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How great thou art? With the idles and unidles, Art is the Apex and Knowlege is Nadir. Does this mean Advanced Painting is automatically complete? Chivalrybean 03/10/11 2 03/10/11
Subrincinator idle quorum stay same. Chivalrybean 03/08/11 0
Story Post: jinx me and josh update voting at same time. do me and josh get special award? Chivalrybean 02/27/11 5 02/27/11
Food found Found a plant trail, small, but close. For some reason the spider bit Bucky. Chivalrybean 02/13/11 2 02/14/11
I was’ant paying anttention. When I joined, I did not take food from the queen, I just had 0 until transferred 3 food to myself from the queen as a weekly action. I did not realize this until today. Should I take any action to fix this, or no? Also, would a CfJ be… Chivalrybean 01/31/11 1 01/31/11
Story Post: Give it a whack Have ant you! Chivalrybean 01/29/11 0
Chantpions If I had read William’s comments and had a chance to respond before it was failed, I might have changed my vote. I didn’t understand the intent at the time. Chivalrybean 01/26/11 0
I’m back! Been an age since I’ve been here, but I am back. It’ll take a while to get into the swing on things, but I’m sure it will all come back to me. I do believe I’m an ant now ... Chivalrybean 01/24/11 4 01/25/11
Catching up This dynasty looks interesting. I’ll try to catch up and join. I’m still recovering from winning NaNoWriMo (Write 50,000 words in the 30 days on November). Don’t unidle me yet. I just wanted to say hi and post some ‘yay me!’ for finishing NanoWriMo {:0p It’s good to see Blognomic… Chivalrybean 12/03/08 8 12/03/08
Dropping out, but I’ll be a vice for you I think I’m going to pass on this dynasty. I am going idle. Chivalrybean 08/07/08 0
GNDT issue I don’t know if it is coded this way on purpose, but the GNDT hangs on to whatever values you type in, so say you change Clucky’s gold, then make a roll, if you forgot to clear out the Gold field, it’ll update you own gold as well. This is… Chivalrybean 07/27/08 1 07/27/08
I cast a spell! Lesse if I remember how to unidle myself.. Chivalrybean 07/12/08 0
No time to be evil Sorry I went idle, 12 hour work days, moving, baby due to be born in about a month, no time for BN right now, even though this dynasty looks really fun! Chivalrybean 04/24/08 0
Moving to a larger lair I’m moving today and wont have internet until Monday, just so ya’ll know. Not going idle, just wont be around for a couple days. Chivalrybean 04/12/08 0
Many overboard, walking the plank, and one guy didn’t survive the keelhauling. The following have gone idle. Dustin gr4nf Logan Lugosh LykeX spikebrennan Yoda* 11 still active, quorum is 6. Chivalrybean 03/30/08 0
GNDT Location Update I took the liberty of updating everyone who was at Port to Home Land. This is essentially the same thing, the name was just changed. Chivalrybean 03/16/08 1 03/16/08
I need a judge please! On this insult swordfight, I have not got a reply for some time, and I would like it to be judged. Thanks. Chivalrybean 03/16/08 0
An insult echoes from the shadows Tekneek, your foul smelling kind make me puke, you vacuous, malodorous, heap of parrot droppings.Stay your sword, or in your grog-fevered stupor, you may cut yourself. (and thusly you are challenged to a insult duel) Chivalrybean 03/10/08 3 03/16/08
The Train stops, two get off. I’ve activated JoshuaGross and arthexis, quorum is 7. Chivalrybean 03/02/08 2 03/02/08
Wild Wiki West Does anyone need added to the Wiki? I’m trying to become a wiki admin, but haven’t gotten in contact with 75th Trombone yet. I believe you can email Kevan and he can drop in to activate your wiki account. Chivalrybean 02/28/08 0
It lost its stick - Hand #3 I tried to re-stick Hand 3, but to no avail. Just an FYI. Last I checked it was Night’s move. Chivalrybean 02/10/08 0
