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Flea Market: ARPANET Interface Message Processor (11,18,74) This is one of the original packet-switching nodes used to connect networks to the ARPANET (the forerunner of the Internet) from the late 1960s to 1989. A venerable piece of Internet history. One previous owner. Category 11 Computers/Tablets & Networking (typical price £22), Subcategory 18 Other Computing & Networking, Significance… PTSnoop_ 07/22/14 7 07/24/14
Flea Market: Bassett-Lowke 0-gauge Flying Scotsman in original box The Flying Scotsman, the most famous steam train in the world. This 0-gauge 20-inch model train is a collectors’ item, with only 350 in existence. 12-14 volts DC motor with custom revised gear; suitable for 2 and 3 rail operation (switch located in the cab). Category 10, Subcategory 42, Significance… PTSnoop_ 07/21/14 2 07/21/14
Hi everyone I’d like to become a knight. Well, not a knight, exactly, since there’s been a declaration of victory. But I’d like to become a whatever-players-are-called in the next dynasty. PTSnoop_ 06/13/14 2 06/13/14