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Ignore this. Forgot to make it a proposal. Ignore this. Thane Q 12/21/10 0
LEGOS? I LOVE LEGOS. Can I be unidled for this? Thane Q 12/18/10 1 12/18/10
Why zombies shouldn’t do Necromancy If the Proposal titled “Why zombies shouldn’t do Necromancy” failed, this Proposal does nothing. All Students whose Condition is Alive immediately have a 50% chance of having their Condition changed. If their Condition is to change, they have a 50% chance of becoming a Zombie, otherwise they become a Ghost. Thane Q 11/09/10 3 11/10/10
Returning I would like my idle to be ended now, and that I rejoin as an active Agent/whatever is next. :) Thane Q 11/04/10 1 11/04/10
Idle request I’m going to need to go idle for a week or two. Thane Q 10/22/10 1 10/22/10
Announcing my arrival May I become a player? Thane Q 09/24/10 1 09/24/10