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got some dirty clothes This is a Laundering Post. I wish to launder $32,825. Trigon 01/14/19 1 01/14/19
After the Raid After the raid on city hall, five names began to be whispered among the people.        Kevan Brendan pokes derrick Trigon   Loyalty Police Police Peace Unknown Govern Accuracy 2 (+4) 5 (+10) 2 (+4) N/A 3 (+6)  Broke taboo Y Y N (+2) Unknown N (+2)  Heat… Trigon 11/22/18 4 11/23/18
Reporting in I file the following report: 62998210c67cb2a4bd425a1b3d0a83f5 Trigon 11/21/18 2 11/21/18
Speaker’s command I command Brendan. My order is as follows: Change activity to Training Trigon 11/09/18 0
Upgrading our Hardware Amend “Running the Program” by doing the following:  Change the text: to read:  Change the text: into the “JavaScript + jQuery 3.3.1” section of the Hardware, with the cursor at line 1 to read: in between the two lines beginning with “//” in the bottom-left section of the… Trigon 10/02/18 1 10/03/18
Wow this place is deserted I stopped playing because this dynasty just didn’t seem that interesting to me. Well, I see it’s time to rejoin, on only because I want this game to survive. Unidle me please. Trigon 08/26/18 4 08/27/18
Deal me in, boys Okay, not actually since the whole card-drawing and playing part hasn’t started yet. But I would like to cease to be idle. Trigon 06/26/18 1 06/26/18
Changing things I change my affinity to Void and spend 3 power to create a void shard. Trigon 11/18/17 1 11/18/17
Trick or treating I spend one treat to get five moves. I travel to the hardware store. I have 4 moves left. I spend 2 treats to equip an expensive superhero costume. I move to Main Street, then to Pumpkin Boulevard, then to Sidewalk, then to the Joneses. I have 0 moves left.… Trigon 10/31/17 1 10/31/17
Sorry for my idleness I’m back now, please unidle me. Trigon 10/27/17 1 10/27/17
I’m joining the game! Hey nerds! Say hello to your newest prince (that’s me). The first Nomic game I played was the reddit-based /r/nommit. That died a few months ago, but I’ve been thinking about joining another one. And today, I did. Trigon 09/12/17 5 09/12/17