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Too much game, not enough time. While I’m enjoying the Dynasty so far, I’ve become a little busy and would be slowing down the Tolling of the Bell should I remain. I idle. Quorum remains at 6. Rodney 06/24/14 0
Houston, we have a problem here. Benzene is about to go idle, and a proposal hasn’t passed for days. No one seems to be doing anything except RaichuKFM and Pizzashark. What now? Rodney 04/20/14 13 04/22/14
Wait, was he ever here? I forgot. Murphy idles out due to inactivity. Rodney 02/10/14 2 02/23/14
Discussion Question How long do we want this dynasty to last? As it stands we’ll run out of food in four WEEKS, plus four more to run out of health, and that’s not counting any food gathering done in the meantime. This is hardly a threat, as something or another will end… Rodney 02/06/14 1 02/06/14
Who am I, and who are you people? Apparently, there are more crew than we thought. I unidle, raising Quorum to five. Rodney 02/05/14 0
For the sake of history I’ve archived the old ruleset as Ruleset100a, being that anyone reading this will be majorly confused—OK, more majorly confused—without it. Rodney 06/17/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 39 The Monarchy has a greater total beard length than any other vegetable group, and I have the highest RBS of any Monarchist (0). Long live the King! Rodney 06/14/12 0
Idle hands baeshra, MrBear, nqeron, and Yonah fall back into chrono-samsara. Quorum falls to 10. Rodney 06/13/12 0
Unblocking a Chakra: Dynasty 81 The poor rule is abused yet again. I hope it can get counseling after this. Apologies for the spam. Rodney 06/10/12 1 06/10/12
[Competition] Golden Medal #5 Any befuddled named Rodney may award themselves a Gold Medal. Rodney 06/10/12 0
[Competition] Golden Medal #3 Any befuddled named Rodney may award themselves a Gold Medal. Rodney 06/10/12 0
[Competition] Golden Medal #2 Any befuddled named Rodney may award themselves a Gold Medal. Rodney 06/10/12 0
[Competition] Golden Medal #4 Any befuddled named Rodney may award themselves a Gold Medal. Rodney 06/10/12 0
[Competition] Golden Medal #1 Any befuddled named Rodney may award themselves a Gold Medal. Rodney 06/10/12 0
The Depths of Oly’pyeh. Today in people noticing things gone horribly wrong, either my feeble mind, unable to bear the ghastly memories of the past, has erected a barrier around the autochthonic horrors it has unwillingly witnessed by disguising them as a harmless kind of athletic competition, or something got mixed up in the… Rodney 06/05/12 0
Joining the party. I unidle. Quorom reaches 22. Rodney 10/21/11 7 10/21/11
Unidletry I unidle. Quorum stays at 9. Rodney 07/17/10 0
I may as well unidle for this emergency. Quorum rises to 9. Rodney 06/22/10 2 06/23/10
I AWAKEN. I unidle. Rodney 05/06/10 2 05/06/10
I don’t check the blog for ONE day… ...and everything goes completely insane. Oh well. I unidle. Quorum stays at… Good grief, 20 players? I think only the First Dynasty of AngryGrasshopper was more active. Anyway, Quorum stays at 10. Rodney 12/20/08 3 12/20/08
Idling self This Dynasty is going too fast for me. Quorum stays at ten. Rodney 11/25/08 0
Since everyone else seems to be doing it… I unidle. Quorum stays at 8. Rodney 09/20/08 2 09/20/08
Oh dear. I found a four-day-old e-mail in my account. It’s from a player (I’m not sure e wanted his name posted…) who attempted to delete his account, and deleted the old blognomic blog instead. The wayback machine has preserved the posts, but as far I can see, not the comments. Any… Rodney 10/20/07 2 10/21/07
Villager++ I’m un-idling. Also, I can see a problem with Bad Moon Rising. If anyone unidles after the Werewolves are selected, they are assuredly not Werewolves. Any ideas? Rodney 10/16/07 2 10/16/07
Monkey++ I’ve unidled. Quorum stays the same. Rodney 07/31/07 0
New and old players. I’ve unidled and added Bobthj the the sidebar. Is it just me, or is this Dynasty incredibly sluggish for some reason? Quorum rises to 6. Rodney 04/15/07 5 04/16/07