Cards on Sidebar I updated the sidebar to reflect the community cards. Does this help? Chivalrybean 02/09/08 4 02/11/08
Zypher, your deal. I updated the GNDT with the Poker Table column. Zypher won the button. I used to generate a random number then counted from top of GNDT list. I moved the poker hands document to it’s own page as well, and will be creating the link on the main page… Chivalrybean 01/02/08 2 01/02/08
The Others have Jack Jack is idle. Most Recent Entry December 15, 2007 05:09 PM Most Recent Comment December 23, 2007 04:24 PM Quorum is now 6 Chivalrybean 01/01/08 0
Aaron Idles out. Assuming I’m reading the timestamps right, Aaron is idle. Hasn’t logged in in 7 days. I’ll propose a CfJ to deal Spike the Emperor card. Chivalrybean 12/30/07 0
Third try is the Charm Lise makes a device! It has 1 point. I suggest a device that adds +1 to a Valkyries total scholastic score if it is held by any Einherjar she owns. Maybe it’s a little device that holds knowledge. Chivalrybean 12/16/07 2 12/18/07
A Penalty Challenged Challenge Is Ride of the Valkyries still a valid challenge with the new rules update? It was legal at it’s post time. Has Yoda’s attempt been processed? Chivalrybean 12/13/07 0
Yggdrasil Challenge: The Ride of the Valkyries Summary: Some of the winged horses of the Valkyries have gotten loose from their pens, you must bring them back. Challenge Rating: 5 Prize: 5 Chivalrybean 12/10/07 3 12/10/07
Question If I want to make a new Einherjar, do I still post it in the sticky post up top, even thoguht it’s older? Chivalrybean 12/08/07 0
Einherjar candidate: Nellie Bly Name: Nellie Bly Femaile, Sane, Honorable * Moxie 8 (Feigned insanity to do an undercover report in asylums) * Artistry 5 (Writer) * Tinkering 5 (She invented and patented six items, including three utility patents for trash cans, two for milk cans, and one design patent for a stand.) *… Chivalrybean 11/29/07 0
The Lowdown on Loki A bit of trivia about Loki Chivalrybean 11/27/07 0
Einherjar candidate: Gary Gordon Name: Gary Gordon Known for dying alongside Randy Shughart in the effort to save a fellow soldier knowing that chances of survival were very low. The soldier they tried to save, Mike Durant, survived. Gary was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. * Combat 6-8 (Soldier) * Moxie 5-8 (Didn’t… Chivalrybean 11/27/07 3 11/27/07
Einherjar Summoning: Cthulhu Name: Cthulhu * Scholasticism 10 (the Great Old Ones are telepathic and “knew all that was occurring in the universe”) * Combat -10 (Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn) * Artistry 10 (They were able to communicate with the first humans by “moulding their dreams” Takes a lotta talent to… Chivalrybean 11/21/07 12 11/23/07
Einherjar Candidate: Johnny Appleseed Name: Johnny Appleseed * Scholasticism 2 (In 1792, 18-year-old Chapman went west, taking 11-year-old half-brother Nathaniel with him. Their destination was the headwaters of the Susquehanna. There are stories of him practicing his nurseryman craft in the Wilkes-Barre area and of picking seeds from the pomace at Potomac cider mills… Chivalrybean 11/21/07 4 11/21/07
Emphasis Can someone change the emphasis color for posts? I tried to find it, but I decided I shouldn’t poke around and break something. Thanks. Chivalrybean 11/20/07 2 11/21/07
Einherjar Candidate: Alfred Hitchcock Name: Alfred Hitchcock * Wit High * Scholasticism Mid * Combat:: Low to bad (Though his movies could be violent…) * Artistry: High * Charisma: Mid to High (Seemed likeable) * Mysticism: Mid. * Male * Sane (not sure on this one: I’m frightened of eggs, worse than frightened, they… Chivalrybean 11/19/07 2 11/21/07
