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Call For Judgment: Two Orders In the Eighth Watch, derrick can make up to two Orders. Farsight 08/22/19 4 08/22/19
Story Post: The Eighth Watch So I’ve belatedly implemented derrick’s order from last watch, and I’m going to post a CfJ to rectify my mistake. The eighth Watch begins at 20:27pm 22/8/19, and ends 20:27pm 24/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log. P.S.… Farsight 08/22/19 0
Story Post: The Seventh Watch Some action to report: Kevan’s Submarine sends another torpedo smashing into the Blue port, if this carries on, the Blue Team will be in trouble! Also, sorry for the low-quality Chart this time, (not sure what happened, but I was on my laptop - desktop again next Watch). The seventh… Farsight 08/20/19 3 08/21/19
Story Post: The Sixth Watch Some action to report: Auld Anchorage has been invaded by derrick, TyGuy6 is still pillaging the sea floor for treasure, and Kevan’s submarine has torpedoed the vessels in the Blue Port. Such skulduggery! Also, I’ve added colour to the Chart to show the allegiances of the ports. The sixth Watch… Farsight 08/18/19 2 08/20/19
Story Post: The Fifth Watch The fifth Watch begins at 15:04pm 16/8/19, and ends 15:03pm 18/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log. P.S. don’t forget to add your Vessel’s facings when giving orders! Farsight 08/16/19 0
Story Post: The Fourth Watch A few more Vessels created (with another collision in the Blue Port!) and some manoeuvring on the high seas. The fourth Watch begins at 14:37pm 14/8/19, and ends 14:37pm 16/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log. P.S. don’t… Farsight 08/14/19 7 08/15/19
Story Post: The Third Watch Several new Vessels have been built this Watch, along with two unsuccessful dives (due to the proposal Outfitting the Fleets). The third Watch begins at 12:48pm 12/8/19, and ends 12:48pm 14/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log. Farsight 08/12/19 4 08/12/19
Story Post: The Second Watch Most orders from the previous Watch invalidated, The Red October does some target practice on square 30. The second Watch begins at 09:19pm 10/8/19, and ends 09:19pm 12/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. Sorry for the delay folks, back on track now! The current Chart:… Farsight 08/10/19 5 08/12/19
Story Post: The First Watch The first Watch begins at 12:11pm 5/8/19, and ends 12:11pm 7/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. Good fortune, ladies and gentlemen of the sea! The current Chart:’s_Log (This is the Hotfixed Chart - edited to show data for the Red October) Farsight 08/05/19 2 08/08/19
Ascension Address: All Ahead Full Despite the discord and in-fighting between the Royal Wizards, the War against the Western Kingdoms was won, their armies driven back to the sea by hordes of magically mutated war-beasts. However, the fall of the West was good news for others. The island nations of the Great Sea, long held… Farsight 07/29/19 0
Duel update Having received no battle plans within 48 hours for the “This forest ain’t big enough for the two of us” duel, a GNDT dice roll has determined Kaia to be the Triumphant. Farsight 07/18/19 1 07/18/19
Royal Duel Rumble in the Royal Forest Announcing a duel in the Royal Forest: Valid opponents: Kaia Valid judges: Cuddlebeam Farsight 07/15/19 5 07/17/19
Portrait: Winged Gaudy Venomous Swan Behold the swan in all its wrongness! Farsight 07/09/19 2 07/09/19
T minus . . . The final drop post was closed by a comment made at 05:04:53 on 21/06/2019, which, unless I’m very much mistaken, means we will be able to make Declarations of Victory from 17:04:53 on 22/06/2019. I don’t know about you, but I’ve enjoyed this dynasty! Farsight 06/21/19 8 06/24/19
Story Post: Research Station The next module contained two state-of-the-art particle accelerators, along with a dedicated O2 scrubber and even crew bunks to allow for round-the-clock observations. Now the research could REALLY begin! Drop a T-block consisting of the following modules: 1. Hydroponics, 2. Research, 3. Research, 4. Quarters. Farsight 06/17/19 6 06/19/19
Drop Post: GM Crops The latest addition to the moonbase floated into view - an advanced bio-engineering lab, to develop new food crops for the lunar environment. An O-Block with the following modules: 1. Research, 2. Hydroponics, 3. Quarters, 4. Quarters. Farsight 06/07/19 6 06/09/19
Renovations Add to the rule “Sites”: At any time, an Architect may remove one or more Modules from their Site, leaving one or more empty Squares. Farsight 05/31/19 2 05/31/19
Chariot of the Gods “The block sailed serenely into view, sunlight lancing off its enormous hull like divine spears.”  An O-block is dropped with the following modules: 1.Corridor, 2.Dock, 3.Quarters, 4.Hydroponics. Farsight 05/29/19 6 06/01/19
Formal Intention to Become a Player Hello there BlogNomic, my name is Farsight and I hereby submit my formal intention to become a player. Go easy on me for a while! Farsight 05/19/19 1 05/20/19