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Story Post: Snap 030: Pansy Bowls NadNavillus 04/13/24 5 04/14/24
Story Post: Snap 028: Underwing NadNavillus 04/10/24 6 04/10/24
Criteria Change snap does not contain a lion 4kdsv 80c405636219ac34b1983dd06dfb2bc08572d0f6aeb5bc2914012a112183a2b3 snap does not contain a tiger 0ujvd cc6291cf64cc1c23ea2ac5dc44b5e068b1ed1d375ce6e2d042d128e72426a6d2 snap does not contain a bear t7kv3 8e713ed7fa3df18df7e0dace05f5d0d965a28ab5deb13ca81aa9e0514c4fd80f snap does not contain a scarecrow 2sd4g eb9939cb2c2d6098376595f3eb321c543f39ca3d7f46817d0690daeb6ccbaa27 snap does not contain a monkey 3hmap 9fc67ef9aa2de653f1cdccda88f105e27c3ff7a0de768173458fc489113731f6 NadNavillus 04/09/24 0
Claiming Outstanding Composition Award I have achieved the Standard for the Outstanding Composition award by having five private Criteria, each of which has an Unsatisfying score of 0 and a Satisfying score of 5 NadNavillus 04/08/24 0
Story Post: Drops NadNavillus 04/06/24 8 04/07/24
Story Post: Snap 022 - In the middle of the road NadNavillus 04/02/24 5 04/04/24
Replacing All Criteria Keeping up with the Jones - snap contains a tree - ec86f794dc9196fe33348c2cd4627899506c5c0b2fca30e1de10dc0a98eb5e09 seed:nady6 snap contains a street - b6f20f401c1c93e80ee34fbdb371faf90b9a20a5fba01d53af72fd821d418785 seed:nady7 snap contains the sky - 0c50c36d7e676be32a644ebac854d3c69d77e8607e02bd3e9e6dc40b59eba955 seed:nady8 snap contains a line - 17f28745e83d9f0638213326fea04856359d6081e751536dac250c40bb105842 seed: xghrd snap contains grass - f2067a99f360e52733096a2e3c360bc239cac43926a3dbbd1c27e347bf915cfd seed;nady9 NadNavillus 04/02/24 0
What I did last summer snap contains a rock - 3ddb43ae4217266be8c5368257489c8a1818402cff9d2efcc9cdfef607439e44 snap contains a female person - a773f725a75f0a10645b49a5d53ed9d7a1dea5b17e4ab84d67ac9a538a31365d snap contains something green - 53d689c3d5841fa08ccd6976656b4030348620508fb824694864d9950d48c2d7 snap contains numbers - 69bf1996b94a2bb3390f2a5d223deb3bfe645cb4de6a4bf81b3538a9cf64438d snap contains a fence - ddc819c110a3e378f26bcd5c3798944dbcb70a9302ff4b49db227e6e2d88fd89 NadNavillus 04/02/24 0
Criteria Change Swapping out my fourth Secret Criteria: 69bf1996b94a2bb3390f2a5d223deb3bfe645cb4de6a4bf81b3538a9cf64438d - snap contains numbers NadNavillus 04/01/24 0
Award: Conceptual Balance This was in error and I have corrected the scoring page————————————————————————————————- I am claiming the Conceptual Balance Award:  Have at least one Private Criteria with a Satisfying score of 4 and an Unsatisfying score of 4, where those scores were obtained from the 8 most recent contiguous Authentic Shots My… NadNavillus 04/01/24 1 04/01/24
Story Post: Snap 018: Good Vintage? NadNavillus 03/30/24 8 04/03/24
Story Post: Snap 015: A Rock Trite: sky, pole NadNavillus 03/26/24 6 03/27/24
Joining Blognomic Hey Everyone, I would like to join the current Dynasty. I understand that I’m probably far behind but I thought I could at least start to understand the game play process. NadNavillus 03/25/24 2 03/25/24