Einherjar candidate: Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow * Wit (represents cleverness/sense of humor and related personality traits) 8 * Scholasticism (represents intelligence, scholarship and academic achievment) 1 * Combat (means what you think it means) 7 * Moxie (represents luck, pluck and charm) 5 * Artistry (represents exceptional talent in the arts, music, literature… Chivalrybean 11/19/07 4 11/19/07
The safety is on Am I correct in saying that according to the rules, guns bullets do nothing? Wasn’t there a silver bullets rule? Was it removed? Chivalrybean 11/04/07 3 11/04/07
Nothing unexpected. For what it’s worth, I verified that Spike was a human. Chivalrybean 11/03/07 0
Of Silver and Wolfsbane Long into the night, the Alchemist studies the bodies of all the deceased. Carefully taking samples of blood, skin and teeth, he performs tests on them all. The first bodies of the dead, that of the Mayor and of the Gunsmith, nothing abnormal is found. The two upstanding members of… Chivalrybean 10/29/07 5 10/29/07
Error I enacted the town meeting to toss Bucky in jail before it was legal, but it would have had no effect anyways, pass or fail, for Bucky has already passed on. I shall be more careful in the future. Chivalrybean 10/27/07 0
Change of Heart I cannot do it. I simply cannot leave my trade. Perhaps I can help the lychanthropes become normal again. I didn’t see that the barber occupation was already taken, making my move illigal. I just changed it back to alchemist. Chivalrybean 10/19/07 2 10/19/07
Wary of Alchemy Due to the already werewolf fearful population, many townfolk are wary of my alchemy. It makes them nervious. I think I shall go to my fathers trade until the town is more accepting. I shall become a barber. Chivalrybean 10/19/07 0
The Post Office The Post Office has now opened in Zahndorf. This page can hold the preferred contacts of players for easier tracking. Chivalrybean 10/18/07 5 10/18/07
New Address For me email, please use chivalrybean at thebeandom d o t co m I can check this most anywhere. Chivalrybean 10/17/07 1 10/17/07
Silent powers? Currently, there is no tracking of when a Kaiju power is used, other then wiki history. Perhaps enacting a rule for that would be wise, unless we want to keep them more secret. Chivalrybean 10/02/07 2 10/02/07
Throw the fight! When For Good, or for Awesome passed, the section in the rules for a [monsters] attacks [monster] was not updated. I’m not sure if any other changes were not done. Chivalrybean 10/01/07 2 10/02/07
A spark of hope over the city. Sparks has been created. The Wiki page is made and currently only needs Kevan’s image and the blank threat ratings filled out. Chivalrybean 09/30/07 3 10/03/07
Hmm I haven’t got a chance to really look over this, but it’s a comic called Twisted Kaiju Theater. Chivalrybean 09/26/07 0
Media Cover Ups? After posting to the Media Circus today with a post with two monster names, I realized that it may not be a legal post. I re-read the rule and then became somewhat confused. The portion in question reads: If this headline contains one (and only one) of the bolded headline… Chivalrybean 09/25/07 3 09/25/07
Tinker tinker. Ideas: reword current rumble rules to only allow a 1/3rd creator of a monster to pick a fight. Each 1/3rd creator controls how the energy points are spent. Losing moves the monster to an Outer Region and lowers their threat rating, raising the rating on the winning monster. Monsters energy… Chivalrybean 09/17/07 2 09/18/07
Robot: Sparks Rising high in the Tokyo Skyline, Sparks is ready to defend the City from anything. Chivalrybean 09/15/07 5 09/30/07
Framework for monster fights. Here are some general ideas for monster fighting. I based it off of Rumble. Monsters have 50 energy. Kaiju have powers. Monsters are defeated in energy is 0. Defeated monsters return to an outer region and regain health. Kaiju allocate the energy each turn secretly, some towards attacking other monsters/(robots?),… Chivalrybean 09/14/07 8 09/19/07
