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[Review Board] Allow Brendan to build Esteemed members of the board, I come to you helmet in hand with a humble request to be AUTHORISEd. Brendan 04/19/23 4 04/23/23
[Search] nyu4u3VZYaQ Location: Makeshift Tent. Brendan 02/26/23 4 02/28/23
[Search] ziAk9TXjkFM It’s a pointy, poky life over here. Location: Makeshift Tent. Brendan 02/25/23 1 02/25/23
[Search] TYQb3FtJfm0 Hope I don’t stumble over anything sharp. Location: Makeshift Tent. Brendan 02/24/23 1 02/25/23
[Search] 0WsuaYh_hkg Yes, this is legal. Brendan 02/17/23 6 02/19/23
O_vsA2F11eo I hereby announce that I am Reinitialising. Brendan 02/16/23 0
wnd1jKcfBRE [Search] I may be technically unconscious and indoors, but I have high hopes for this one. Brendan 02/10/23 8 02/11/23
Caught Sleeping Idling myself. Quorum remains 7. Brendan 12/30/22 0
Relaxation Station Idling myself while I’m traveling. Quorum is unchanged. Brendan 09/07/22 1 09/07/22
It is with some regret that I must idle myself I’d really like to see how this all plays out, but I’m getting married in a week and I just don’t have the attention to spare. Quorum is unchanged. Brendan 03/18/22 2 03/18/22
Deed to the Victory Hut I hereby Pass the Mantle; Josh becomes the new Board Historian. Brendan 02/24/22 0
Mentorship announcements Belatedly, I declare that Tempo (should they return from idleness) is to be Mentored by Josh until the end of the Ninth Dynasty of Brendan or the date is past 18 January, whichever is later; and that Tech is to be Mentored by Brendan until the end of the Ninth… Brendan 01/04/22 0
Ascension Address: Rooooad Triiiiip WOOOOOO Repeal all Dynastic Rules except “Event Types” and “Can Opener.” Set the Special Case rules “Alliances” and “Mantle Limitations” to Active, and set the Special Case rule “Imperial Deferentials” to Inactive; set all other Special Case rules to their default state. Replace the term “Dark One” with “GPS” and… Brendan 12/12/21 2 12/12/21
Story Post: Sipping from the Timestream [Challenge] I have no need for regalia, and so have hidden the Golden Crown in the Sixth Dynasty of Josh. Go and claim it, cowering mortals, if you dare. Brendan 12/10/21 0
Mischief Managed? Arthexis idles out, and quorum drops to 7. Brendan 12/09/21 0
Story Post: Some have claimed that the Dark One has a weakness. Some even claim that the Stratum of its origin is 1, and that its name begins with the letter A. Some fools should not spread such rumors, lest the baleful gaze of the Dark One fall upon them. All who would seek to usurp the Dark One are already doomed. Brendan 12/04/21 0
A note for players who are not privy to recent Discord discussions Thanks to the speedy passage of “Power,” I was able to take advantage of a clear rules injection exploit as follows: I created a dynastic rule with the name “Solarium,” matching the Power of the Relic I hold I used that rule to give myself a Daily Action power of… Brendan 12/02/21 3 12/02/21
Ascension Address: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Blog Mortal hands cannot be strong when the Dark One rises. Sometimes an earthly prince meets with a great deal of difficulty to subdue rebels, who have found means to fortify themselves, and have made themselves strong by the numbers of their followers. But it is not so with the Dark… Brendan 11/26/21 4 11/26/21
Summoned to the Mothership Chiiika idles out after seven days without a post or a comment. Quorum remains 5. Brendan 11/10/21 1 11/10/21
Open House for 14 Arveg Lane Attendees: I. O. Yoo 12 4 14 10 J. S. Bawk 3 2 16 6 I. M. Eyeron 10 11 3 16 A. C. Tipps 5 16 10 16 I. M. Grooth 9 10 8 11 R. L. Stime 8 1 6 12 B. B. Baggims 7 3 9 15… Brendan 11/10/21 0
