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Tick The countdown to Meta-day is now 6. DDA Commander’s note: You mean 8, right? Note for the note: 7 now. jay 07/06/08 15 07/08/08
Tock The countdown to Meta-day is now 7. jay 06/29/08 2 07/01/08
Tick The countdown to Meta-day is now 8. jay 06/23/08 5 06/26/08
The Overlord’s Pet Thread This proposal passed, so as a game action the Overlord should, at his leisure, choose his favorite from the list of pet names submitted by our Henchmen. jay 05/19/08 8 05/20/08
Alert! Connection problems South American engineers have been stealing our packets all day. jay 05/13/08 3 05/16/08
Helicopter Rescue Per “Admins may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time”, please change the last comma in the Apache Helicopter to a semicolon per the author’s intent. (or say yes and i’ll fix it) jay 05/09/08 3 05/09/08
Private Messages My sidebar says “1 new private message” but when I click it none of my mail folders contain anything. Is it just me? jay 05/02/08 4 05/04/08
IRC The IRC sidebar doesn’t seem to show active users in the #nomic channel any more, which gets in the way of us getting conversations going. Kevan, is that something you can fix? I’ll try to make it a point to keep the channel activated in the meantime. jay 04/29/08 1 04/30/08
End of Week Evil Piggledy Whammicus-bammicus, brassknuckled Henchmen our flyin fists, Physicist’s bloody remains. Prototype Rayguns sit unfired in holsters as unconstitutional violence reigns. Take Europe - Join the Operation! jay 04/27/08 1 05/01/08
A Posting of a Poem My previous posting was during hiatus and was therefor not a game action. I hereby submit my weekly Limerick from North America as a game action, conveniently linked rather than re-pasted. jay 04/18/08 2 04/21/08
(Evil Poem) Ode to Global Enslavement Purplebeard’s Henchmen take heed Our Overlord’s mighty indeed Our quorum’s eleven On continents seven It’s time for his Plans to succeed Propose his next step to Upheaval Our merciless Evil Knievel But stupid proposal? The garbage disposal! Don’t make him go all medieval jay 04/17/08 1 04/18/08
Jet Lag and Frequent Flyer Miles Create a Rule named “Jet Lag and Frequent Flyer Miles” that reads: A Henchman may not use more than one Free Plane Ticket in a 48 hour period. A Henchman will receive 1 Frequent Flyer Mile per Free Plane Ticket trip. Free Plane Tickets and Frequent Flyer Miles may be… jay 04/17/08 4 04/17/08
Story Post: remove remove jay 04/16/08 0
Story Post: remove remove jay 04/16/08 0
Henchman Redshirt reporting for duty I do solemnly swear by all that is vile and evil that I will follow any and all orders set forth by the Overlord and will do whatever it takes to achieve world domination. Quorum rises to 11. -Ornithopter jay 04/13/08 1 04/13/08