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Off to Lego Land! Too much going on for me to give this the focus it deserves. Request to Idle. Ambisinister 01/04/11 1 01/04/11
Story Post: Casting Guardian Toothfish Let’s see here… “ritual bait”? Got it. “Appealing blue accents”...guess this scarf will have to do. “14 candles arranged in a decagram”...How is that even…ok, I’ll just put the other four here and here and here and…hmmmm, I guess here. Now I need to draw a… Is that a… How… Ambisinister 11/13/10 2 11/13/10
Count me in. I’m sad I didn’t know about this sooner than now. I would very much like to participate in the next Dynasty. Ambisinister 11/04/10 2 11/04/10