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i am return may i pls be unidled once more Aft3rwards 09/20/16 4 09/20/16
Scouting: The Island of Barnacle Beach I head to Auld Anchorage, searching for a Navy captain. “hey navy dude,” i say, “theres a shipwreck over at Barnacle Beach, u should go check it out maybe” Aft3rwards 08/14/16 1 08/14/16
Exploration: The Island of Barnacle Beach I find myself surrounded by barnacles, and decide to see if there’s anything else on this damn beach. Aft3rwards 08/13/16 1 08/13/16
hello i am back can i be unidled pls Aft3rwards 08/06/16 3 08/07/16
am i doing it right can i pls be a scribe pls Aft3rwards 06/29/16 2 06/29/16