Having heard Koda’s story and seen her certainty that an ancient evil has been unleashed, Richardo decided that he needed to see what was happening in the Crypt for himself. So once again he strapped the shield to his arm and ventured into the night. Father Bartlebas fixed him with… Josh 07/26/21 1 07/26/21
Crypt map I’ll been mucking about with it today, with help from Kevan, as you might see. * A general room border * Accents in the directions of blockages, and * Icons for common features, like threats, denizens, chests and bounce effects The net effect looks very busy to me, so I… Josh 07/24/21 9 07/25/21
Story Post: Koda’s Third Expedition The Witch Koda, confident, snuck past the sleeping form of rector of the Cathedral, Father Bartlebas, noting with her third sight as she did so the satanic glyphs he had smeared upon his own corpulent flesh in whatever ritual he had used to bind himself to the demon below. Making… Josh 07/23/21 1 07/24/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Fifteenth Expedition After a few days discussing strategies with Koda, Richardo decided that it was once again time for him to face the Crypt. He took up the von Nestor whip and shield and ventured through the night towards the Cathedral, from whence the eerie sounds of the organ could be heard… Josh 07/19/21 3 07/20/21
Story Post: Koda’s Second Expedition After a pleasant night at the von Nestor mansion, followed by a hearty breakfast, the Witch Koda decided to have another look at the Crypt, this time focusing on the new entrance from her vision. Cantrips around the entry sewer fed the Vampire Lords with Influence and power. Koda enters… Josh 07/16/21 0
Story Post: Koda’s First Expedition Okay, this is a long one. The Witch Koda, having spent her formative years learning ancestral magic at the hands of her wandering caravan of mystics and shamans, has finally found herself in Zahndorf. Sensing the massive evil beneath the Crypt, she resolves to explore and flush it out, using… Josh 07/14/21 1 07/14/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Fourteenth Expedition Richardo feels a tremendous surge of power from the full moon, and resolves to enter the Crypt. His energy is set at 20 and the Vampire Lords gain power and influence as he approaches. Richardo starts by moving south from the Crypt Entrance. In the Vestibule he finds an average… Josh 07/11/21 0
The Long Darknight of the Soul Darknight goes idle. Quorum drops to 5. Josh 07/10/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Thirteenth Expedition Reinvigorated by his long rest, Richardo sets out again for the Crypt of Dracula. The Vampire Lords gain energy from his approach and their Sepulchres as always. Starting from the Crypt Entrance, Richardo proceeds north. In Room BA, Richardo takes a half-hearted swing at some of the cleaning creatures, to… Josh 07/09/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Twelfth Expedition After his previous expedition, Richardo needed to heal both his wounds and his pride. Eventually, however, the darkness from the crypt once more impelled him into action. In contrast, this expedition was much less humiliating, for being much more boring: Richardo moved from the Crypt Entrance to the Library of… Josh 07/05/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Eleventh Expedition Richardo stalks his way through the broken pews of the Cathedral, determined to once again engage with the evil forces that lurk beneath. The blood magic that has perverted the holy ground of the temple trickles a small amount of power to most Vampire Lords. Once over the threshold of… Josh 07/03/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Tenth Expedition The eerie sounds of demented organ playing shadow Richardo through the streets as he makes his way through the moonlit city from his family manse to the Cathedral once more. As the Crypt has gotten stronger, so has he; his energy is increased as he moves through the cathedral. He… Josh 07/01/21 2 07/01/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Ninth Expedition Richardo has felt the shifting of the ground beneath his feet and knows that this trip into the crypt is likely to be different from those he has experienced before. All Vampire Lords are strengthened by his approach, and the sepulchres of Brendan, Chiiika and Jumble gather power on behalf… Josh 06/29/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Eighth Expedition Richardo approached the crypt for his eighth expedition. He started, as usual, in the Crypt Entrance, and then decided to patrol Room BA to the north.3 Room BA was, as usual, spotlessly clean and inhabited only by the motorised pucks. A fine chest was placed neatly in the middle of… Josh 06/28/21 1 06/28/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Seventh Expedition Richardo von Nestor returns to the vault, grimly determined to continue to cleanse the crypt of the evil that lurks within. In a distant corridor of the catacombs, Vampire Lord Jumble’s Sepulchre feeds on the dark energy disturbed by von Nestor’s footfalls. As usual, Richardo finds himself in the Crypt… Josh 06/25/21 1 06/26/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Sixth Expedition The last run had taxed Richardo; he could not sleep at night for visions of lemonfanta’s face crumbling and fading into dust under his silver-tipped stake. He had briefly considered hanging up the whip and shield for good. But the evil stirring beneath Zahndorf could not be ignored, so reluctantly,… Josh 06/24/21 0
Mentorship announcement Kevan will be acting as chiika’s mentor. Josh 06/21/21 2 06/21/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Fifth Expedition Having recovered from his previous exertions, Richardo once more takes up the whip and shield and braves his way into the Cathedral catacombs. Crossing the unholy threshold into the mosaic grotto of the Crypt Entrance , he surveys his surrounding and decides to head north, to the newly-minted Room BA.… Josh 06/20/21 0
