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I’m back. I unidle. Quorum is unchanged. SingularByte 10/27/11 0
Returning I’m unidling myself. SingularByte 05/17/11 1 05/17/11
Unidling myself I unidle myself. SingularByte 12/11/09 1 12/11/09
Complaining I hate this dynasty. It just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, what genius thought time travel would make a good subject for a dynasty? And green? Why would anyone pick green as a background colour? Okay, I’ll stop complaining now. The preceding is entirely fictional and does not represent… SingularByte 08/13/09 10 08/13/09
Good deeds If anyone wants to add their name to a step but can’t edit the wiki, just say what step you’ve done in a comment and someone will add it for you. SingularByte 08/05/09 4 08/06/09
I’m back I’m unidling. SingularByte 08/01/09 1 08/01/09
Old blognomic pages I’ve added a working link for the old blognomic blogspot pages to the wiki if anyone wants to have a look. It’s on the main page. SingularByte 06/25/09 6 06/26/09
A kind of currency Create a new rule called “Tokens” There exists a GNDT column called tokens. The valid values of it are 0 and any positive integer. A contestant who is “out” may not have any tokens. If a new contestant joins the game, they start with 1 token. Tokens may be spent… SingularByte 05/16/09 2 05/16/09
I’m back. I’ve unidled myself. Quorum is 10. SingularByte 05/15/09 0
Theme ideas Devenger has said he’s unsure what to make the theme so maybe we should think up ideas in this post. SingularByte 03/12/09 16 03/13/09
Unidling I’m unidling myself for the next dynasty. SingularByte 03/12/09 3 03/12/09
Another idle Truman Capote goes idle. SingularByte 03/02/09 0
Idle Wooden squid goes idle because he hasn’t made a post or comment in 7 days. I go idle too. SingularByte 02/26/09 0
Reporting Darth Cliche Darth Cliche questioned the lack of skirmishes with a comment in the current general’s orders. SingularByte 02/21/09 4 02/21/09
Unidle I unidled myself. SingularByte 02/11/09 0
[Guess] Solar System Cooking Contest My guess is the Solar System Cooking contest. SingularByte 01/19/09 2 01/19/09
[Taste] Fish and Reptile Explosive Soup The best word to describe this delicious meal is… painful. The fugu isn’t meant to be properly prepared and the taster is likely to have his stomach explode due to the rocket fuel. I give this recipe 2 thumbs up! SingularByte 01/19/09 4 01/19/09
Story Post: Time Bomb This is the time bomb. Its current timer should be kept up to date in the comments. SingularByte 01/17/09 2 01/21/09
[Guess] Interplanetary Cooking Show I’ve decided maybe I will guess. My guess is an interplanetary cooking show. SingularByte 01/16/09 1 01/16/09
Unidling Can I be unidled now? This seems like an interesting dynasty. SingularByte 01/15/09 1 01/15/09
Illegally repealed Since the encryption technique was revealed, I’ve just realised the removal of GNO’s secrecy rule was repealed. It actually went in the wrong ruleset to begin with. I meant it to go in the main ruleset and said nothing to indicate it would go into GNO’s. Since that’s the case,… SingularByte 01/08/09 0
Going Idle I think it’s time for me to go idle. The theme was fun at first but it just seems like a big stalemate now. As my final diplomatic act for this dynasty, I give the relic to arthexis. SingularByte 01/05/09 4 01/06/09
Coming Back I’d like to be unidled. Will my old GNDT password still work or will I need a new one? SingularByte 12/19/08 1 12/19/08
New Player I’d like to join this nomic so I’m announcing my arrival, as it says in the wiki. I hope I’ve put this in the right place. SingularByte 11/03/08 1 11/03/08