Debate on the Motion to return the discussion posts to sanity - 21:55, 7 Mar 2007 (GMT) Whereas, Debates with a single period are ugly-looking, and, Whereas, such Debates require the reader to look up the actual motion page, discouraging causal inquiry, therefore, I move the adoption of the following resolution, Henceforth, all Debate posts must contain somewhere in their Body a copy of the text of… Rodney 03/08/07 0
Fillibusters, anyone? As it currently stands, a Motion’s discussion ends 24 hours after the last comment is posted. However, there’s nothing stopping someone from posting a comment each day and prolonging a Motion indefinitely. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a player. Any random spammer, troll, or idle player could… Rodney 02/27/07 5 02/27/07
Ascension Address: Address to the faculty To the Faculty: It has come to my attention that certain rumours are being spread by certain persons, who I will not name (You know who you are), making all matter of unsubstantiated allegation about the new reservoir. These rumours claim that it is “poisoned” by a “colour” out of… Rodney 11/02/06 5 11/02/06
Doom V2.0 In rule two-three-one The fifth “of” has become a “on” It is coherent. Rodney 10/30/06 3 10/30/06
Doom! I switched and ran Total BL to Tobal BL The end is now here Rodney 10/29/06 0
Modus Ponens I do a Continuum Jump and then a swirl. I fit the requirements for both. Rodney 08/15/06 0
Anomaly detected. I’m here at 1371/11/25, and the Vikings are attacking. This would be all fine and well, if it was three centuries ago. But it happens to be the 14th century, long after the end of the Viking Age. I have to go now, I think the’re about to breach the… Rodney 08/15/06 0
Continum Swirl. I’ve changed the focus date to 1880/6/7. Rodney 08/14/06 4 08/14/06
Notice of re-de-idlement I’m back. Again. Quorum stays at 6. Rodney 07/27/06 0
Notice of de-idlement I’ve unidled myself. Rodney 07/04/06 5 07/04/06
The Junta is illegal Lars has not actually become dictator. And here is why. Let us consider the present Game-state. There is a proposal that dramatically changes the ruleset pending. However, it has not passed. The first sentence of the ruleset states that all Gostaks must obey the ruleset. And there is currently nothing… Rodney 03/31/06 1 03/31/06
Spammers It appears that some sort of Spammerbot, named W3nis, has gotten into the wiki. It attacked one of the old switch pages, putting a large amount of links and whitespace in it. I was able to revert it easily, but it’s only a matter of it until it strikes again.… Rodney 03/28/06 0
Heading to the Crew’s Quarters. I’ll be aheadin’ to the Crew’s Quarters. Those Ninjas have to be around here somewhere… Rodney 01/22/06 0
New orders from the Sandbox. There’s now a new one-word sentence in the Sandbox. Defenistrate. Appearently the sandbox wants us to throw things out windows. Rodney 12/06/05 3 12/06/05
Sanity returns. Maybe. I put the CHICKEN in the Sandbox, thus proposals may act normal. However, the legality of any and all actions may be disputed, as Quazie has pointed out. Rodney 12/05/05 1 12/05/05
Notice: Overhaul of Hiatus System required. It seems that the game runs fine, but should a contested DoV happens, like right now, the game slows down to a snails pace. So, first thing next Dynasty, we should fix those Laws in question, and prevent this from happening in the future. I also think that perhaps DoVs… Rodney 12/01/05 3 12/03/05
DOOM! DOOM!! DOOM!!! After 24 hours, I shall use the power “Ragnarok Call”, spending 2 quint, destroying Glimpse and my temple in New Orleans, to change AngryGrasshopper’s Prophecy to End of Days. This will led to the end of this Dynasty (Finally!). Please calmly head to the nearest government building and begin rioting… Rodney 11/28/05 0