Discussion: Monster Mechanics How would you prefer to do monster fights? Should monsters have a health attribute that be lowered, and at 0 the monster dies? What about Kaiju have health that gets lowered when monsters under their control are hurt? Would you prefer random effects of powers, or more a Rock Paper… Chivalrybean 09/14/07 5 09/14/07
Baeltor in the Middle Baeltor is on the Wiki, needs the midsection posted. Chivalrybean 09/13/07 2 09/14/07
Monster: Maestroth (Third) The piping stops, the man collapses from fright, the effigy falling to the ground. But, a large bird swoops down and grasps the small effigy in it’s talons. As it swoops towards the skies, the piping begins again… Chivalrybean 09/13/07 4 10/01/07
Rampaging monsters and rebuilding Any ideas on how to handle monsters fighting? I’d think something based on their initial threat rating, and a random factor. The result can wound a monster, and of course, destroy buildings. Adding in an army would be fun. Please post your suggestions! Chivalrybean 09/09/07 7 09/10/07
Monster: Maestroth (Second time) With a feeble hand, the lone believer on top of the cities rooftops raises the effigy into the sky, and chants a blasphemous chorus into the night skies… The piping begins to resonate from the clouds… Chivalrybean 09/09/07 10 09/13/07
Maestroth calls from Elder Space It is now legal to finish Maestroth Chivalrybean 09/08/07 3 09/09/07
Monster: Maestroth That piping! That horrible piping! It comes from the sky. I dare not look up and catch a glimpse of that unspeakable terror that floats across the sky in such a unfathomable way. Oh that piping! It is a music that etches unholy melodies and unthinkable measures into the mind! Chivalrybean 09/03/07 19 09/09/07
posting monster pictures In the wiki, at least on my screen, of you post the pictures as follows: pic1 pic2 pic3 ...they aren’t stacked. If you post then this way: pic1 pic2 pic3 ...they stack with only a minimal white space between them. Just a note {:0) Chivalrybean 09/03/07 6 09/03/07
Dances Page I created this to keep track of the dances made so far. Chivalrybean 08/06/07 0
Proposal: Piper (Daemon Research) or Ponus Remixed Add the following text to the rule Daemons as a subrule and call it Piper.  Summoning Cost: 4 Any corporation employing Piper may produce Souls equal to the square-root of production points allocated to production times 2, instead of the usual square-root of production points allocated.  Now with less Plagiarism! Chivalrybean 07/26/07 1 07/26/07
A question for clarity. This is simply to expand my knowlege. The formula is -5R+C. I’ll use myself as an example. R + C is -57 + 146 = 89. Then it is multiplied by negative five, correct? That would equal -455. Now, obviously the spirit of the rule was not to make cash… Chivalrybean 07/24/07 3 07/24/07
Story Post: For Hire: The Flaming Destroyer Since it seems that this is getting to be violent, I’d like to get in on the action. For 8 souls and $50M (a negotiable price), I will send forth Ifrit at full force against anyone you wish. Just Escrow the goods to me in a manner that suits you,… Chivalrybean 07/18/07 0
Story Post: Ifrit burns away some compitition Spending 8 souls, I sent forth Ifrit against Kevan. Ifrit destroyed five souls in a dastardly fire. Kevan now has 6 offices and factories (combined) and only 5 souls. Chivalrybean 07/10/07 3 07/12/07
Story Post: Escrow Cancelled: Chivalrybean to Brendan This escrow cancelled Chivalrybean 07/10/07 0
Story Post: Escrow Cancelled: Chivalrybean to Bucky This escrow cancelled EDIT: This title is wrong. I wrote down wrong name. Chivalrybean 07/10/07 0
Escrow: Chivalrybean to Brendan Escrow: $20M Condition: Transfer of right of Baal to Chivalrybean. Chivalrybean 07/09/07 0
Escrow Cancelled: Chivalrybean to Kevan Canceled This Escrow Chivalrybean 07/09/07 0