Open House for 61 Arveg Lane A. M. Zolar 14 3 10 7 A. K. Franklin 14 10 12 10 C. J. Hatchet 2 11 13 5 A. C. Tipps 5 16 10 16 I. M. Grooth 9 10 8 11 M. E. Poppets 15 1 8 10 J. S. Bawk 3 2 16 6 L.… Brendan 11/09/21 0
Story Post: Not Fake Auction 13 Arveg Lane Brendan 11/05/21 3 11/07/21
Story Post: Auction 1 1 Arveg Lane Brendan 10/23/21 5 10/24/21
Follow the leaders If any Cells are interested in ideological alignment with me, please reply in the affirmative to this post. I’ll send a Communication to you with a number of characters that corresponds to the position of the Ideology we will all subsequently adopt (eg, a two-character Communication would correspond to “Absolute… Brendan 09/04/21 3 09/04/21
A fully public post with no private information Okay, I genuinely don’t understand this: is there any way to send a message through the Communication action that does not violate “No Collaboration?” Even the act of selecting some players to address, and not others, seems pretty easy to interpret as a communication that is “about dynastic gameplay.” Brendan 09/02/21 4 09/03/21
I don’t intend to distract from the pleasure of building out a new dynasty But some of you may find value in a new essay I’ve published on the wiki. Brendan 08/03/21 12 08/04/21
Don’t quite have another grid-editing dynasty in me at the moment I idle; quorum is unchanged. Brendan 08/02/21 2 08/02/21
Story Post: Proposta: pokes and Cuddlebeam I was thinking, a little zuppa toscana, a little marinara, a little rigatoni, a little cosa nostra… Brendan 03/03/21 1 03/04/21
Story Post: Proposta: pokes So often we seem to be at odds. Perhaps all these misunderstandings demand is a glass of chianti. Brendan 03/02/21 1 03/02/21
Story Post: Proposta: pokes and Clucky Surely, la casa di Fieri is an honorable house, one in which we may place our trust in one another away from the eyes and ears of others, yes? Brendan 02/25/21 2 02/25/21
Story Post: Promotion Request I hereby assert that the Meritous Corporation is Meritous. Brendan 01/22/21 1 01/22/21
Beach exceeds grasp Idling myself; quorum remains 6. Brendan 10/12/20 0
Brendan’s Turn Rolled for Land and Biomass; got 1 and 2 respectively. No Flood. Increment Pressure by 1. Reduce Foliage by 1 and Biomass by 1. No explosion. No deposit. Update to 1 Mana to match Schwingrasen. No adjustments. Seed Schwingrasen’s Pressure to 2. Make this post. Brendan 09/29/20 0
Brendan’s Turn My island gained 1 Foliage and 1 Pressure. It is now the turn of pokes. Brendan 09/15/20 0
Idling I think this dynasty shows a lot of promise but, ironically, isolation time means I have too many other projects going to pay enough attention to the game. Quorum drops to 6. Brendan 04/20/20 0
Never Mind Brendan 03/03/20 1 03/03/20
Pickle ‘rick After 8 days without a comment, derrick idles out. Quorum remains 6. Brendan 02/25/20 6 02/27/20
I don’t know if this requires a proposal. How would we feel about putting a permanent link to the EE inbox in the sidebar? It’s something I can never remember how to click to when I don’t have a new message waiting. Brendan 01/21/20 7 01/21/20
Story Post: We are the people that can find whatever you may need I hereby indicate that I am going hunting. Brendan 09/24/19 1 09/24/19
Story Post: Let the Wild Hoggus Begin I hereby indicate that I am going hunting. Brendan 09/16/19 5 09/17/19
Idlewild This dynasty is neat, but I can’t keep up! Idling myself. Quorum becomes 5. Brendan 07/08/19 0
Guilty of Loitering Idling myself until next year. Quorum becomes 4. Brendan 12/05/18 1 12/06/18
After the Aftermath Out of curiosity: were there any other alliances going besides mine with Trigon? Did derrick reveal their loyalty to anyone else? Brendan 11/23/18 1 11/23/18