The world turns… the Norse pantheon. I destroyed all Temples, then build one of my temples in each city. I now claim Godhead. Rodney 11/11/05 2 11/11/05
Heimdall blows his Horn… ...As False Odin has started Ragnarok. It is now the Apocalypse. Rodney 11/08/05 0
Unforetunetely for those who owned beach-front property in Valhala… ...A massive Tsunami hit. Only the original Norse settlers survived. The People of Doraith were then liberated from their oppresion from the Greeks by a group of devout Norse pilgrims. As this weaked Greek power, Enki’s followers were able to retake Ur. Rodney 10/31/05 4 11/01/05
While the 950 resdents of Olimpia were celebrating their ill-gotten gains… ...They failed to notice the huge meteor sent by the Aesir. All 950 heretics were destroyed instantly opon the meteor’s impact. The people of R’leyh wisely decided to convert. In other news today, I declare myself Godhead Rodney 10/30/05 9 10/31/05
The Norse take over the world. I created a new City, which gave every other City 100 Norse Pilgrims. Olympia then had 400 total Norse Pilgrims, which overwhelmed the Greek Residants and Settelers. This gave every other City 100 Norse Pilgrims for a total of 500 Pilgrims in each non-Norse City, overwhelming them. Those Vikings seem… Rodney 10/26/05 2 10/27/05
Tremble, mortals, for I am now… ...Godhead. I have 8 temples + 3 Cities. Rodney 10/26/05 0
Cacaxtla is now Norse. Vikings seem to be popular this Dynasty. Rodney 10/26/05 3 10/26/05
Angry Grasshopper has won. CFJ: A Compromise, has passed. Excalabur is now the Adversary, and a Hiatus has started. Rodney 10/21/05 3 10/21/05
Swindle: Excalabur at Area 51 21 of my guys attack Excalibur’s 104. I gain 13797 in HD and nothing happens to excalabur. Rodney 10/20/05 0
Question for Cronos Why haven’t you been fighting Excalibur. He’s attacking your territory. Rodney 10/14/05 3 10/14/05
Assault: Excalabur at Area 51 My group: 1 Excalabur’s Defenders: 51 As -1000000000 is less than 1, I choose it as the amount to reduce each side by. Result My group: 1,000,000,001 Excalibur’s Defenders: 1,000,000,051 Rodney 10/09/05 6 10/10/05
Unfortunetely for Excalibur… ...Tekneek was a Neorobotnik country. Mind Control doesn’t work on mad scientists. Rodney 10/08/05 3 10/09/05
HEY! My market order was legal as the ruleset says “It’s a SELL Order, the Issuer has enough Stock of the listed Commodities to fulfill the Market Order and the H$ XX value is equal to or lesser than the SELL value for that Commodities in the last Market Position at… Rodney 10/07/05 5 10/07/05
Intimidate: Jamuraa at Sinon Enough of this silly mind control bisness Rodney 10/07/05 0
Swindle: Jamuraa at Sinon For 3892 this time. Rodney 10/06/05 3 10/06/05
Hostile Takeover of Sinon 42 Rodney 10/05/05 0
Swindle: Jamuraa at Sinon At a major cost to myself, I’ve got 14 population in Sinon, and I swindle Jamuraa for 2296 HD. Unfortunetly for em, e doesn’t have quite enough and his scout is evicted. Rodney 09/25/05 1 09/25/05
It’s too late now… ...but the DoV wasn’t legal. A square loses it’s red color ater being landed on. But as the DoV passed, it’s to late to go back. Rodney 09/11/05 4 09/11/05
The DoV is illegal. The DoV is illegal. When Proposal: No insta-win was enacted, all the players had their homelands cleared. Chronos is not a Robomuffin. Rodney 09/06/05 0
Running for Leader I want to be leader! Rodney 08/28/05 1 08/29/05
Rodney is Claiming the Throne It’smy turn to be a dictator! Rodney 08/23/05 0
Notice: What happened durring the merge. To prevent more confusion, here is the text of Dynasty Merge:  Change the Ruleset and Gamestate of this game to the Ruleset and Gamestate of the game at and merge the two games together.  The Blogspot game’s Gamestate and Ruleset were both set to the Gamestate and Ruleset of… Rodney 08/22/05 0
Wanted: Core mechanics. We need a core mechanic. Otherwise, this Dynasty will stagnate. Therefore, unless anyone else has a good idea for one I think I’ll repropose the core mechanic from Quazie’s Dynasty. Rodney 08/08/05 0