Story Post: Escrow: Chivalrybean to Kevan Escrow for: $20M Condition: Transfer of Naming Rights of Baal to Chivalrybean. Chivalrybean 07/09/07 1 07/09/07
Escrow: Chivalrybean to Brendan OR Kevan OR Chronos Phaenon OR Alethiophile OR Clucky $20M will be awarded to the first Corporation to transfer the Naming Rights of Baal to Chivalrybean. To determine who was the first to do this, post a affirming response comment to this post, then update the GNDT and the Inventories page. Chivalrybean 07/08/07 2 07/08/07
Story Post: All this daemon summoning is messing up the timeline… I updated my inventory at 20:19, 5 Jul 2007 Chivalrybean m (→Inventory: Chivalry Productions (Chivalrybean)) to the following: 1.1 Inventory: Chivalry Productions (Chivalrybean) Current Production: 36 (square of 6) (Current Credit is -$45M) Cash: 11 (should produce $11M) Factories: 0 Offices: 0 Souls: 25 (Will produce (5 -1) Includes daemon… Chivalrybean 07/06/07 4 07/06/07
Ifrit Rewording Change the text of the rule Ifrit to read As a Daily Action, the employer of Ifrit may pay up to 8 souls to Ifrit. Then, in the GNDT roll, 1DICEX, where X is the number of souls paid divided by 2, rounded down, plus one(1). They may then target… Chivalrybean 07/03/07 6 07/05/07
Going clean for a while… I unsummoned my daemon, and my patented phrase is now “the Government Advances Time” I tried with all my might to update the wiki, but it wouldn’t work for some reason. Chivalrybean 07/02/07 2 07/02/07
It at first your fiendesh plot fails,  Try try again. After a failed attempt at world domination, I change my patented phrase to: The * Advances Time. Chivalrybean 06/23/07 0
A second attempt at Waste Alchemy Daemons Create a sub rule in Daemons called Waste Alchemy Daemon with this text to follow it: Summoning cost: 2 souls When a corporation controls a Waste Alchemy Daemon any excess resources from each area of production (Factories, offices, souls, etc) is added together, excluding Cash. The sum of this calculation… Chivalrybean 06/22/07 6 06/23/07
A fiendish plot!! Using the newfound unspeakable powers of darkness, I change my patented phrase to Posted by * at I think I lost some sanity points. Chivalrybean 06/22/07 5 06/23/07
Story Post: Patenting a Phrase Due to my companies innovative and creative mindset, we have decided to make out patented phrase “Add a new rule”. I hopefully will find a way to add the Patented Phrases page to the Wiki to fully complete this move. Chivalrybean 06/10/07 0
Story Post: Two simple pieces I made one part that will push things to the left. I thought about making a complex part that would push things both left and right, but decided that would waste resources to have something do two things when it may only need to do one, so I just reversed… Chivalrybean 05/30/07 2 05/31/07
Story Post: To heck with safety, more fire! I made a trebuchet. It’s in the created parts page. I don’t reccomend drinking water near it. Chivalrybean 05/25/07 0
Story Post: Parts Needed This data I state about the machine’s good parts And what we need made But first I must state The Cow may break the rules set and may need removed For it will walk on The parts that are the same size Illigal this is—- There is no fire to… Chivalrybean 05/24/07 0
Story Post: Flaming Bovine Experement While trying to cook a hamburger and inadvertantly using a whole, living cow, I created a new part that may be of some benefit to the machine. Behold the MFC. Chivalrybean 05/14/07 1 05/24/07
Story Post: Question: Curious: Why does my post not change the rules set? It adds the rule under Wages and makes an entry 2.2.2. Perhaps I am not understanding something. Chivalrybean 05/13/07 4 05/14/07
First tinkering The new guy grabs a set of tools and spare parts and creates a Radio Transmitter and sets it up in the Created Pieces to see what happens. Chivalrybean 05/10/07 0