The Revealing of the Reports (Please comment away.) Brendan 11/21/18 10 11/22/18
Dirt Apple Trigon, change activity to Recon. Brendan 11/19/18 1 11/19/18
Pomme de Terre Trigon, change activity to Recon. Brendan 11/16/18 2 11/16/18
Po-Tah-To Trigon, Change Activity to Leading. Brendan 11/15/18 0
Potato Kevan. Photograph. Brendan 11/12/18 1 11/12/18
There’s poison underneath the sink I Build. Brendan 11/08/18 0
The Metamorphosis I hereby pass the role of Historian to card. Brendan 08/01/18 1 08/01/18
Noisy Neighbors It looks like card’s enactment of “Not THAT Noisy” didn’t update the ruleset, which led to 9spaceking playing Noisy Neighbors on The Red Plains, which in turn became Hostile toward Trigon. But Hostile as an attitude still doesn’t exist. I’ve corrected the card description and made The Red Plains Suspicious… Brendan 07/25/18 2 07/25/18
Pequus Change the sentence in the rule “Positions” that reads: A Sailor may assign themselves a free Position other than Captain, at any time. to read: A Sailor other than the Captain may assign themselves a free Position other than Captain, at any time. Change the sentence in the rule “Positions”… Brendan 05/25/18 5 05/25/18
I unidle There are 11 Pawns. Quorum remains 6. (I choose to be Native.) Brendan 05/02/18 0
The Sleeping Sickness Bracing for the holidays, going idle. Quorum drops to 3. Brendan 12/15/16 1 12/15/16
Story Post: An Hour In Jail In the First Sun Arc of the Fifth Day, Pavitra idled out. Brendan 12/04/16 0
Story Post: An Hour With The Devil In the Sixth Sun Arc of the Fifth Day, Josh idled out. Brendan 12/02/16 0
Story Post: An Hour in a Dust Storm On the Eleventh Sun Arc of the First Day, Mat took advantage of a timed-out proposal with no votes and seized the throne of the Archmage. Brendan 11/28/16 3 11/29/16
Ascension Address: The Last Dynasty Twelve times twelve emperors have held the nomic throne, and with each exchange of power, their sun wanes further. Surviving players are few, and weakened; the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. There is a sense of sapping, crumbling. An inkling that the life… Brendan 11/03/16 2 11/03/16
Dynastic Wrap-Up I’ll post an Ascension Address tomorrow, after I think through my current idea. Meanwhile here’s a comment space for anyone who wants to talk about afterthoughts for this Dynasty, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Quincunx and I established our coin-toss alliance a couple weeks ago; where there any other… Brendan 11/02/16 5 11/03/16
Wednesday the 2nd Election The ballots have been counted. Grapnel West: 11 Charm , 1 neutral Grapnel East: 6 Down , 2 Charm, 1 Strange Northill: 5 Down , 4 Up Brucetown: 8 Down , 2 Up Anchorage: 7 Down , 3 Charm, 2 Strange Fluke Hill: 7 Charm , 2 Down Herreshoff: 4… Brendan 11/01/16 0
Premature election post Whoops, hit the button early. Brendan 11/01/16 1 11/01/16
The Neutral Zone Append to the rule “Campaign” the following: In either case, if the chosen Block currently supports no Party, instead, only one adjacent Block must be of the new Party. Brendan 10/18/16 3 10/19/16
Zoning It In Create a new rule called “Zoning Targets” as follows: Some Blocks in Auld Anchorage may be Zoning Targets. This is tracked on the [[Auld Anchorage]] wiki page by square brackets. For example, a Block supporting the Up Party that was a Zoning Target would read [U]. As a Staff Action… Brendan 09/26/16 2 09/26/16
Becalmed I’ve missed enough in the last few days that it’s probably best to idle out. Have fun, scurvy dogs. Quorum remains 6. Brendan 08/15/16 0
