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Blood! Please unidle Subrincinator. Subrincinator 07/03/11 1 07/03/11
Startup: Housing Bubble (HBL) Housing Bubble is a real estate broker that sells mortgages to financially unstable people at exorbitant interest rates. HBL then repackages the loans and sells them to third-party investors as high-quality investments. When the debtors default on their mortgages, the third-party investors lose their money but Housing Bubble has already… Subrincinator 05/01/11 2 05/01/11
Out of Nidd Please de-idle Subrincinator. Subrincinator 03/31/11 2 03/31/11
wait… we haven’t invented the internet yet Subrincinator ponders the possibility of living in a prehistoric world by means of the internet. This is too much for his poor brain, and his hard drive crashes. He is offline, out of commission, and very, very idle. Subrincinator 03/07/11 1 03/08/11
Story Post: learn grunt: advanced painting this learn think needs cave painting and tools. the cost of this learn think is ten and ten and ten. the field of this learn think is art. the effect of this learn think is that cavemen can use brushes to make very nice paintings instead of just finger scribbles… Subrincinator 02/27/11 8 03/01/11
now the hole is filled remove the research project called filling hole from the research projects wiki page. Subrincinator 02/27/11 1 02/27/11
Back from Safari Please de-idle Subrincinator. Subrincinator 01/15/11 2 01/15/11
Idle Subrincinator Please idle Subrincinator. Subrincinator 01/08/11 1 01/08/11
White Elephant’s Dilemma I’d like to propose a special gift-exchange rule for the 25th of December. But I need help figuring out the parameters. This is also an opportunity, if you don’t like the idea in general, to let me know before I go to the trouble of proposing it. The idea is… Subrincinator 12/19/10 3 12/20/10
Story Post: Unto us a Child is born Her name is Svetlana Tarpova. Status: Child Spouse: None Legacy: None Vulnerability: Material Subrincinator 12/14/10 6 12/15/10
Story Post: Meddling with Johnny Generic Johnny ages rapidly as he is blown sky-high by the gas explosion lit by the Divinity Consus. He finally lands on firm ground, an older man and wiser. But as he walks towards home, eager to greet Ma and Pa again, he notices a dog-specific well and peers inside. There,… Subrincinator 12/12/10 10 12/15/10
Story Post: Meddling with Johnny Generic Johnny Generic is a very ordinary child, and is playing in a very ordinary pasture when he suddenly trips and falls down into the bottom of a very ordinary abandoned well. His faithful border collie, Sassie, gazes down into the well and barks plaintively. “Sassie!” shouts Johnny. “Run home! Get… Subrincinator 12/05/10 15 12/07/10
Proposal: Jealous Gods Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Worshipers:” In the city of Rome there are one hundred Citizens. Each Citizen belongs to one of the following castes: Senator (ten citizens) Merchant (fifteen citizens) Laborer (twenty-five citizens) Farmer (fifty citizens) A Citizen who worships exactly zero Divinities is called an… Subrincinator 11/30/10 11 12/01/10
New Student My name is Buddhagazelle, I have just joined Professor Abalone’s School. I have nothing more to say at this time. I look forward to learning. Subrincinator 11/27/10 1 11/27/10