What Is He Doing In The Shadows Vampire Lord Zack’s schemes have become too baroque and malign to be tracked by mere gamestate. He becomes idle after 7 days of (apparent?!) inactivity; quorum remains 7. Josh 06/17/21 1 06/17/21
Story Post: Richardo’s Fourth Expedition After hearing no sounds emerging from the Crypt for 24 hours, Richardo decides to brave the mausoleum once more. Entering into the Crypt Entrance, he surveys his options and decides to move west. The Hallway of Wonders is quiet, but somewhere, a bloodstained rune syphons power into the sigils engraved… Josh 06/17/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Third Expedition Having recovered from his previous interactions with the stairs, Richardo braves the crypt once more. Arriving at the Crypt Entrance again, he opts to head east, into the Library of Souls. Richardo is unaffected by the Library of Souls but every Vampire Lord in the Crypt is stirred by the… Josh 06/15/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s Second Expedition Richardo commenced his second expedition at 19h48 UTC. Having chanced upon a sewer map, he stealthily navigated through the undercroft of the Cathedral, before slipping back into the Shattered Stairway. He then confidently set off north, towards the Entrance Vestibule, got confused, turned around, and went back into the Shattered… Josh 06/13/21 0
Story Post: Richardo’s First Expedition Richardo entered the crypt at 19h26 UTC. Before entering he drank a Boost Juice, giving him 8 Energy, and then made his way to the Crypt Entrance. Confronted by a door to the south and a door to the east, Richardo elected to take the door to the south. He… Josh 06/11/21 3 06/12/21
New Mentor Reveal Phil will be mentored by Clucky. Josh 06/09/21 0
A note on Imperial style and direction for this dynasty This is a voluntary but nonbinding outline of how I will be approaching this dynasty, emperorship-wise. I anticipate that to some extent the dynasty will revolve around creating an economy for the Vampire Lords to buy powers to put into rooms to torment poor young Richardo von Nestor. For the… Josh 06/09/21 1 06/09/21
Ascension Address: Zahndorfvania Child, draw near me before I exhale my final breath, for I have wisdom that I must pass on to you lest this world should slip into ruin. When our ancestors settled here, millenia ago, this land was a jungle, and it housed unimaginable horrors. They were wise and they… Josh 06/09/21 0
Scheduled Maintenance Too much going on in meatspace for this AI. Good luck escaping, cyber buddies. No change to quorum. Josh 04/29/21 1 04/29/21
Mantle pass and dynasty discussion The dice result was a 65. I pass the mantle to lemonfanta. Good luck, Emperor! Edit to add: lemon has said that she will take up to 30 hours to get her AA together, so please feel free to use this as a post-dynasty discussion thread Josh 04/13/21 6 04/14/21
Dynasty Josh 14 secret gamestate I think i’ve had at last tacit assent from everyone now, so: Go nuts. Josh 03/19/21 3 03/19/21
Non-CfJ notice Bucky’s enacted CfJ has meant that the required dynastic hiatus actions are now legal. Out of deference for the CfJ process, I’m not going to immediately doing everything again but legally. But if the CfJs Linguine and Itty Bitty both fail then my current thinking is that this gives me… Josh 03/15/21 1 03/15/21
Story Post: The Election of the New Doge The members of the Giolitti Secret Faction have seized control of the nomination process and will install the Doge of their choice. The members of Giolitti are as follows: Pokes, with 19.1 Heft Clucky, with 17.6 Heft Jumble, with 16.9 Heft Kevan, with 16.9 Heft A DICE1000 has been rolled… Josh 03/15/21 3 03/15/21
Story Post: From the Grand Opera, the strains of I Capuleti e i Montecchi can be heard The prima donna’s aria has started. Josh 03/15/21 0
Story Post: Rumour #8 Certain characters at the Court draw controversy around them like a shawl. Perhaps their hope is that if they are scandalous enough in public then what they do in the shadows will remain quiet; of perhaps they are just too boisterous for the wings, and naturally seek the centre-stage, only… Josh 03/14/21 2 03/15/21
Story Post: Rumour #7 As we get closer to the appointed hour of the coronation of the new Doge, it behoves your correspondent to be less coy. Not about her own identity, of course, but when it comes to her subjects, the Lady’s readers deserve to identify the undeserving, and punish them accordingly. Today,… Josh 03/14/21 6 03/15/21
Two Heads Up Head 1: Proposal: The Eyes Are The Winnow Of The Soul has been enacted, so the first winnower election is now under way. Clucky, Raven and Bucky are not valid candidates. Head 2: Proposal: Campaign Supernova has been enacted and campaigns are thus no more. Any Campaign to have been… Josh 03/13/21 0
Story Post: The Doge Requests Your Presence At The Masquerade   Elector Mask Secret Faction Political Power   Elector 1 Arlecchino - 10   Elector 2 Zanni Giolitti 20   Elector 3 Columbina Magistrelli 18   Elector 4 Bauta Magistrelli 16   Elector 5 Medico Giolitti 23   Elector 6 Bauta Belzarini 30   Elector 7 Arlecchino Giolitti 23  … Josh 03/12/21 4 03/12/21
Story Post: Kindly take your positions for the Masquerade   Elector Mask Secret Faction Political Power   Elector 1 Zanni Barbuti 13   Elector 2 Medico Belzarini 31   Elector 3 Volto Magistrelli 16   Elector 4 Pantalone Belzarini 20   Elector 5 Pantalone Belzarini 18   Elector 6 Arlecchino - 10   Elector 7 Volto Magistrelli 12  … Josh 03/08/21 23 03/10/21
Story Post: Rumour #6 Every year a new parade of eager young people appear at the Doge’s court, eager to make their name. Pity those, however, who come of age just in time for a Doge’s funeral; the Court of the Wise Men is no place for the green. Today’s correspondent is a hurt… Josh 03/04/21 1 03/04/21
Story Post: Don your masks for the Masquerade   Elector Secret Faction Political Power   Elector 1 Linati 9   Elector 2 Belzarini 15   Elector 3 Belzarini 15   Elector 4 Barbuti 14   Elector 5 Barbuti 14   Elector 6 Barbuti 21   Elector 7 Barbuti 12   Elector 8 - 10   Elector 9 Jumble… Josh 03/04/21 9 03/07/21