The Weekly Report Bucky, Larrytheturtle, Brendan, Sci_Guy12 and GenericPerson submitted Proposals last week, and have each been awarded 1 Paper. RaichuKFM and Bucky are tied for highest Looks. For high quality of successful Proposals last week, Bucky is named Scribe of the Week. Bucky wins the Raffle, is awarded 1 Paper, and becomes… Brendan 08/02/16 0
Time To Visit The Archives For too long the True Ruleset has drifted without an eye to watch the clock. No longer. Rule 2.3 of Ruleset 137, “Advancing Time,” has been appended. Brendan 07/28/16 1 07/28/16
Weekly Report Larrytheturtle, Qwertyu63, Bucky and RaichuKFM submitted Proposals last week, and have each been awarded 1 Paper. RaichuKFM has the highest Looks. For the high quality of Proposals enacted in the past week, RaichuKFM is named Scribe of the Week. RaichuKFM wins the Raffle, is awarded 3 Paper, and becomes Cellarmaster. Brendan 07/26/16 0
The Deliberations Will Continue Until Morale Improves Through a haze of substances, your humble Editor has gleaned that another—perhaps purer—fragment of the True Ruleset was hidden in rule 2.7 of Ruleset 76, “Leaders’ Debates.” Brendan 07/22/16 0
Archive Revisited Rule 2.2 of Dynasty 69 (including all subrules except 2.2.1), “Ruleset Theft,” is part of the True Ruleset after all. Good luck! Brendan 07/20/16 0
The Weekly Report Bucky, Larrytheturtle, Sci_Guy12, Qwertyu63, RaichuKFM, and GenericPerson submitted proposals last week, and have each been awarded 1 Paper. In addition, for authoring a dynastic proposal of high quality enacted in the previous week, Qwertyu63 is hereby named Scribe of the Week. Bucky has won the weekly raffle, and has been… Brendan 07/19/16 2 07/19/16
Archivisiting (Edited: never mind.) Brendan 07/18/16 0
Deliberastrophe Through the careful attentions of my loyal Scribes, it has become clear that the current reflection of the True Ruleset is insufficiently horrifying. Fortunately, we have uncovered Rule 2.11 from the 108th archived Ruleset, “Deliberations.” Good luck! Brendan 07/13/16 8 07/14/16
Juuuust Kidding It has been pointed out to your Editor that the previous addition to the True Ruleset was in fact not an addition to the True Ruleset, due to the True Ruleset. King Anthony’s Crown has been removed. Brendan 07/12/16 0
One Rule to Rule Them All At last, the One True Ruleset finds a key piece in rule 2.11 (“King Anthony’s Crown”) from Ruleset 69. Brendan 07/12/16 2 07/13/16
The Weekly Report Bucky, GenericPerson, Sci_Guy12, Izzoboetam, and Clucky submitted proposals last week, and have each been awarded 1 Paper. In addition, for authoring a dynastic proposal of high quality enacted in the previous week, Izzoboetam is hereby named Scribe of the Week. Brendan 07/12/16 0
A Visit to the Study Hall Through mysterious means, Rule 2.2 of Dynasty 104 (“Grading”) has emerged as a shard of True Ruleset. Brendan 07/05/16 0
Weekly Report The following Scribes submitted Proposals last week: Bucky, GenericPerson, RaichuKFM, Clucky, Larrytheturtle, and Qwertyu63. Each of them has been awarded a grand total of 1 Paper. For high quality of submitted proposals, GenericPerson is named the Scribe of the Week. Brendan 07/05/16 1 07/06/16
Vogonomic Another Question as to the nature of the True Ruleset has been Answered by rule 2.9 of Dynasty 77, “HHGTTG.” Brendan 06/29/16 0
Let’s break the GNDT The True Ruleset shines forth in Rule 2.6, “Money” (and its subrule 2.6.1, “Random Encounters”) from Dynasty 56. Brendan 06/27/16 0
The Weekly Report In a gratifying turn of events, all the currently active Scribes (Larrytheturtle, GenericPerson, RaichuKFM, Bucky, Qwertyu63, Clucky and myself) submitted Proposals last week, and have been awarded 1 Paper. In addition, for the high quality of proposals thus submitted, Bucky has been named Scribe of the Week. Brendan 06/27/16 0
