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I’ve an imagination too! Hey everybody! I unidle. Quorum is 4. Spitemaster 05/02/16 1 05/03/16
Shutdown in Effect Enact a new rule, “Shutdown”, with the text “MUST: The Government of Blognomic is shut down. No MN can win.” Spitemaster 10/19/13 2 10/19/13
Ascension Address: Let’s have some Tea Honourable Members of the Nomic, We, the Government of Blognomic, have entered a Shutdown. Democracy has been suspended! Until this government can come together in agreement, we cannot proceed with the regular operations of Blognomic. Only if you work together can we end this shutdown. Repeal all dynastic rules. Replace… Spitemaster 10/19/13 2 10/19/13
Proposed theme I don’t know if it would be considered to be extremely poor taste, but I’d like to run a “Government Shutdown” dynasty. Would you be okay with that, or should I go with a different idea? Spitemaster 10/18/13 7 10/19/13
Replicators Add a Power entitled “Create”: [Apprentice] gains one Totem. Cost:1*{1/3 of the number of Totems owned by Apprentices+2/3 of the number of Totems owned by Apprentices at a Location that the Caster is at} Spitemaster 09/19/13 1 09/20/13
Question: Purplebeard: Is your style in People? Is your style in People? Spitemaster 08/05/13 0
Atomization I unidle. Shouldn’t the ‘Truths’ page no longer be listed as a current document? Spitemaster 07/15/13 6 07/17/13
Non-space station trading I noticed that a number of Captains (Quirck, Purplebeard recently) have been trading goods as if they were space stations (Rule 2.3.1 now only allows space stations to trade like that). What’s the proper procedure to correct mistakes like this? Spitemaster 03/14/13 2 03/15/13
Story Post: SPECTRO: Namek Namek is Black. Spitemaster 03/04/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Gliese Gliese is Turquoise. Spitemaster 03/04/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Pollux Pollux appears to be Turquoise. Spitemaster 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Vega I’m colourblind, but my sensors indicate that Vega is Green. Spitemaster 03/03/13 0
Story Post: SPECTRO: Monocerous Monocerous is green. Also, the title still says “Fourth dynasty of scshunt” Spitemaster 03/01/13 0
Story Post: TABLOID HEADLINE: It’s a meta-tabloid! In this TABLOID HEADLINE, Purplebeard asserts that Josh’s statements are contradictory: ... the Commitments don’t need to be false or even mutually exclusive, just contradictory.  BUT in a comment on this CFJ Purplebeard agrees that they are perfectly compatable: The statements themselves are in direct opposition, even though their contextual… Spitemaster 02/05/13 4 02/06/13
I have returned. I unidle. Please? Spitemaster 01/26/13 1 01/27/13
Blockade: Blockade Route So, Blockade routes are up to 13. Let’s see how long this can go before it becomes inordinately silly. Spitemaster 01/02/12 2 01/02/12
Blockade: Blockade Route I do need to make another post for this, right? Blockade = 11 now. Spitemaster 12/30/11 0
Story Post: Blockade: Golden Route All ye who would Scout a Golden Route: Be warned. They cost two more. Spitemaster 12/27/11 16 01/03/12
Draft: Debt Problems In today’s economy, the Government can run out of SPs. This is an unfortunate occurrence. Fortunately, there are methods for the Government to get out of debt. Add a new subrule to “The Government”, titled “Printing Money”: If any action would cause the Government to have 0 or less SPs,… Spitemaster 10/31/11 4 10/31/11
Proposal: Raising the Stakes If the Rule “Dead Body Collection Service” exists,replace: If a player Represented by a Proposal votes AGAINST that Proposal, it counts as if the author of that Proposal has voted AGAINST it (in other words, it has been Self-Killed), for the purposes of the rule “1.6 Resolution of Proposals”. With:… Spitemaster 10/26/11 3 10/26/11
Let’s try this again. I humbly request deidlement. Spitemaster 10/21/11 1 10/21/11
I’m new here, obviously Hi! ...That’s all I really have to say. Spitemaster 08/18/10 2 08/18/10