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Idling Please idle me. I’m going to continue watching, but I’m not following this so well… Aquafraternally Yours 11/04/11 4 11/07/11
Un-Idling… It’s been a while! I’d like to un-idle and join the fray… Aquafraternally Yours 10/25/11 3 10/25/11
Un-Idling… Nethack? Sweet! Please unidle me and hand me my crysknife… Aquafraternally Yours 06/02/10 5 06/03/10
That strange feeling that someone is following you… It occurs to me now that possessing a relic is pretty much pointless presently as long as someone has the Go-Faster Gloves. There’s absolutely no way for me to outrun Alethiophile in the long run. And presently, even in the short run :P Oh well. Easy come, easy go. Aquafraternally Yours 01/10/10 4 01/10/10
Next stop: Valhalla Oh, mighty Oracle of Delphi, please bestow upon me the arcane location of the mighty Ring of Pain and smite my enemies with the smoldering fury of Zeus. Ok, ok… I’ll settle for only the Ring. I’ll just ask Thor to do my dirty work. Aquafraternally Yours 01/07/10 0
Comment Tracking? Is there any easier way to track new comments? The deluge of email seems a little cludgy. Is there an RSS equivalent for tracking new comments to posts? Apologies in advance if this is a newbie question. Aquafraternally Yours 01/04/10 4 01/04/10
Aquafraternally Yours joins the madness? Greetings, folks! I’m newly registered. This all looks just a bit daunting, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I go along ;)—Aquafraternally Yours Aquafraternally Yours 01/02/10 14 01/10/10