Proxisional A glimmer of the True Ruleset appears in Rule 2.1, “Proxies,” from Dynasty 123. Its subrule is included. This should be fun. Brendan 06/24/16 0
Rest Ye Now It has been made clear that Rule 2.3 (“Energy”) of Ruleset 75 is, provisionally, a True Rule. Brendan 06/22/16 1 06/22/16
Lone Subscribers It has been found that Rule 2.21 of Dynasty 68 has the True Ruleset nature. Brendan 06/20/16 0
Scribing Brush An element of the One True Ruleset has been provisionally discovered in Rule 2.26 of Dynasty 65. (I’ve fixed what seems to be an obvious typographical mistake in the formatting of the table rows; CfJ if you disagree.) Brendan 06/18/16 0
Playing Unsafe Dynasty 89, Rule 7 (“Ousting”) has been added to the One True Ruleset. Brendan 06/17/16 1 06/17/16
Ascension Address: Editor in Charge This? THIS is the result of your years of work, you ink-stained wretches? I finally make time for a simple, pleasant decade’s sabbatical, only to return and find the Codex a disorganized mess! Piles of half-completed pages in untidy stacks! Slumping heaps of material no one has ever skimmed, much… Brendan 06/16/16 1 06/16/16
Ol’ “DVS” “FNK” I hereby steal the facade of Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal from its Controller. Brendan 06/14/16 0
I do not endorse this message I hereby invoke the letters K, E, V, A and N to steal the Shabaka Stone from its Controller. Brendan 06/14/16 0
King of the hill of the forest Claimed and doubled again for two more points. Brendan 06/08/16 2 06/09/16
The facade of Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal I hereby claim the facade of Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. Brendan 06/06/16 2 06/06/16
White Stag Sign I claim the White Stag Sign target in Portland, Oregon. Brendan 06/03/16 0
Demand: Costumed Character Rec Room I need a place to hide. Brendan 05/20/16 0
Don’t Panic The first shuttle buses are showing up Monday at 7. Maybe… maybe we can say there’s a construction-based seasonal theme? Brendan 05/20/16 0
Demand: Expedited Pass Point Hello? Did someone cut my intercom? Is anyone hearing this? I didn’t just invent you all… did I? Brendan 05/18/16 4 05/20/16
Demand: Turnstile We—we open in a week and we’ve only finished two buildings. I need my heart pills. This isn’t possible. We don’t even have gates. Someone—will someone please build a gate Brendan 05/16/16 0
Demand: Haunted House What? Well WHY won’t any of the staff go in there? WHO died? I don’t have time for this. Someone stick a Victorian facade on the front and get out of my office! Brendan 05/12/16 3 05/20/16
Demand: Lazy River NOW the government is telling me that the water in the lagoon has to “circulate” or it will “just go back to being a swamp.” I guess at least we can drop some inner tubes in the channel to the pumping station. Who wants a canal instead of a street? Brendan 05/09/16 1 05/20/16
Demand: Playpit Oh, hey, this blueprint was stuck between two file drawers. Blue plastic “ocean”... cargo netting… plank… seems reasonable! Who submitted these again? Brendan 05/07/16 11 05/13/16
Demand: Lagoon All right, we drained the swamp, but now the EPA says we have to put the stuff we drained… somewhere else. Who’s got two square miles left? Brendan 05/05/16 4 05/14/16
Demand: Guest Assistance Station I got lost and footsore trying to make my way from West to Thing yesterday, and I’m the one running this place! The plebes are going to need wayposts and they’re DEFINITELY going to need directions to the bathroom. I’ve got budget for one right now… Brendan 05/04/16 7 05/10/16