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I keep doing this Unidle me, please. Now I’m done with work orientation, I have more time SupernovaStarbright 07/01/22 1 07/01/22
Unidling Would somebody mind unidling me? I really need to stop losing track of time so badly SupernovaStarbright 06/15/22 1 06/15/22
Unidling as well Hi would someone unidle the newly minted high school graduate please and thank you SupernovaStarbright 05/20/22 3 05/20/22
Appearing From an Interdimensional Portal After a Dynasty-Long Fall (AKA Unidle with Flavor) Please unidle me, I have more free time and the mental space to play now :) SupernovaStarbright 03/23/22 1 03/23/22
Idle Star Pease idle me, I have some real life stuff going on right now and I don’t have the mental capacity to keep track of BN right now.. SupernovaStarbright 02/28/22 2 03/01/22
Idle me please and thank you Visiting my mother’s house for the next week and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get online, so idling for a bit is probably best. SupernovaStarbright 12/27/21 1 12/27/21
Unsuspicious Unidling Please make me an active player again SupernovaStarbright 12/05/21 1 12/05/21
Announcing my intention to unidle A formal request by SupernovaStarbright to become an active cell SupernovaStarbright 09/09/21 1 09/09/21
HI! NIce to meet you all! I’m new here, and just wanted to say hi! I’m joining the game as a player, so here’s to me hopefully learning all of the current rules :) This is my formal request to become an AI, I suppose, so there’s that too. I may be on and off, but… SupernovaStarbright 05/08/21 4 05/09/21